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2013: A Lightning Flash Year

"Going Through the Hourglass"
Drumming Alive a New Vibration of Consciousness

An Online Course Series with Shaman Teacher Lynn Andrews

Most people think that creativity is outside of them, like
stories or music or artwork. But in reality, creativity
is inside you from the moment you are born. It
is what shows you how to problem-solve,
and it inhabits your being like
your own life force.

You are on a great
journey. It is called your life.
Learn how to use the energies of 2013
to heal the forces of darkness that are created
when we live a life of unexpressed inspiration, letting
the world define our reality for us and tell us how to live it.

Dear Friends,

The Great Shift that began at the end of 2012 and defines 2013 has opened new portals of energy to all of humanity, if we know how to access that energy. This shift and the potential it offers are about the role of our individual consciousness in moving away from the constrictions of mass thinking and into higher levels of perception. In a sense, the universe, itself, is asking us to reorder our thinking and stand in the center of our own circle of truth. The saying, "You are what you think," is the truth of 2013.

The energy that is opening to us is not new. It is the creative force of the universe and it has always been there. But for millenniums, human beings have grown increasingly separated from the majestic creative force of the universe until we have almost lost contact with it entirely. With this great shift in consciousness, we have the opportunity to access these higher levels of awareness and use it in new ways as we rediscover, redefine and reclaim our relationship with creative inspiration.

That is what a "Lightning Flash Year" is all about: creating the spark within yourself that opens you to the great light of the universe and accessing the wisdom that will show you how to use it, and throughout this entire year, that is exactly what we will be doing. Shamanism, the wisdom of the ancients, contains within it the seeds of knowledge that we carry within our DNA. We are light, and this light carries the energy we need to evolve our consciousness. It is time to renew our connection with the great light sources of the universe in ways we haven’t been able to do before.

To do this, you need a strong foundation for living so that you do not end up getting pulled back through the hourglass, and we are going to work together on this foundation from day one. You will learn to spot the markers along the trail, those signs and power spots that indicate a good direction for you to go. You can recognize these signs because there will always be light around them in one way or another, and I will work with you to help you see that light and discern how to utilize the wisdom that these power spots hold for you.

Using such powerful shaman tools as ceremony; the shaman drum; conscious dreaming, teachings and meditation; directed physical exercises to wake up and attune your whole brain, your body-mind and your physical being; and the teachings and creation of a shaman Spirit Doll, which is a powerful way of calling in the energy that you seek, I will show you how to go into these portals and understand what they hold for you. If you are diligent and pay attention, this is when you become truly open to new wisdom, the wisdom you have been holding in your heart which has been calling to you for so many years.

By year’s end, I want you to know, beyond any doubt, that you and your foundation for living are strong enough to hold you through anything that comes along as you claim your true creativity and power in life with faith, love, trust and hope.

The first Course in this series, Understanding the Self Shield as You Create a New Harmonic Resonance with Life, February 21 – March 20, 2013, is now open for registration. Please come to the Online Academy pages of my website, learn more and to register!

I invite you to join me on a journey into the heart of power and wisdom as, together, we go through the hourglass into a new consciousness of living. I am so honored and excited to make this great journey with you.

In Love and Spirit,

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The Mystery School
The Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts and Training


The next school year begins February, 2013

The School is a 4-year course of study, offering two levels of certification. One is a certificate of completion is awarded to those who have successfully completed all of the tasks and assignments of LACSAT, including 150 experiential hours of approved shamanic practice. This Certificate of Completion entitles you to be ordained by the Rev. Lynn Andrews and eligible to become a minister of sacred healing arts through an affiliation with the International Assembly of Sacred Healers and Earth Stewards subject to the regulations of your state or country of residence. The other level of certification is a Certificate of Acknowledgement of personal healing and transformation. Those who receive this certification are to be appointed as a Diplomat of Earth Stewardship, and are invited to continue their work towards a Certificate of Completion. All levels of completion are eligible to become members of Kindred Spirits, the Lynn Andrews graduate program.

For more information on
The Mystery School

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Please contact our Enrollment Manager,
Suzanne Edison, at
1-800-554-7414 (USA) or 1-561-265-1838 (International)

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The Conscious Life Expo
Participate in the conscious co-creation of our future!
February 8th –
11th 2013 at The Los Angles Airport Hilton Hotel
Featuring Workshop Presentations with notable luminaries and best selling authors, free cutting edge panel discussions, 95 free lectures, Exhibit Halls, Film Festival, Post Conference Intensives, Special Events,
Spiritual Traditions, Future Technologies Healing Lounge and Healthy Foods.
Plus George Noory Banquet Lunch, Internet Marketing Boot Camp and Cosmic Convergence
Celebration Purchase Tickets and Register on line.

Dear Friends, I would like to invite you to our Silver Anniversary Gathering, our 25th!  At The Institute of Mental Physics in Joshua Tree, California. This Reunion is a very special event, celebrating a very special shift in our collective consciousness!

Come back to where it all began!

25th Anniversary Joshua Tree Gathering REUNION!

Institute of Mental Physics,
Joshua Tree, California

Thursday, May 30 – Sunday, June 2, 2013

Event includes meals and accommodations

Registration is Open!
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Please contact our Enrollment Manager Suzanne Edison at 1-800-554-7414 (USA) or 1-561-265-1838 (International)



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