Lynn Andrews says in her recent book, Coming Full Circle – Ancient Teachings for a Modern World, “You have one responsibility, and that is to enlighten yourself…There is no trying. You either do it or you don’t, and some things you simply cannot do. You cannot shift others for them. It is something they have to become willing to work for, themselves.”


Full Moon in Pisces   September 8, 2014 by Mary Lomando

Hello Everyone,
This Pisces Full Moon September 8th is the final “super moon” of 2014. Super Moons generate more extreme magnetic shifts on planet Earth: weather activity, planetary shifting, and emotional power surges for all life forms.  This is an especially potent  opportunity for manifesting your dreams.  So, go ahead set your intention and makes that wish, on this very “magical” full moon. 
Full Moon in Pisces   September 8, 2014
Pisces, the final water sign of the zodiac, the ruler of the magical, emotional realm of our subconscious and dream worlds. It is the sign of the poet and mystic; artist and healer; savior and sinner; doctor and patient; shaman and   physicist.  Pisces is probably the most misunderstood sign of the zodiac; and like its symbol, the two fishes swimming in opposite directions, it is a sign that embraces both duality and Oneness…the universe where subatomic physics  and religion  merge.  This 12th sign of the zodiac is a complete paradox; yet, from the seeds of chaos and “unknowingness” Pisces births the “new age” of humanity.  The “old age” of Pisces was associated with the symbol of the “fish”; now as we move forward in our evolutionary process, Pisces becomes the “Grail” which holds the elixir of life, symbolizing our baptism in the New Age.   The planet Neptune is the “ruler” of the sign of Pisces. As humanity awakens out of it “old” Neptunian illusions of fear and victimhood, the “fog” clears and we become more open to unconditional love and respect for all living beings. This is the greatest lesson that Pisces has to offer: unconditional love and compassion.  This Full Moon is giving us a “second chance”…. Think about where you can find or give more love in your life;  where you can refrain from judging others negatively; where you can help someone in need…and always offer thanks for whatever is good in your life. We will be hearing much about world-wide politics, disasters and catastrophes, as well major scientific breakthroughs in space and underwater over the next few weeks (the countries of Northern Africa and Jerusalem are ruled by Pisces).  Know that this is the time of “signs and wonders”; and miracles do indeed occur!
Personally Speaking:
Where you find the sign of Pisces in your chart (any planets as well as the house placement) is where you find satisfaction in believing in something larger than your own ego, where you choose to be of service to humanity in your own way.  Pisces rule service in the sense of all healing modalities: retreats, spas, ashrams, monasteries, museums, hospitals & hospice. It also symbolizes our creative impulses:  art, music, dance…. the unconscious, DREAMS….oracles, seers, psychics, as well as sailors and navigators.  Since the sign Pisces rules the unconscious, creative process of the right brain, many actors, musicians, artists, spiritual leaders, and scientists have Pisces planets prominent in their birth charts. (Albert Einstein was Pisces).
Pisceans are very sensitive and emotional creatures, but they can also get “lost” in their own inner worlds.  They are amazing healers and artists; however, they can become overloaded with emotional “stuff” from other people, as well as their own.  Wherever Pisces falls in your birth chart, shows where you are both sensitive and creative.  This Full Moon will highlight that area….it is your “inner Muse”.  So, it is very important to honor the part of yourself (the Muse) that needs a “retreat” from the chaos and negativity of everyday 3D world.   If we do not recharge our psychic batteries (drugs, alcohol, caffeine and nicotine deplete; they do not recharge), we run a very major risk of “psychic” infection. Positive ways to channel Pisces energy:  meditation, yoga, listening to harmonic music, watching a positive movie, having a “spa day”, walking in nature….just taking some “quiet time” a few hours a week (no TV, phone or computer). Even a short 5- minute “power naps” can be very effective as the energy “amps” up around us.  Give yourself permission to love yourself more. We cannot be of service to others, if we don’t pay attention to our own needs.
Planetary Pictures:
This Full Moon has some very potent aspects with it.  The planet Neptune is very close to this Full Moon emphasizing the need for compassion and healing in all our relations .Chiron, the Wounded Healer asteroid, is also in the sign of Pisces and very close to both the Moon and Neptune. This gives us hope for healing old emotional and psychic wounds on a very deep collective level. Lifetimes of martyrdom and suffering, chaos and pain can be healed as we open up to the wave of compassion and unconditional love emanating to us from the Great Cosmic Mother. Whether we call her Isis, Kwan Yin, Mother Mary or by any of her myriad of names, we are being called to embrace the Feminine Consciousness, which resides in all of us. The planet Mars, the God of War, is positively aspecting the Moon, Chiron and Neptune…..the patriarchy has the opportunity to heal itself…compassion can override violence, but forgiveness is the key. As we know, most wars on this planet have been fought in the name of religion (or against it). The 20th century spawned the crowning of the new god, “petroleum”.   The sign of Pisces rules both religion and oil. Do we actually need to experience yet another world war before humanity learns its lessons at the end of the Age of Pisces?
ISIS is the name of the Mother Goddess of compassion and mercy in all her myriad forms, NOT the premeditated acronym for a terrorist group.   As humans, we are programmed for spiritual evolution into the Aquarian Age of light and wisdom, not to catapult ourselves back to the dark ages.
 On Sept 14, Venus  in Virgo makes a very positive aspect (trine) with the planet Pluto, giving us more power and self-confidence to move forward.  Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld, who facilitates transformation on a very deep psychological level. We can no longer remain “stuck” in unconscious patterns without paying the consequences on some level, both personally and collectively. The Sun with Pluto allows us the opportunity to release toxicity on the sub-atomic levels and regenerate our DNA; but with awareness comes responsibility. We can no longer play the “blame game” and scapegoat others. Facing exactly what we have been most reluctant to face within ourselves without projecting it onto others is one of humanity’s greatest lessons at the end of this age. The message of Pisces is to find “God” within ourselves and to recognize “God” in each person we meet.
Spiritually Speaking:
Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac encompassing many ancient spiritual lineages and paths to healing. The sign of Pisces is connected with the Egyptian God, Nefertum, and the patron of aromatherapy. In Egyptian mythology, Nefertum was depicted as a lotus flower at the creation of the world, which had arisen from the primal waters. The science of aromatherapy or “scent alchemy” in ancient Egypt was a sacred art and intrinsic in magical ceremonies and ritual.  In Biblical tradition, frankincense and myrrh are associated Jesus and Mary Magdalen. We know that scent opens up pathways in the brain associated with memories. Oils also carry electromagnetic frequency.  Our brains get “amped up”, and new neuronal pathways open up.
One of the best ways to release emotional (as well as past life debris) is by aromatherapy massage. It stimulates cellular memory and releases toxins at the same time… a wonderful treat for yourself during the Pisces Full Moon!
 Find a quiet space to meditate, light a white or violet candle (or both). Ask your guides to assist you in manifesting your Spiritual vision….watch your dreams for answers. Use the energy of this Full Moon in Pisces to reconnect to your dreams…and to honor and love your inner creative child.  Breathe deeply and feel yourself connecting from the core of the planet to the heart of the Milky Way.  Connect with the Sky Goddess Nut and feel a cosmic blue-white shaft of light beam from the center of the galaxy into your Heart. This blue-white beams turns into a beautiful blue lotus and opens in your heart center. You are one with the Goddess Nut as she births the New Sun. Imagine your body as a chalice or grail holding the light of this new sun. Feel this light feeding you. You are birthing new reality for yourself…

Mary Lomando

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