Lynn Andrews says in her recent book, Coming Full Circle – Ancient Teachings for a Modern World, “You have one responsibility, and that is to enlighten yourself…There is no trying. You either do it or you don’t, and some things you simply cannot do. You cannot shift others for them. It is something they have to become willing to work for, themselves.”


by Mary Lomando

Dear Friends,
I am writing this from Luxor Egypt, where I have been for the past 3 weeks. My group and I began our magical journey at the Great Pyramid of Giza in order to experience the energies of the solar eclipse/spring equinox. And what an incredible time it has been! We have been nurtured and protected by the wings of Isis; doors (or, as we like to call them” star gates” have magically opened, and miracles have manifested on a daily basis here in Egypt. We knew something BIG was happening with the solar eclipse on March 20th, as the generator “blew out” inside the King’s Chamber (but that’s a story for another time). We were told early that morning that  the Great Pyramid was” closed”, but since we were given the “blue Light” to go ahead by Isis Herself, we proceeded; and  since we were the only group to do so, we had the Great Pyramid to ourselves . True to her promise, as we entered the pyramid’s inner chamber, lights blasted on! That was just the sign of things to come. Now, in a few days, I will experience yet another brilliant Full Moon meditation from Hatshepsut’s Temple at Deir El Bahari, the Feminine Heart Center of Egypt. During this time of increased conflicts in the 3D world it is important to remember that prayer, compassion and forgiveness are Universal principles. We are all One Earth. Lines arbitrarily drawn on maps; greedy politicians; and even fanatically driven terrorists cannot destroy the “Light” that is inherent in all human consciousness. From this ancient land of “Maat” (Balance and Harmony) I send you all much Peace and Love!
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra: April 4, 2015
Every Full Moon is an opportunity to shine the light of consciousness into the void.  An “eclipsed” Full Moon is Full Moon with exclamation points. This Full Moon is “eclipsed” at 14 degrees Libra allowing us to see our relationships in a new light. During a lunar eclipse, the light of the moon gets blocked temporarily as it passes the shadow of the Earth. This eclipse is total, and the moon will glow in a reddish hue (hence the name “Blood Moon”).  During a lunar eclipse, our unconscious motivations and fears are stirred. Dreams can feel very real.  How do we function in relationships? Have we developed a habitual response pattern that no longer serves our needs? Eclipses have an air of finality about them. No matter what yourSun sign, this Full Moon is a time to take personal inventory of all your relationships. It is also  an “inner” time to reflect and reprogram our belief systems….genetic, as well as spiritual, karma can be released and transformed with right intention.  Synchronistically, this Full Moon eclipse coincides with Passover and Easter weekend What is the 2,000 year old message the Universe wants us to recognize here? Will the Lion finally lie down peacefully with the Lamb? This is the third in a series of 4 “Blood Moon eclipses called a “Tetrad” (the final one falls on Sept 28, 2015) These 4 eclipses of 2014 and 2015, as well as the Grand Cardinal Cross, flip on the “switch” for the Age of Pisces to move into the Age of Aquarius…the age of “follow the leader” is over as Humanity embraces the concept of freedom as enlightenment.
Planetary Pictures: The Grand Cardinal Cross:
This Full Moon eclipse “pushes the buttons” on the final transformational lessons of the Grand Cardinal Cross that humanity has been experiencing since 2010.
The Sun together with Uranus on this Full Moon heralds “shock and awe” responses, as well as the desire for freedom and massive change. This falls during a time of religious intensity (Passover, Good Friday, and Easter) in major hot spots around the globe.
Most astrologers and past predictions regard this as an extremely challenging time (we have heard it all before) however, no planetary configuration is all positive or all negative. It all depends on how each one of us responds to the energies. Humans react to stress, as well as opportunity, differently. Oppositions call for balance; squares call for change.  As we are living through massive changes in the global environment, world governments and economics, science and technology, the question remains: how do we remain focused and balanced in the midst of it all?  “Cardinal” in the astrological sense means action that is moving, not static.  It is important that energetically and psychologically, we remain open and fluid and not rigid, judgmental or fixed. There will be new options and new opportunities for growth and expansion if we have the courage to move forward and not freeze up in fear or retaliate in anger. The 4 Cardinal signs form the “wheel” of the 4 Directions:  the zodiac signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. (Individuals who have planets in those signs will feel the energy more than others. The USA is also a Cancerian country.)  The change that this “cross” implies is not overnight; it has been brewing for some time. The eclipses serve as “button pushers” to get things moving. If we have been working on our “stuff” collectively and individually, then this will be an exciting phase of new growth, opportunity and potential. On the other hand, if it feels like we are faced with challenges in every direction and “boxed in”, that is the universe compelling us to find our “center point” and go within to the center of the wheel.  Violent acting out in anger, fear or pure adrenaline is not the answer; but neither is martyrdom or needless suffering.  The one thing that is certain is that change is immanent, but our response to change is crucial.  You may find that spending more time in meditation, nature, massage, yoga, and bodywork helps you to release pressure. This cycle serves to move us out of “stuck” patterns.
Personally Speaking: Aries/Libra is the relationship axis. Balance, partnership, and co-operation are the Libran code.  As a collective, we are dealing with karma having to do with “might versus right”.  As our country now faces karmic choices on a collective level, it is imperative that we look into our own individual relationship choices. For if we accept mediocrity and victimhood in our personal lives, how can we possibly expect to have leaders that treat us differently? Everyone wants to be loved, but where are we out of balance? How have we allowed fear to dictate our decisions? Are we the “bully”?  Are we addicted to sexual relationships? Are we capable of loving ourselves? The sign of Libra teaches us that we are never alone in the universe; we are in a constant dance of co-creation with Spirit. This Full Moon is a great time to do something artistic;  enjoy a museum, concert or  art gallery; treat yourself to a new restaurant, join a social network, but don’t be afraid to step out of the box and try something new. The part of the body ruled by Libra is the kidneys. It is important for Librans to drink lots of water to flush out toxins. Sugar and excessive amounts of caffeine should be avoided whenever possible. Also learning how to channel anger and repressed emotions is important for their physical (as well as mental) well-being. Acupuncture, yoga, Chinese medicine and herbs can help support sluggish adrenals to avoid the feeling fatigue.
Historically Speaking: 
In the ancient Egypt of 5,000 years ago, the original symbol for the sign of Libra was the sun rising over the hilltops. However, Libra has come down to us through the ages as being represented by the glyph of the scales.  In ancient Egypt, the Goddess Maat is the Goddess of Truth, Justice, and Right Balance (Karma). She is the Goddess who oversees the “weighing of the heart” of the deceased on the karmic scales. The heart is weighed against her white feather of truth, and the heart must be found lighter than the feather, in order for the individual to pass on to paradise. Maat was not born from another god or goddess. She has been around since the beginning of creation as the principal of cosmic order; she is consciousness itself. Even the Sun God, Ra, lives by the cosmic order of Maat.  From Maat, we learn the concept of inner balance (male/female, yin/yang), which becomes the hallmark of Libra.
Blessings to all from the Land Where It All Began

Mary Lomando

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