April 2012 InSpirit Newsletter

April 2012 InSpirit Newsletter Volume 6, Issue 4

Coming Full Circle: Ancient Teachings for a Modern World

“In this book…I have the great honor of introducing you to a number of women about whom I have not previously written, as well as sharing with you additional stories with several of them. Each new story…is accompanied by an article that grows out of our experiences in the modern world, yours and mine, and how the teachings these women have gifted to us can be applied to help us move into harmony and a state of grace with the world around us. Both the stories and the articles are designed to make the wisdom of the Sisterhood of the Shields more accessible in our daily lives.” – Lynn Andrews

I am so happy to be sharing a new book with you, and I can’t wait to hear how you respond to this book, “Coming Full Circle: Ancient Teachings for a Modern World.”

My book is available for PRE-ORDERING, just go to Amazon by clicking below:


You can also go to my website, www.LynnAndrews.com, to order your copy, or find it in stores after May 21st, 2012.

I am also so happy to be involved in speaking engagements once again.

I will be appearing in San Francisco, at the New Living Expo, April 27th – 29th. Please see http://newlivingexpo.com/lynn-andrews.html for more details. My speaking schedule and other details will be added as we get closer to the date of this event.

I will also be doing a book signing on April 28th, at Book Passage in Corte Madera, CA (north of San Francisco). For more information, go to Book Passage in CA

“You can never really teach a warrior with words about the unknown; you must use experience. But if you look into the eyes of a woman of power, you may catch up with her a little. She has years of truth ahead of you. Her eyes can quicken you like a river heading toward the rapids. Open yourself with love, not with understanding. You cannot love with your mind. Listen from your heart. If a camel is walking down a path and another camel passes him, the first camel will go faster to keep up. This is how power works. Don’t learn everything with your mind. Quicken your spirit by letting go of attachments and move to a stronger vibration of power.” (The Quickening Card, The Power Deck-The Cards of Wisdom)

This is a moment in human history that is new and quickened for all time. It is a time for risk. Risk is so important and we feel afraid of it, afraid of moving out of our comfort zones. Yet, risk is important in economic and politically difficult times like these. It is a time when we must grow spiritually at all costs. This is what Great Spirit is asking of us.

What does risk mean to you? Do you see it as perhaps jumping out of an airplane? Playing the stock market? Going back to school, or changing careers? The type of risk I want each of you to think about is this, it is the risk you take when you go back to the essence of your being. Yes, you can make an Act of Power in the world, and that incorporates risk, often enough.

Risk that encourages you to move beyond your self-imposed limitations, to stretch your boundaries and empower yourself by doing something you have dreamt of doing, maybe, for your entire life.

I am not talking about doing anything illegal, or irresponsible in any way….the risk I am talking about quickens your spirit. Maybe you’ve always wanted to speak in public, but were afraid to do so. Then take a night class in storytelling at a local community college, even doing this is taking one step closer to ‘risk’.

In our world today, with all of the threats of war, the unrest in many countries around the globe, one person’s everyday action here in our country could mean huge risk, perhaps even bodily harm, for another person in a different part of our planet. Often, we go into our fears, our conditioned responses and old wounds when confronted with the possibility of risk, because ‘risk’ implies change on some level.

Just think, for a moment, what your life may have been like without fear, if you had taken the risks you wanted to, say, when you were in your twenties.Or, if you have already taken that step, what do you feel about it now? We often do not give ourselves the chance to find out about our own essence, and risk of the soul is just that, discovering our own essence.

During this year of change in 2012, we have a tremendous opportunity, and spirit is demanding that we act, we move, we take the risks we need to in order to quicken our vibrations – so that we are better equipped to ride the light waves of this new and powerful energy coursing through us and our universe.

When I set out to write “Medicine Woman”, I had to risk everything. I had very little money at the time, I had rented out my home and provided care for my daughter. I thought I was going to live with Agnes and Ruby on the reservation up in Canada, for goodness sake! Agnes wisely threw me out on my own, and, a huge risk for me at the time, I had to rent a tiny cabin and sit down and write that first book – beginning, middle, and end. It changed my life, as you well know!

I have this friend called Bonnie. When she learned to drive, her parents always told her, “Be sure you don’t go past Main Street. Be careful; don’t go too far.” In the course of my friendship with Bonnie, it became very clear that she had built a fence around her consciousness. For some reason, “Don’t go past Main Street” meant “Don’t push the envelope of your life experience in any new direction.” I am asking you all to go beyond Main Street, explore something, whatever that means to you, it doesn’t have to cost you your home or marriage, it can be something quite easy and do-able, but do something that helps you to quicken your spirit. To help you go past ‘Main Street’ in your life!

In Spirit,


I am a new warrior of spirit. I exist in a world of sacred balance. I balance with one foot in the physical world of material substance and one foot in the dimensions of spirit and sacred life. My course is set by my ally, the winds of time. Mother Earth gives me life force, the life blood of my sacred body. The plants give me nourishment and healing, as I ride the windhorse of my intent – my sacred warrior’s transport of buoyant joy – into a new and unknown world of harmony. I am truly a new warrior, an androgynous spirit being of light, like the angels who surround me. My weapons are the shields of awareness, the symbols of ancient trust and the sacred give-away. I share my heart with those who need me, but few see me for who I really am. I do commerce in the world, I raise my family, I live a life dedicated to freedom. I immerse myself in the physical world so that one day I can give it up, because I can only give up what I truly have. People learn from me through example, because of the integrity of my own life and spirit. I move into the world with confidence and wisdom. I am open and innocent. I am always learning tools of knowledge, and I share these tools with my sisters and brothers. I am a warrior of the light, and I live the integrity of that truth with great care from a center within myself that is pure goodness, the embodiment of the peaceful soul. I walk with confidence the path of heart and personal power. (A Daily Affirmation of Power, Walk in Spirit-Prayers for the Seasons of Life)


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California – April 2012!

Lynn will be appearing April 27th – 29th at the San Francisco New Living Expo! To find out more, go to: www.NewLivingExpo.com

Lynn will also be doing a book signing on April 28th at Book Passage in Corte Madera, CA. (north of San Francisco) For more information, go to:



Enrolling now: WRITING SPIRIT, The School! This is a unique program to enhance your Writer’s Spirit, and it begins April 11, 2012. For more information, go to Lynn’s website, Writing Spirit, The School
, to register!


The Second Master Tutorial in the Lynn Andrews “Fundamentals of Shamanism” online series, “The Hoop of Water,” April 20-May 3, 2012, to register and for more information go to Lynn’s website, Master Tutorial.

The 24th Annual Joshua Tree Gathering, “Riding the Light Waves of 2012” from May 31st to June 3rd, 2012 is registering now!!! Please go to Lynn’s website for more details on this amazing gathering and also on the JT ESSAY CONTEST! Each year, we choose a winner who receives FREE entry to the event. Please go to Lynn’s website and click on the Joshua Tree information icon. Then, proceed to the Essay Contest material.

Bring a friend and get $200 off your own event fee.
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Lynn offers a limited number of volunteer positions each year for her Joshua Tree Gathering. Please strongly consider attending the event as a full-paying participant if this is your first time. The reason we urge you to do this is that the Sacred Joshua Tree Gatherings with Lynn contain an enormous amount of information, involve very deep inner processing and often a need for extra sleep and personal time.

Though volunteers are guaranteed presence at all meditations and event lectures, they do not always have the time to attend to themselves that participants do. However, if you are unable to pay the full fee, enjoy hard work & being of service, we invite you to apply to volunteer! You may request the information directly from Suzanne: Sqedison@aol.com
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