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Online Course 3: “The Standing-Buffalo-Shield,”

September 7 – October 3, 2012

Lynn Andrews Online Shaman Courses

“The face of history” shield, where you learn to see the difference between the parts of you that do not believe and the parts that know the truth. 

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Dear Friends,

All of my books, gatherings, lectures, my “Mystery School” and the teachings of this Online Academy are about translating the ancient wisdom and teachings of the Sisterhood of the Shields and what I have learned from them into our modern world. This series of Online Courses, the “Flight of the Seventh Moon,” stands at both the apex and the foundation of this work.

As you know, there came a time in my studies with the Sisterhood of the Shields they determined that it was time to teach me about creating “a working mandala for my life”: a series of spirit shields that I was to create in the physical world and, simultaneously, within myself that would restore me to my original nature and show me how to hold fast to the vision, wisdom and courage I knew I had but seemed unable to access in so many situations, based on a specific set of spiritual principles and practices for each shield.

These Fight of the Seventh Moon Online Courses are designed to take you on a parallel journey to the one I went on with Agnes Whistling Elk and Ruby Plenty Chiefs as I created the working mandala for my own life. The creation of these spirit shields was a true turning point for me, and it can be that for you, as well.

The practice of creating spirit shields in the physical world and in your own personal center, simultaneously, actually tells the stories of your experience of life and the healing and growth of your shamanic vision. These inner and outer spirit shields become mirrors of one another, a mandala in the truest sense of the word, so that any time you need counsel and guidance on which trail to take as you stand at a crossroads, or when you find yourself succumbing to the vagaries and insults of the world around you, you can pick up your physical shields and follow them back to the incredible wisdom, strength and healing that is your inner shields.

“The Standing-Buffalo-Shield” is the North shield of your working mandala:

  • It is called the “Face of History Shield: the art of traveling and hearing at a distance,” because as you create this shield, you pay close attention to both the past and the future, how history repeats itself in your own life as well as in the life of our world. You discover the truth about the things you do repeatedly that do not serve you, including your belief structures and the things the world tells you are “OK” in spite of what your own common sense tells you. Then you create symbols of this learning to place on your shields so that you will not forget the trail, again.
  • My teachers also call the creation of this shield “working with the crystals of the great wheel” and “seven waters dancing.” This is about claiming and reclaiming the power of your original nature as you honor and accept what the past has to teach you and apply it to the future that spreads out before you, and we will do with this in very dynamic ways. It is not a course about learning to work with crystals. It is about looking into the light that is reflected back to you in life and how you can activate that light within you to empower your body-mind.
  • At the center of this shield is the shaman tree, the shaman man or woman you will one day become. The purpose of this shield is to deepen your communication with the Great Spirit and your ability to pray and meditate, open yourself to inspiration and the understanding that enlightenment is not composed of a set of rules but is, instead, learning how to enjoy your life and draw healing power and personal fulfillment from the enjoyment and celebration of your authentic self.
  • You will also learn to see when you are “chasing the windigo,” as Agnes Whistling Elk calls it, the spirit of discontent that will wreak havoc on your life, so that you can stop throwing away your energy chasing your own tail instead of standing within your center of power, which is the center of this shield. You will work with the Great Smoking Mirror to discover how you sabotage yourself and your own potential through your beliefs and actions, we will look again at the energy of the planets of our solar system so that you can to find which planets are your allies in wiping away this smokescreen of illusion when you remember to ask for their assistance.

And so much more! You do not have to have taken earlier Courses in this series to benefit fully from this Course, and I have promised everybody that by the end of the year, we will arrive at some decision as to how and when to make the full series available for those of you who are joining it now.

I invite you to join me on a journey into the richness, abundance and spirit of life. Please come to the Online Courses page of my website to learn more and to register. I will see you in September!

In love and spirit, Lynn

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