Lynn Andrews says in her recent book, Coming Full Circle – Ancient Teachings for a Modern World, “You have one responsibility, and that is to enlighten yourself…There is no trying. You either do it or you don’t, and some things you simply cannot do. You cannot shift others for them. It is something they have to become willing to work for, themselves.”



by Mary Lomando

 Hello Everyone,
This Full Moon in Scorpio heralds one of the most potent full moons of the year for transformation and change. This is also called the “Wesak” Full Moon , which commemorates the second of three major spiritual planetary festivals. It is the festival of the “Buddha’s Blessing” in the Himalayas. (According to the teachings of Alice Bailey, the Full Moon in April is known as the Festival of Christ, and the Full Moon in June is the Festival of Humanity). It is said that during the Wesak festival the Christ, Buddha and the entire Spiritual Hierarchy assemble in Shamballa to invoke the highest spiritual light and blessings and on behalf of Humanity, so that we may all truly embody divine Love, Wisdom and our highest soul purpose. Gathering together in group meditation is an important part of the Wesak celebration, especially in light of this past week’s momentous earth shifts in the Himalayas.
Scorpio is the fixed water sign ruled by both the planet Mars and Pluto. (Pluto is the higher octave of Mars, as symbolized by the Egyptian Lion Goddess Sekmet, who is both ferocious and transformative in her healing aspects.) This is a highly charged full moon in two fixed signs (Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio) signifying the need to breakdown long -held emotional, psychological and physical patterns. Scorpio has the capacity to move from the lowest depths to the highest peaks. It is the spirit of the Phoenix, which rises from the spiritual fire of its own ashes to be reborn into something new. Wherever a “system” is stuck (whether government, economic, religious or personal), it is time to let go, forgive, and move on to create something new. We will hear much in the coming weeks about global warming, climate change, food production (or lack of it), genetic engineering, economic and governmental chaos…the sounds from the third dimension are clamoring to distract us from what is real. We cannot “fix” all that ails the world; however, with the right intention, we can create the space for inner peace and harmony in our own reality. It is important to see past the challenges and remain open to new options and opportunities; freezing up in fear or retaliating in anger to things that we cannot control does not really serve our highest purpose. If we can give up the notions of emotional and physical security that we have inherited from our collective conditioning and see ourselves in a world where our security flows from our inner perception, then we have achieved mastery of the physical and can move on to a more enlightened reality. The Sun in the sign of Taurus symbolizes the New Earth, and the New Earth is a reality that is not dependent on the illusion of the matrix . The true teaching of Scorpio is all about self- mastery. This Full Moon gives us the opportunity to reflect on what we truly need to create inner and outer peace in our world.
Every Full Moon illuminates the positive qualities of the sign, as well as its shadow expressions. The Taurus/ Scorpio combination is Earth and Water. These are the fixed signs of fertility and sensuality; but they can also become prone to physical craving and excess. It is extremely important to walk the Middle Path wherever this combination is found in your chart.
In Taurus/ Scorpio we are dealing with TRUST issues and the basic building blocks of the human condition: LOVE and SECURITY. The seven deadly sins all revolve around Taurus/Scorpio axis. Scorpio rules the “hidden” side of life…what is behind the veil, taboo, secret and occult. Scorpio is known as the “sexy” sign, but that translates as inner magnetism, which can attract or repel at will. We all have an inner Magician, Priestess, Shaman, Psychic Detective, Dark Goddess, and Psychologist indicated by the house where the sign of Scorpio falls in your birth chart. With awareness, these archetypes can be used constructively for our own healing and transformation. The positive side of Scorpio teaches compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and others; the right use of power, loyalty, and self-discipline. We learn that true intimacy is not based on control or possessiveness, but on the desire for oneness, compassion and truth. The shadow side of Scorpio is abuse of power, secrecy, judgment, emotional repression, obsession, control, revenge and, manipulation. Recognizing and owning your Shadow, rather than projecting onto others, becomes a necessity if you have major Scorpio planets in your chart, especially the Moon (since the Moon rules the subconscious). Working with dreams is an excellent way to bring the Shadow into awareness.
