Lynn Andrews says in her recent book, Coming Full Circle – Ancient Teachings for a Modern World, “You have one responsibility, and that is to enlighten yourself…There is no trying. You either do it or you don’t, and some things you simply cannot do. You cannot shift others for them. It is something they have to become willing to work for, themselves.”


by Mary Lomando


The First Full Moon of the New Year falls in the sign of Cancer, the Great Mother Goddess. She is represented as Isis, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Sophia, and all faces of the Divine Feminine. The Moon is in its home sign in Cancer, the cardinal water sign which rules our emotions, our connection to our physical mother, our relationship to our home, our ancestral lineage and the Earth Herself.  Esoteric astrology teaches that it is in the sign of Cancer that we emerge from the safety and security of the cosmic womb and give birth to ourselves as the Divine Child.  After the high intensity impact of the Capricorn New Moon /Solstice stellium (see New Moon update of Dec. 21, 2014), this Cancer Full Moon gives us the opportunity to balance our inner male/female, yin and yang aspects. What choices will we be making in 2015? Do we allow our emotions to rule us irrationally or guide us effectively?  How will we be using our powers of manifestation?  This Full Moon is the perfect time for reflection and taking the time out to nurture ourselves and our intentions for the future.
This Cancerian Full Moon in Cancer is emphasized by a Grand Cross configuration involving the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, and the North Node (karmic point) in Libra. This signifies major breakthroughs” or” breakdowns” in all areas of our lives. How we define “security” and our perception of what is “real” (including our relationship patterns) comes up for scrutiny. If our only concern is material possessions and power things are going to being shaken up over the next year as humanity faces the karmic lessons of greed and misuse of the Earth’s resources. The US is a Cancerian country (as is China), and we have lessons to learn about over-consumption and over-control. In this country, economic security, jobs, housing, food production and natural resources will continue to be major issues well into 2016 until we come up with new solutions and the free-will to break old habits. The message as we begin 2015 with both Venus and Mars in Aquarius and Saturn in Sagittarius (more below), is that new ways of thinking and new visions are necessary to resolve personal and collective problems. Repeating old patterns may feel safe, but stagnation does not lead to evolution. Why reinvent the wheel, when you can fly?
Venus, Mars and Mercury in Aquarius: 
Mars, the masculine god of war; Venus the feminine planet of Love; and Mercury, the “Mind” Messenger, are together in the sign of Aquarius with this Full Moon. Aquarius is the sign of the New Age, freedom, revolution and technology. It is time for us to view the traditional masculine and feminine roles in a new light. The message of Aquarius is liberty and freedom for all despite race, gender or creed. Old stereotypes regarding relationships will be challenged.  ISIS is the name of the Goddess who protects all women. Giving her name to a terrorist organization does not quiet her voice. Women will take a more vocal role in how the world is run, and we will learn that waging war does not necessarily mean a winning side (Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.)  Discovering “peace” within ourselves and our personal relationships is a good place to begin. Finding where we share common ground with others, rather than condemning our differences will become the real “shift” in humanity’s perception as the Age of Aquarius dawns.
Saturn in Sagittarius:
Saturn has just moved into the sign of Sagittarius and will remain there until December 2017. We can move beyond old belief systems (Sagittarius) only when we master our fear (Saturn). Saturn is the karmic Teacher of the zodiac. The last time Saturn was in this sign was 29 years ago. As the cycle moves forward, have we learned the karmic lessons?
Cancer is the feminine water sign, the “womb of life “, and rules over motherhood and family, the tribe, our home, hereditary karmic “roots” and inherited psychological patterns.  Esoterically, the sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and it is our psychic connection to the akashic records and past life memories. When we have a Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs. The Cancer/Capricorn brings up male/female issues; it is the parental axis in astrology, which determines our closest relationships.   Where are we being too co-dependent? Where are we being too controlling and rigid? Where do we need to establish proper boundaries?  Do we deny that we have any emotional needs at all?  Are we afraid of being vulnerable? Are we grounded in our physical body?  Have we become emotionally obsessed with materialism?  Issues around security, whether emotional or financial, tend to bring up intense feelings and fears.  Some of these issues may be long-standing or karmic ones involving family and significant others; some may involve our personal security and physical well-being. But no matter what the occurrences, we are being asked to rise to the occasion and make decisions based on maturity, wisdom and experience, rather than habitual, unconscious responses. It is important to be aware of “knee jerk” responses when our emotional buttons get pushed (especially during a Full Moon) and feelings are close to the surface. All of the cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Capricorn, and especially Cancerians) may feel exceptionally emotional during this Full Moon. It is important not to dwell on past losses, but to move forward.  The sign of Cancer is the “gateway” into life experience on this planet.  Where the sign Cancer falls in your birth chart is where you are being asked to clear away old karmic conditioning and be open to the love in your life.  No matter what our Sun Sign, this Full Moon is a good time to spend a few quiet moments reflecting on what is important in your life; what you are thankful for; and what you would like to change or create by next spring. Since this Full Moon falls on a Sunday (and so close to New Years’ Day), it is the perfect time to reflect, renew and recharge yourself. Take a walk in nature, look at the stars, share a hug with someone, and remember that Love is what really matters in life.

Mary Lomando

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