InSpirit Newsletter December 2011

This is the time of year to be in gratitude for all the wonderful gifts of our lives, the profound gifts of life, beauty, and, yes, the challenges we are all sharing. Without challenge, we do not grow; without growth, we will never attain the joyous bliss of enlightenment that our souls so desire. I love you, and I am deeply grateful for the gift of having you in my life. The Sisterhood of the Shields and everyone at Lynn Andrews Productions send you our blessings and prayers as we transition into the new light of 2012.

In love and spirit, Lynn Andrews


“Tonight you will learn that the Great Spirit and the Great Mother have not given you life that you would be alone,” Agnes Whistling Elk said to me. “To know that you are alone is the first step on a long journey to self-discovery on the path to power. The next step is to learn that you are linked with the universe, that you live in all the lodges of the universe. Life flowers and nourishes itself from within. Beingness has realized itself within you…. Power is peace within.”  (From Star Woman)

InSpirit Message

Dear Friends,

As we approach winter here in the Northern Hemisphere, traditionally the time of hibernation and moving within during the long, cold months ahead, it is vital that you move into a place of gratitude and hold it in your heart most dear. Prayer arises from a sense of gratitude for all that is, for the magnificence and the miracle of life. And prayer can be sitting on top of a mountain, sitting in a sacred circle somewhere in the wilderness, or sitting in your home silently in a state of introspection and serenity and simply experiencing the bliss and the power of the universe in harmony all around you.

When you approach all of life as a prayer for the magnificence and the miracle of life, then, whatever you are doing, you understand that through your actions, your presence transforms life. It is through our gratitude that we experience the Oneness of our being with the Great Spirit, Mother Earth, and the great beings of light in the universe.

Across the globe, this is the time of year when cultures and civilizations have held their holiest of ceremonies and rituals for tens of thousands of years. In the Southern Hemisphere, it is a time for celebrating the joys of life begun anew, the time for growing and nurturing the crops, for being outdoors with Grandfather Sun to bring all of the light in the universe into our lives.

In the Northern Hemisphere, it is a time for understanding the great Mother Bear within each of us. Mother Bear is the great dreamer, the hibernator, the one who moves into the silence and the stillness of her own cave to contemplate the Great Spirit and understand more deeply what holds true meaning and beauty in her life, in your life and in mine.

Whether you live in the Northern or the Southern Hemisphere, now is the time to go deeply within your own consciousness and allow the beingness of your self and your connection to Great Spirit, the Great Mother, all of your relations, and your council of light beings to surround you with love and joy. It is the time to fan the flame of your inner fire and warm your creativity and your heart through being of service to the world around you, knowing that you are a part of every living thing. The first lesson of power is that we are alone, and the last lesson of power is that we are all one.

Every day of our lives we take from Mother Earth our energy for life. We forget the ancient tradition of the sacred giveaway. Take a moment to sit in silence and count the magnificent things you have in this life, even if only the wondrousness of being given life. Reflect on the Great Mother, Mother Earth. Ask yourself: “What have I given back to her lately to heal her?” Then think of the higher vision of life and balance on this earth, and realize that the greatest gift you can give this earth and your fellow humans is your own enlightenment. In this way, you tear away the veils of ignorance and present the magnificence of your being to everyone who experiences you. Everyone around you is uplifted and inspired. This is your offering. (“Offering” card, The Power Deck.)

At this very special time of year, may you experience love, beauty, and peace within. May you awaken in 2012 into the golden light of all that you are and all that you can become.

Great Spirit, as we move into a time of shorter days and longer nights, not unlike the winter of our lives, we experience the coolness of your brilliance.

Star Shield Mother, who empowers my intent, Great Spirit, give me courage to face my own frailty. Give me courage to walk on the path of heart. And if I have failed you, help me to understand how I can better tear away the veils of ignorance, and live more fully in the coming year.

Help me Great Spirit and Mother Star Shield, to manifest my act of power, to provide a mirror for my sisters and brothers of integrity and impeccability, as a warrior of spirit.

Great Spirit, I am yours in my heart and soul. As I lie down for the long winter to pray to more deeply understand my true nature, and the nature of this Great Mother Earth, my spirit is like a hollow log filled with your light. May I never lose touch with what is real and true. May I touch the snows of winter with my fingertips, and be reminded of the purity of your being. May I see the reflection of your face in all of the beings who surround me.

In my long dream, through the long winter night, may I receive symbols from you that will deepen my understanding and help me to go beyond the limits of language into the dreamtime. I await the imprinting of your knowledge into my emptiness. Help me to understand Great Spirit all that I have come here to learn in this lifetime. As I move into the sacred dreamtime of the winter, I offer my prayers and gratitude and love, Oh Great Spirit, for my life. HO!

In love and spirit,

Lynn Andrews

Lynn Andrews; The Offering Card of the Power Deck(Above) Face of the “Offering” card.

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