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Welcome, welcome everyone, to my July newsletter!
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Lynn Andrews


Live online video courses with leading transformational thinkers like Lynn Andrews!

In this course, you will go in-depth with some of the world’s leading shamanic practioners: Lynn Andrews, John Perkins, Oscar Miro-Quesada, and Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq. Each guest will introduce you to the way evil spirits are understood and addressed in a different indigenous traditions.

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Lynn Andrews

“True power is love.”

-Agnes Whistling Elk, from Spirit Woman-Teaching of the Shields; formerly published as Flight of the Seventh Moon

Hello Everyone, and welcome to my July newsletter! I was so happy to see many of you at our recent gathering in New Mexico last month. We truly had a time of ceremony, sharing with others of like-mind, and personal and spiritual growth. I would love to hear from you, either on The Sacred Forum or on my Facebook page, so we can chat! If you wish, you could share with me and with each other, places in the world you would like to travel, or perhaps, places where you have been, sacred places that fills your soul with beauty and joy.

I will be in Santa Fe, visiting with Agnes Whistling Elk and I am starting a new book that I am so excited about, even as I am enjoying the wonderful response from Coming Full Circle. I am actually trying something new, to savor and explore my own independent spirit….I will be rafting the Rio Grande this summer! I intend to take long walks in nature, spending time with the nature spirits, healing my own soul, and praying for all of us.

I want you to be excited, try something new this summer and explore your own possibilities! You know being in your own circle of power can be a joyful, playful thing! We don’t always have to take ourselves so seriously. There is bliss and peace that is a part of our very depths that we don’t often get to touch.

When I was in the Sinai a few years ago during a trip to Egypt with some of my apprentices, I was blessed to work with Amina, a woman of great character and grace. She lives in the Middle East, and she must be very, very, careful to not attract attention to the work we do with the Sisterhood. Amina is a member of the Sisterhood of the Shields, and I talk about her in my new book, “Coming Full Circle-Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World.”

I would like all of you to close your eyes, and come with me to a desert landscape. The rocks are sharp and barren, etching themselves against the cobalt blue sky. We are near St. Catherine’s Monastery, at the base of Mount Sinai, in Egypt. The Red Sea is in the distance, shining slate blue as the wind ripples across the surface. A hawk flies above, and you hear its’ cry as we walk through a narrow wadi, or space between huge boulders. It is cooler here, as the rocks seems to get higher as we walk through this slim canyon. You can touch the walls of granite on either side of you, and you see layers in the stone telling the story of when this place was under vast ocean millennia ago. We turn the corner, and Amina is waiting for us. She wears a yellow beaded Beledi dress, shining with gold and silver threads. Amina is wearing large silver hoop earrings, like mirrors that catch the sun, and she has ropes of coral, lapis, and green turquoise wrapped around her neck. Her belt is worn low on her hips, woven with red, blue, and black designs, and fringed with coins that move and sparkle in the light, and you hear every move Amina makes.

We follow Amina as she passes gracefully through this hidden area. She stops before a small stone gateway, and we all stoop to move through the opening. You realize Amina has brought you into a cave. Feel the white stone beneath your fingertips as you move farther into the tunnel. The narrow passage opens into a wide room. You see hieroglyphs in faded colors surrounding the walls of the cave. At one end is a stone altar, with a statue of the goddess Sekhmet, the lion-headed goddess of ancient Egypt. Sekhmet’s statue is at one end of the long piece of marble, with a pillow set onto it. Amina and I help you onto the altar, with your head resting on the pillow. Amina covers you with a light woven blanket, and you realize that your head is resting on top of Sekhmet’s lap. Amina hands me a drum, and we both begin to drum for you.

As you close your eyes, I say to you, “Go with Sekhmet, into ancient times, before the time of sand, and find the core of your independent spirit, the part of you that is alive and vibrant with your sense of personal freedom. Feel your joy, journey with Sekhmet into your past history, to a time when you could connect with your center of peace.”

You drift off, and dream with Sekhmet. After some time has elapsed, you wake as Amina and I complete our drumming for you. We help you to sit up, and Amina takes some honey cakes, and hummus, and pita bread and olives and offers them to you. We share tea, and then we bid farewell to Sekhmet, leaving small crystals on the altar for her in a sacred way.

Amina has related to me, in Coming Full Circle-Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World, the importance of peace and understanding. At one time, the world did exist with much more tolerance and respect for people’s uniqueness than we have now. I saw, in my work with Amina, the beauty and power of being our independent, individual selves, with the support and acceptance of everyone around us. Learning and growth, spiritual growth, was valued and encouraged.

