Lynn Andrews says in her recent book, Coming Full Circle – Ancient Teachings for a Modern World, “You have one responsibility, and that is to enlighten yourself…There is no trying. You either do it or you don’t, and some things you simply cannot do. You cannot shift others for them. It is something they have to become willing to work for, themselves.”


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NEW MOON IN LEO JULY 26, 2014 by Mary Lomando

This New Moon July 26 falls in the sign of Leo, the sign associated with the heart, self-expression, and the courage to follow your dreams. A new Moon means that the Sun and Moon are in the same sign, which emphasize the positive qualities of the fire sign Leo. Leo symbolizes passion, spontaneity, and the life affirming positive energy of the sun. The great Sphinx of Giza, the guardian of the pyramids, once had the face of a lion to symbolize the Age of Leo. The symbol of the Lion (Leo) has been used by royalty for ages; we even call our heroes “Lion-hearted”.

Personally Speaking:

All New Moons are the perfect time for “seeding” our intentions. This New Moon in Leo is all about having the courage to express our heart’s desire, our authentic self. It is about the outer expression of our inner child’s need to shine. Nothing makes a Leo happier than being appreciated for his or hers talents and gifts.  What is your passion? What feeds your soul? Follow your desire… Think of the feline kingdom (ruled by Leo). Cats do as they please…cats are comfortable in their bodies, fluid and free. This New Moon is a time to get in touch with your body, your sensuality … and allow more joy into your life!

Planetary Aspects: Jupiter with the New Moon

Jupiter in Leo: Jupiter is the “King of the Gods” and fully exercises his royal status in the sign of Leo. Expansion and self-confidence (sometimes in excess) are the hallmark of Jupiter in Leo. Now is not the time to hide your “light”, especially if your Sun sign or Ascendant falls in the sign of Leo.  The gift that Jupiter bestows is that through courage, faith and optimism, we can save the day, no matter how challenging external circumstances seem.  Jupiter in excess can bring about over -inflated egos and arrogance.

On August 1st, Venus in Cancer (the sign of the Mother Goddess) forms a very positive aspect (grand trine) with Saturn (The Teacher/Father) and Chiron (the asteroid of the Healer).  It is time to learn the lessons of the Heart, balancing Love and Wisdom, and healing our inner masculine and Feminine.

Mary Lomando

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