Joshua Tree Reminder!

Lynn Andrews 24th Annual Joshua Tree Event


 Lynn Andrews’ 24th Annual Joshua Tree Gathering on the Mesa

in Beautiful Northern New Mexico!

 ‘Riding the Light Waves of 2012′

May 31 – June 3, 2012

 This year we are offering something NEW! Bring a friend and get $200 off your own event fee!!!

 Joshua Tree Gathering Event is $950.00*

To receive your discount please follow the instructions to register, then to mail in your payment and email LAP Registrar.

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Lynn offers a limited number of volunteer positions each year for the Joshua Tree Gathering. Please strongly consider attending the event as a full-paying participant if this is your first time. The reason we urge you to do this is that the Sacred Joshua Tree Gatherings with Lynn contain an enormous amount of information, involve very deep inner processing and often a need for extra sleep and personal time.

Though volunteers are guaranteed presence at all meditations and event lectures, they do not always have time to attend to themselves that participants do. However, if you are unable to pay the full fee, enjoy hard work & being of service, we invite you to apply to volunteer! You may request information directly from Suzanne: or call: 800-554-7414 USA, 561-265-1838 INTERNATIONAL

Each spring for the past 24 years, an extraordinary gathering has taken place, first on the high deserts of Southern California, and now on the high mesas of Northern New Mexico: a gathering of like-minded women and men from all over the world who come together to work with me, in person, as we celebrate four days of intense shamanic study, growth, love and personal development.

It is a time of community, of commitment – commitment to yourself and to the gods and goddesses of your existence. It is a time of drumming and dancing, celebration, deep personal dreaming, and a time for the creation of sacred art and sacred ceremony. It is a time when we challenge ourselves to do more than we ever thought we could do, dare ourselves to take the risk of becoming the person we’ve always believed we can become.

There is a reason that people keep coming back to this extraordinary gathering, and that is because it really works! It enables you to step out of your regular life’s routine, just long enough to allow yourself to open to something new and magical. It is a process of alchemy; all that we do at these gatherings is designed to get you to a place where true transformation is possible. You enter the gathering through the Elk Pole Ceremony, hearing the drums calling you as you tie a ribbon around our beautiful Elk Pole, blessed by Agnes Whistling Elk; and you leave behind your ordinary cares and worries so that you can be filled with new and vibrant energy over the next four days. You leave the gathering filled with so much more spirit and light, more energy, understanding, and wisdom, than you ever thought possible when you arrived.

I invite you to join me, and I look forward to meeting you with great anticipation!

In love and spirit,



The promise of this event is to create a harmony out of seeming chaos. There are three keys to open the treasure box that is 2012:

·  Heal your resistance to abundance, spiritually and physically.

·  Develop a profound relationship with beauty.

·  Manifest a balance and harmony between technology and heart.

Here are a few people who have attended the Joshua Tree Gatherings. They would like to tell you about it in their own words:

“Give yourself the gift of Joshua Tree and let the beauty and magic transform your life forever!”  -Carol Holden

“I feel the energy start three months before I go. I know from past experiences the magic that will take place. My shaman center bubbles as I prepare to see Lynn and my shaman family. My dreams take me there….and then while I am there, my dreams take me further….J.T. is fun and love and the meditations explode within me over and over again!”  -Ramona Copeland

“Joshua Tree is a special event to me because of the people. The people make J.T. a loving and supportive place where we can come together and just be who we are and learn what there is for each of us to learn. I feel like we are safe to let our own light fully shine. As I let my light shine at J.T., I find that it is not quite so scary to share it while in the day-to-day world. For me too, it is wonderful to spend four days totally immersed in the Teachings of the Sisterhood of the Shields, without having to work around my normal day-to-day routine. I always learn so much on all levels and at the end of the event, I feel rejuvenated in my spirit, my being.”  -Rebecca Doolittle

“For me, Joshua Tree has always been a place of healing, of magic, and of community like no other. I wait all year long for my four days of peaceful and involved spiritual food….it is so different than just reading the books (even as terrific as they are). I actually get to work with Lynn and other like-minded people…I have so much fun and learn so much that I forget I’m actually evolving and growing while I’m there! I never leave the same person as I arrive…even my family has noticed the positive change in me through the times I’ve attended Joshua Tree. I have made many friends through these gatherings, people who understand the need to know that we are more than we appear to be on all levels of existence. I feel blessed to be part of this unique experience, and I love coming back to my spiritual home and family!”  -Danielle Hess “Everyone has what he or she needs, the mirrors. Each of us has asked, before being born, for everything needed. The problem is, when we are born, we become caught in the dream. We are born into a kind of sleep. To become enlightened is to wake up from that dream.”

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