InSpirit Newsletter February 2013

InSpirit Newsletter February 2013




Welcome Everyone!

 I have been working with apprentices for many years on what I call The Act of Power. The Act of Power is, in essence, an Act of Passion. It is when we look inside ourselves to that place of passion or essence that needs and wants to be expressed in the world above all else.

An Act of Power is an act of stretching. It means that you’ve stretched beyond the ordinary boundaries that form your commitments in your life. The Act of Power, besides being a way of producing in the world, regardless whether it is in your personal or your public life, is not the issue. The issue is the stretching, because when you’ve committed to something and have to reach deeply inside of yourself for the Power that you know lives there, but has perhaps never been expressed, you can’t help but create a mirror that you cannot avoid looking into. An Act of Power provides one of the greatest teachers of all, the Teacher within yourself and provided By yourself.

Many people resist doing an Act of Power, and these days, I find that more and more. That is the case because we are under greater stress in this decade than ever before. We’ve come through the neck of the hourglass of 2012 and now we have to re-invent our whole consciousness in 2013. The Great Dreamer has Awakened. We are also working two or three times as hard and getting less reward. We get stuck in functional ruts that we don’t belong in. Read More…

Power Deck Card #39 – Destiny

“Your act of power is the key to your destiny. Like a sacred flute player enticing your truth of spirit out into the light of day, own your power, because you are made of power. An act of power comes from a place of passion within your deepest being. It is an expression of your totality, of who you are in the world. To find your act of power is to live your dreams. What would you do if you could do anything? Discover what that is, and then do it. To find your power is to find your destiny.” (Destiny card, The Power Deck-The Cards of Wisdom)


The Mystery School
The Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts and Training


The next school year begins February, 2013

The School is a 4-year course of study, offering two levels of certification. One is a certificate of completion is awarded to those who have successfully completed all of the tasks and assignments of LACSAT, including 150 experiential hours of approved shamanic practice. This Certificate of Completion entitles you to be ordained by the Rev. Lynn Andrews and eligible to become a minister of sacred healing arts through an affiliation with the International Assembly of Sacred Healers and Earth Stewards subject to the regulations of your state or country of residence. The other level of certification is a Certificate of Acknowledgement of personal healing and transformation. Those who receive this certification are to be appointed as a Diplomat of Earth Stewardship, and are invited to continue their work towards a Certificate of Completion. All levels of completion are eligible to become members of Kindred Spirits, the Lynn Andrews graduate program.

For more information on
The Mystery School

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Please contact our Enrollment Manager,
Suzanne Edison, at
1-800-554-7414 (USA) or 1-561-265-1838 (International)


2013: A Lightning Flash Year

Online Courses with Lynn Andrews to Awaken Your Creative Soul and Reclaim Your Relationship with Inspiration toward a Higher Consciousness of Living

Online Course 1

Understanding the Self Shield as You Create a New Harmonic Resonance with Life.

Febuary 21 – March 20, 2013


For more information on Online Course 1

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April, 2013 – February, 2015

“Join me in an exciting writing adventure now expanded, by popular demand, to a two year program! Discover the writer within as you move through a maze of inspiration and creativity guided by me and the Sisterhood of the Shields. Discover the muses that surround you and FIND YOUR WRITING SPIRIT! We begin in April, 2013, and continue through February, 2015. I look forward to our time together.” Lynn Andrews

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The Conscious Life Expo
Participate in the conscious co-creation of our future!
February 8th –
11th 2013 at The Los Angles Airport Hilton Hotel
Featuring Workshop Presentations with notable luminaries and best selling authors, free cutting edge panel discussions, 95 free lectures, Exhibit Halls, Film Festival, Post Conference Intensives, Special Events,
Spiritual Traditions, Future Technologies Healing Lounge and Healthy Foods.
Plus George Noory Banquet Lunch, Internet Marketing Boot Camp and Cosmic Convergence
Celebration Purchase Tickets and Register on line.

Body and Soul Expo – NANAIMO 2013 EXPO
Keynote Speaker: Coming Full Circle – Ancient Teachings for a Modern World with Lynn Andrews!
March 8 – March 10, 2013
The Vancouver Island Conference Center,
Vancouver, Canada
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Dear Friends, I would like to invite you to our Silver Anniversary Gathering, our 25th!  At The Institute of Mental Physics in Joshua Tree, California. This Reunion is a very special event, celebrating a very special shift in our collective consciousness!

Come back to where it all began!

25th Anniversary Joshua Tree Gathering REUNION!

Institute of Mental Physics,
Joshua Tree, California

Thursday, May 30 – Sunday, June 2, 2013

Event includes meals and accommodations

Registration is Open!
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Please contact our Enrollment Manager Suzanne Edison at 1-800-554-7414 (USA) or 1-561-265-1838 (International)


Come join Lynn Andrews on this wonderful journey to the ancient sacred sites of this mother land. Experience the inspiration these countries have to offer!