The parts of the body ruled by Scorpio are the sex organs, the reproductive and elimination systems, and sweat glands. Psychological and emotional blockages commonly show up as physical problems in these areas of the body. Yoga, martial arts, body work and massage, especially lymphatic massage, can be extremely helpful in moving blocked energy. Psychotherapy and astrological counseling, rebirthing techniques, and past life regression work, help us move through the emotional fears that keep us “stuck”. This Full Moon in Scorpio is a great time to indulge in some quiet time on your own to “recharge your batteries”: schedule a massage, treat yourself to a reading, and spend time in nature… being good to yourself is a necessity, not a luxury.
Double T-Square Configurations:
During this Full Moon, there are two exact T-Squares in operation, which means that we are being pushed out of our comfort zones. The first involves the “fixed signs” with the Sun at 13 degrees Taurus, Jupiter at 13 degrees Leo and the Full Moon at 13 degrees Scorpio all making challenging angles with each other. The houses these signs occupy in your natal chart are the areas where you will find the most resistance, but also the most growth. The fixed signs demand a breakdown of old patterns and habits (Moon in Scorpio) through consistent determination (Sun in Taurus) and courage (Jupiter in Leo). The “resolution” area falls in the final fixed sign at 13 degrees Aquarius. The lesson is that true physical and emotional security will not be found in becoming slaves to the material world of desires (that can all dissolve in an instant); but by being “free” to think and act and love as an individual (Aquarius). The catch is that this concept of freedom is for everyone, not just a privileged few. Where the sign Aquarius falls in your chart, is where you will find the release valve for this T-square energy.
The second T-Square falls in the mutable (changeable) signs of Gemini (Mercury); Sagittarius (Saturn) and Pisces (Neptune). This is about being flexible and open to new ideas (Mercury), while still remaining “grounded” (Saturn) and compassionate (Neptune). The “resolution” point falls in the sign of Virgo, which all about taking responsibility for our words.
Nothing in this universe remains stagnant for very long. Change and growth is inevitable. The last “Blood Moon” eclipse of April 4th ended a 19- year cycle. How has your life changed since April 1996? What have you learned? How have you been handling your relationships? This Full Scorpio Moon of May 3rd shakes us out of complacency offering yet another opportunity to let go of old beliefs, situations and circumstances that do not match our inner truth. As the physicist Max Planck said: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”.
The Lion-headed Goddess Sekmet represents the female power of Mars and Pluto. She is the Goddess of physical healing and psychological transmutation … of the women’s blood mysteries, which govern birth, life and death.
 Find your inner sanctuary and relax. (You may want to take a cleansing bath beforehand).  Light a white and/or red candle. Find a comfortable position (sitting or lying down). Take a few deep breaths, letting go of any stress or body discomfort. You are safe and protected by your guides and angels, and only the Light may fill your presence.  You see yourself walking along a well-worn and familiar path leading you to the main gate of a Temple enclosure. The moon is high and full and casts a whitish glow over the temple. You can feel the energy and protection of your guides around you. It is a good feeling; you are home. A white-robed priestess awaits you inside the gate. She hands you a cone of frankincense and leads you to a large bronze door, which she slowly opens. The frankincense fills the room. As the smoke from the incense clears, you find yourself standing before a tall statue made of smooth black granite. It the image of Sekmet with her beautiful lion face and well-formed woman’s body. She wears the sun disc on her head as she is the daughter of the Sun God, Ra.  She carries a lotus staff in one hand and holds the key of life or ankh, in the other. She stands a full head taller than you, and her eyes look down upon your face. You see your own reflection in her eyes.  You are safe here, but you cannot keep any secrets from her, for she can see deeply into your heart. Spend some time communing with her. She is here to help you cut the cords that bind you to the past. She can assist in releasing old hurts and betrayals .She can devour the past and assist you in shedding outworn layers of cellular memory. Sekmet knows the shamanic realms of magic and manifestation. Ask her for your heart’s desire; but know thyself!  As you prepare to leave, Sekmet offers you a gift. There is a small ruby heart lying at her feet; this is for you. You thank her and leave her presence. The white-robed priestess leads you back through the temple moonlight; back to your own time and space. You feel lighter and more peaceful after this journey. You are whole and in a sound state. Blessed Be!

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