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Lynn Andrews Daily Wisdom

Wednesday, January 18, 2017 MST

Merge Into One Being

I was possessed by love for the Kokopelli, and we were performing a sacred ceremony that would bring power to the everlasting flow of life. I was the symbol of all women. His face glowed-changing, disappearing, reappearing. I closed my eyes and became aware of what was neither him nor me, but the power of the dream that stood behind us both. It was a union of the higher and lower selves and we were made one with all cosmic life. The flute seemed to play on by itself. As we lay on the stone altar, the hot night breeze blowing over us like an astral blanket, I looked up into the face of the Kokopelli and realized that I lay there alone-that by possessing him whom I had feared and wanted most, we had merged into one being, warrior and warrioress. I had mated with the warrior—the male—in myself.

Lynn, Medicine Woman

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