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“Medicine Woman Visions:

Dreaming with Your Spirit Council”

Awaken Your Dream Body in New Ways!

Friday, June 16- Sunday June 18, 2017

Franciscan Renewal Center, Scottsdale AZ

28th Annual Joshua Tree Gathering in the Shadow of Camelback Mountain

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an excerpt from her book, “Coming Full Circle” in which

Lynn and Painted Bird explore ‘Living A Life Of Magic’!

Spirit Council 3


We are never alone — wherever human beings are, there are spirit beings. We are surrounded by loving Beings of Light who are always with us. Spirit Beings serve many functions, and take many forms of expression within our life. They inspire creativity, help us open to abundance, stimulate insight and wisdom, protect us and serve as our companions. When we open to contact with these beings, when we step away from fears and superstitions, we are able to access this invisible realm, to move into the dimensions that Shamans have traveled for centuries.

This is nothing new. The ancient Greeks spoke to spirits and gods through the Oracles. The shamanic societies of Egypt, Africa, Bali, Australia and the Americas had their own techniques for establishing communication between humans and nature spirits. When we enter the Dreamtime as taught to us by the Sisterhood of the Shields, we have the opportunity to meet many of these Guides and Guardians.

Many of you have worked with your Power Animal, and if you have gone through my Mystery School, you have worked extensively with your Sacred Twins, and even your Spirit Mate. But there are so many more beings who love you, who watch over you, who long to communicate with you.

During this event we will delve more deeply into the shamanic practices that move us deeply into dreaming, and allow us to meet and begin working with some of these Spirit Beings. Through meditation and guided visualization, we will journey into the realms of the Higher and Lower Worlds, and sit in ceremony with the new members of our Spirit Council that we meet. We will honor them with sacred artwork, and join in joyous ceremony as we celebrate this wondrous event.

29 years ago a group of extraordinary men and woman gathered for the first time with Lynn Andrews for four life-changing days of teachings, meditations and ceremonies at Joshua Tree Retreat Center in California. They had all hoped for this amazing opportunity to meet the author of the acclaimed “Medicine Woman Series” and experience the teachings of the Sisterhood of the Shields firsthand. Each knew from the moment they arrived at this gathering they found a group of Kindred Spirits…pilgrims on the path to the unknown…and so it began.

From the magic of this first spring gathering was born the exciting question of finding new ways to immerse more fully in these ancient teachings. Lynn responded… and within a few short years founded her four-year Mystery School “without walls.” The annual Retreat continued to be offered to anyone interested in Lynn’s work, but now had also become a part of the experiential intensive training for the Mystery School students, bringing another, deeper dimension of experience to this gathering and amplifying the energy for all present.

Today we invite all, first comers, everyone that ever shared in this spring gathering, Mystery School Students and Kindred Spirits to join us. Prepare to be lifted to new heights of consciousness and most importantly feel your heart and entire being expand with unbelievable Joy. See you soon!

The reason that people keep coming back to this extraordinary gathering for all these years is that it really works! You enter the gathering through the Elk Pole Ceremony, dancing around our magnificent Elk Pole and tying your own ribbon to the Pole in a ceremony of joining and honor. As you do this, you empty yourself of the cares and woes of the everyday world so that you can be filled with something new and vibrant over the course of the next three days. You leave the gathering filled with so much more spirit and light, so much more energy, understanding and wisdom, than you ever thought possible when you arrived.

I invite you to join me, and I look forward to meeting you with great anticipation.

Namasté, everyone




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