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Lynn Andrews, Flight of the Seventh Moon, Online Course 1Online Course 1

“Flight of the Seventh Moon” Series for 2012:

“The Protector-of-Children Shield”

March 1 – 28, 2012,

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“Becoming fluid as you set yourself into alignment and begin your journey. The ‘face of the council’ shield, this first shield is a happy time as you learn to become fluid so that you go the way that is most natural for you.”

Dear Friends,

It is with great pleasure that I write to tell you of my “Tier II” series of in-depth Online Courses for 2012, “Flight of the Seventh Moon,” and invite you to join me in Course 1 of this series, “The Protector-of-Children Shield,” which is registering now!

Very early in my work with the Sisterhood of the Shields, Agnes Whistling Elk and Ruby Plenty Chiefs told me that it was imperative that I create a series of shields that would “allow only the thought forms of light to enter and return all darkness to the sender.”

Although we have done much shield work together over the past 25 years, I have not had the opportunity to teach these shields to you. I am going to rectify that right now! This work is not like anything we have done before, and I hope you will be able to join me right from the start!

“Flight of the Seventh Moon” is about creating a working mandala for your life, a shield that you carry within you so that you can take it out and hold it up before you when you need its counsel, wisdom and protection. This mandala is actually a series of four very focused, interlinking spirit shields through which you discover the truth about yourself and how you are innately designed to move successfully in the physical world and in spirit. It is about understanding and becoming one with the world that lives both within and beyond your body and mind.

Each of us has our own lessons on abundance to learn in this life, and through these Courses, you see clearly what those lessons are for you. It is when you begin to learn these lessons that you move into harmony and flow with the natural abundance of living. Learn about this series in greater detail by coming to the Online Courses main page of my website, http://lynnandrews.com/online-academy/courses/.

Registration is now live for the first Course!

The first course in this series, the “Protector-of-Children Shield,” begins at the place of beginning: in the water. It is the altar shield of your working mandala. For many of you, creating an altar is a new and joyous experience. For those who already work with altars, this is a very different way of experiencing your altar that will show everyone how to move your altar within yourself.

This shield is a good shield, a shield with much dignity and meaning, with children at its center. It is a balanced shield, a shield of understanding. As Agnes and Ruby teach us, having knowledge is one thing. Understanding the knowledge that you have is something entirely different. Through creating this shield, you begin to discover the meaning of the knowledge you gather as you reflect and focus on what it takes to create this shield and the symbols that will go on it.

It is also called the “face of the council” shield. Here you will begin to discover Turtle medicine. Turtle is a representative of Mother Earth, but she carries the great shields on her back. She is the keeper of the knowledge of the spirit clans that are scattered over the earth, some visible, some invisible. Everyone belongs to one of those spirit clans. In this Course, you will begin the journey to discover your spirit clan.

And it shield is a shield of the silent ones, a spirit way shield. The silent ones are those things within yourself that you have to destroy, those conflicting parts of yourself that cause you to be at war with yourself. You will be working with healing these conflicting parts of yourself with every shield you create in this series.

In this Course, you will:

  • Begin a magnificent and richly rewarding journey towards wisdom as you work with the teachings of the seven faces of rocks, “the stars that have fallen to earth,” which shamans and mystics the world over have experienced for milleniums;
  • Work with the great smoking mirror – which in the teachings of the Sisterhood of the Shields is actually four mirrors – as you wipe away the smoke screen of illusion that keeps you from self-realization and begin to understand the inner and outer aspects of the designs you place on your shields, pulling them from the rim of your vision to the center of yourself, what my teachers call the “joining of the wolf roads;”
  • Begin your spiraling journey into the lessons on abundance that you came into this lifetime to learn;
  • Take your first journey with me to The SevenEarth, Jupiter, Mars, Neptune, Mercury, Moon and Venus – to awaken your shield as you discover the planet that is most dominant within you. I have created a special sound and movement meditation to facilitate this journey as I teach you of the energies of “The Seven” as they were taught to me by my teachers.

And so much more! I invite you to join me on a journey into the richness, wholeness and abundance of life, and I am so excited to return with you to the magnificent circle of light that is our Online Course Community! Please click here to learn more and to register.

In love and spirit,
Lynn Andrews

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