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California – April 2012!

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 Force Card; Power Deck; Lynn Andrews

“Force lives in your will and comes from your intent. Life is a process of pulling back your bow, aiming your arrow, choosing a target, and shooting. The degree and quality of the force with which you choose your target and shoot determine you power and your success. Force is built through your integrity of purpose, your physical tuning, and your balance of spirit and mind. By naming your act of power, you create force. Follow your innermost passions in life. Empower your will and your strength of force by manifesting your secret dreams.” (The Force Card, The Power Deck)

Dear Friends,

This year of 2012 is upon us now. It is about our journeying into light and beauty and manifesting a life of true magnificence in every area of our lives. We now are able to cross the threshold of empowerment, learning to shapeshift from a life of discontent to a life that works for us on every level.

How, indeed, can we do that? First, we must find the beauty in our lives. The lifetime I visited in a future life, in my book, Shakkai, was very much about light and beauty. My teacher in that time, Shakkai, had created a magnificent garden that resembled her own light and vision of the world in a tangible way.

We have the force of the 2012 energies with us. Like those horses on the Force card, we are being called to rise into a higher frequency.We now have the ability to do this. We can ride these light waves and heal any resistance we have to any kind of abundance in our lives.We have the chance to develop beauty in our lives, to see the beauty in everything and to appreciate it. It is time, in this computer and machine driven world, that we realize we can balance and create a harmony between technology and our place of heart.

Let’s talk for a moment about beauty, which is one of the three keys we will be working with at our Joshua Tree event this Spring in New Mexico. What is beautiful to you? For some of us, it may be a puppy or a new-born baby. For others, we see magnificent architecture, classic greek buildings, or modern, sleek-lined edifices in our cities today. Beauty is many things to many people;you can choose what holds beauty for you. Light also is present in creativity, in the beautiful things we create. You may make a wonderful meal for your family, or re-decorate your home, or plant new flowers. All of life is held together with light, a great web of light that surges within us and through us and is all around us. We have the chance, now, to grow that light in 2012.

I mentioned Shakkai, my teacher from a future life-time in Japan. Let’s go into her garden now. It is serene, and it’s beauty is incomparable. Shakkai has placed every stone, every flower, shrub, and tree in a particular spot. Her garden resembles places in nature, maybe you see Mt. Fuji in the distance, and you notice how the stones in Shakkai’s garden resemble that great snow-capped peak.

Shakkai joins us, and we sit by her pond, overlooking blooming lotuses. You hear frogs and crickets singing, and you wish you could stay in this garden of beauty forever. As Shakkai pours your tea, she places a small mirror next to your teacup. She smiles, and her eyes crinkle and sparkle mischeviously.

You take the mirror and you find yourself at home, or perhaps at your place of work. You take that small mirror, and you look into it as you see the reflection of everything around you. Where is the beauty? Can you find something that draws you, the shapes and colors of the buildings outside of a window? The face of your child or grandchild? Where is that beauty? You hold the mirror up to see your own reflection. You see the light growing behind your eyes, and you realize that you may have missed the beauty and the light within your own soul. See it now, explore it, appreciate it.

Be the light, here and now. We need to live differently, we are not living consciously. As you go about your day, do something mindfully, not without consciousness, but remain in the present moment. As you might wash your dishes today, see the bubbles and the rainbows of light inside of them. See the beauty of the plate in your hand, or notice the beauty of your hands. Recognize the ‘being of light’ that you are and have always been. The ‘future’ is here NOW, we are in the midst of 2012. You have the ability to create a magnificent life, one in which you are open to the shifts in energy we are experiencing. Let’s ride these light waves together, with the force of wild horses galloping through the surf of the ocean, and allow ourselves to manifest infinite possibilities, and to explore the beauty and light held within each of us and expressed in our world.

I would like to offer a prayer to the morning light, to the morning light that shimmers on the face of the lakes, and reflects the shadows of the great mountains across the faces of stone. To the morning light that traces the outline of the beloved, and finds the field mouse scampering in the meadows.

It is in the morning light that baby horses experience their first mouthfuls of sweet green grass. It is in the morning light that I walk beneath the trees, and hear the wind singing from the north, bringing me messages from the Great Spirit.

I watch the hawks high in flight. I ask them to take a prayer to the Great Mother, and tell her of my love for her.

Morning light from the great sun, our father power, fill me with warmth and strength for my day. Illumine my path, that I may understand where I am going.

Morning light, the shadows of darkness flee from your awesome glow. Morning light, you are like a child I would hold and cherish.

Oh Great Spirit, thanks you for your mysterious ways, and help me to walk in your light forevermore.

 With love and spirit,



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