“The story of man is the story of a search for treasures. Most search for material wealth, but we as shamans are searching for something much greater and far more vast. For us the greates treasure is the gift of truth, and beauty, and the timeless places of power that return us to our innermost dream and make life worth living. – Lynn Andrews

England “Mystical Crop Circles and Stonehenge” July 25-August 1, 2013
Ireland: Optional Extension tour “Mystical Ireland” July 18-July 25, 2013

For information on this amazing adventure and full itinerary –
Register at:
Or call: 1-800-234-TOUR(8687).
You can also go to for more information.



Dear Friends,
Interest in personal empowerment has never been greater that it is today. Much has been written on the subject, but a lot of it is esoteric and repetitive. That’s why my friend’s newly released book, Power Tools, is so valuable. In Power Tools: The Ultimate Owner’s Manual For Personal Empowerment, she offers down-to-earth tips for today’s seekers of growth and conscious creation of what we really want in our lives.

When you purchase Jean’s new book, you can simply go to this link and receive all kinds of wonderful free offers from some of the top authors in the country as her way of saying thank you. One of the wonderful gifts you will get is a free audio download by me.

My new book, “Coming Full Circle – Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World,” is now available everywhere and response is just wonderful! Visit my online Retail Store at While there, check out “Riding the Light Waves of 2012,” the 6 CD-set of this year’s Joshua Tree on the Mesa Spring Gathering, which is now available. To purchase my book, you can also go to a bookstore near you, or order online from Barnes & Noble or



My name is Reverend Danielle Hess and I was ordained in 2003. I had quite a journey with Lynn and the Sisterhood, first reading the books back in the mid 1980’s as a young adult, involvement in councils, all the way to enrolling in The Mystery School and then continuing my path of heart in the Kindred Spirits graduates program.

It has been a long road out of a feeling of not belonging anywhere, of being ‘different’, and not understanding my place in the world. When my friend handed me her old copy of Medicine Woman, I nearly dropped it, the book felt hot in my hands! I knew I had found a special teacher to guide me.

I began first by reading Lynn’s books, and I even remember going to the Bodhi Tree bookstore in Los Angeles with my eldest son in a stroller as I looked for her latest book at the time, Windhorse Woman. I still have that hardcover book, with the front page all squiggled with a crayon as my son had marked in it.

For me, this journey has been a saving grace, as I discovered my eldest son had various neurological disabilities, including Asperger’s Syndrome, Narcolepsy, and Schizo-affective Disorder. The Sisterhood of the Shields have been present in my dreams since the first time I opened the pages of Medicine Woman.

I have worked as a Special Education Advocate, and most recently I have begun to shift my career into more holistic ventures, studying Massage Therapy, and various other healing modalities in addition to the ones I learned in the Mystery School. I use what I have learned with Lynn on a daily basis, as it is my foundation for walking with one foot in the physical and one foot in the spiritual.

I am so very grateful for this path and for Lynn’s teachings.

Even as I move into new endeavors of pursuing my writing and a new time of my life, (re-entering the workforce) as both of my sons have left the nest, I know that Lynn and the Sisterhood have taught me well. They taught me to follow my heart and my dreams. To make Acts of Power in the world, and to ride the winds of my Spirit! The Circle is Forever, and I am always part of that, no matter where I go or what I accomplish!


Acts of Power do change in your life; once you’ve created an Act of Power, and maybe it took you 5 or 10 years to manifest, there is a time of resting, of pulling back the bow and choosing a new target to shoot your arrow toward in your life. I am speaking metaphorically about focusing your intent and directing your energy toward a particular endeavor.

Many of you have been working on this Path of Heart for a long time, you are getting to that place where a new Act of Power is becoming an issue. So, why is it so difficult to make that step towards higher consciousness?

I want you to take a deep breath and close your eyes. Relax and visualize that you are walking with me on a trail of stars. We fly through the night sky and arrive at a mountain. You see a glow up ahead in the side of the mountain, and we move together toward what is a cave with a fire burning brightly within. Agnes Whistling Elk greets us at the entrance to this cave. She hugs you, and you are enveloped in a deep feeling of love and bliss.

Agnes tells you that this cave will help you with your new acts of power in 2013 and beyond. It will enable you to hold your own Dream aloft now that the Great Dreamer is Awake.

We go inside the cave, and you see many symbols carved on the doors on the side of the cave and on the cave floor, in myriad, shiny colors. As you explore the symbols, Agnes asks you to find a symbol that represents an aspect of you that you are ready to integrate into your new life, this new beginning of consciousness, in 2013.

Once you find the symbol, Agnes takes you to the doors that line the cave walls. You see the symbol you’ve chosen carved on one of the doors. Agnes opens the door and ushers you into this room. It will be as individual as you are. Agnes tells you that there is a teaching here for you. Take some time.

After awhile, Agnes gently knocks on the door, and leads you to a seat be the fire. You notice the symbols on the floor, and Agnes tells you to choose one that represents the new Act of Power that you are ready for right now. After you have your symbol, Agnes gives you a small crystal as a gift. She says goodbye, and gives you one more hug as we leave the cave.

Allow these images to fade, and now open your eyes, feeling refreshed, serene, and full of confidence that you will manifest your new Act of Power!

I want you to find a small stone or crystal and keep it near you, as a reminder for your first new Act of Power in 2013!

In Love and Spirit,

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