If true power is, indeed, love, then why do we struggle so? Do we still seek the approval of other’s in some way? Do we feel confined in our lives, unable to express our unique individuality and independence? We can only go back to that time before sand in our dreaming, perhaps, and yet, we do have the ability to create our own reality. So, first value yourself, your own individuality and accept other’s for who they are, as well. I am not saying stand by and allow someone to take advantage of you, nor do you need to try and change someone else, which you cannot do, anyway.  I am simply suggesting that you look at all of those moments in your own life where you felt a sense of personal freedom and, maybe you even felt happy, too. Where were you at your most joyous? Did you feel loved?

Did you feel yourself free, independent, and empowered? We do have these moments of happiness and bliss. Focus on them, feel them, and then remember that feeling and take it into your center. True power cannot exist without love, so take the time to love your life, to see your divine nature, the god or goddess within yourself, and breathe in that essence of compassion and bliss. Have a magnificent month of July, and enjoy yourself in whatever you do…in JOY!

(If you have “The Power Deck – The Cards of Wisdom,” then please choose one card for your personal freedom, joy, and independence. If you do not have these wonderful tools, then please feel free to order them from my online store or find them at a local business near you.)
In Love and Spirit,

A Prayer for Peace
Oh Great Spirit, the sacred blanket of life keeps me warm when I am cold. In these days of transition, I take the sacred blankets that you have given us, and I remember how you taught us to pray. I take the black threads of the west, and I tie them with the golden threads of the east, as I offer a prayer for illumination of my spirit. I ask, as I tie the knot, for harmony between east and west, for the veils of ignorance to be torn away forever between all people. I remember, Great Spirit, Sacred Mystery, when you guided my fingers to the white threads of the north – the threads of spirit and wisdom. You showed me how to tie them with the red fibers of the south – the threads of substance. I pray over the sacred ties of this great blanket, and I ask for peace from the innocent and trusting child that is my soul. I wrap my humble body with your proud blanket of peace and harmony, Forever.

The Hoop of Air

Luminous Fibers: Building the Energy as You Learn How to
Move into Higher Levels of Consciousness

July 27 – August 9, 2012
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Councils of the Whistling Elk

This month’s Council’s Corner is featuring the MIAMI council. The coordinator, Denise ‘Walking Bird’ Credle, is a graduate of the Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts and Training and is a long-time participant, leader, and motivator for councils in her area!
The Miami Council recently saw one of their own win the Joshua Tree essay contest this year! Congratulations to Rebecca Kendall!
The Miami Council meets every 2 weeks on Thursday evenings. Some of the recent meetings included working with: Altars, Rattles, Crystals and Bundles, Dream Catchers, Collage and Meditation.
Here is what some of this council’s members have had to say about their involvement:
“Shamanic education; Shamanic rites; deep insight and self-knowledge….Attending the council meetings of the Clan of the Whistling Elk provides an opportunity to study and implement the teachings of Lynn Andrews and the Sisterhood of the Shields. Beyond that, the council meetings are a shining portal that brings forth one’s potential.” – Houston Cypress
“The Council of the Whistling Elk has been a great way for me to connect with others on the same spiritual journey. Shaman Denise ‘Walking Bird’ Credle, does a great job of communicating the teachings of Lynn Andrews. My life has become so rich and full of love. The council is a great way to get started about learning about shamanism and sets the stage for those who may be interested in attending the Mystery School in the future.” – Natalie K. Calzadilla
For more information on councils, go to our website and click on Councils. You may also find out by going onto the Sacred Forum on our website and browsing the Council threads. We do have a cyber-council on the forum, for those of you who are unable to attend a council in your area. Councils have been an integral part of establishing community and sharing the teachings of the Sisterhood. So, please consider this if you have the desire to talk and meet with others of like mind, love good food (many councils have potlucks), and enjoy creating sacred art and being involved in ceremony with terrific people!

Hawaii Retreat

Lynn Andrews’ 14th Annual Hawaii Retreat

November 28 – December 1, 2012

Big Island of Hawaii

The 2012 Hawaii Retreat will be open
for registration mid July!
Please go to www.lynnandrews.com
for more info and to register.

Kindred Spirits Radio Show

Kindred Spirits Radio Show
Remember! On the last Tuesday of each month , Lynn interviews fascinating people from all paths. Please go to www.healthylife.net to learn more and to listen to these wonderful programs! Many of the interviews are archived, so you have the chance to listen to Dannion Brinkley, Hank Wesselman, and many others. MP3 downloads are also available. Go to Lynn’s website at: www.lynnandrews.com to find out more.

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