Volunteering at Joshua Tree

Thank you for your interest in Volunteering

Lynn offers a limited number of volunteer positions each year for her Joshua Tree gathering. Though volunteers are guaranteed a presence at all meditations and event lectures, they do not always have the time to attend to themselves that other participants do. However if you are unable to pay the full event fee—each Volunteer pays approximately half the advertised event fee—enjoy hard work and being of service we invite you to apply.

Lynn Andrews Productions

Lynn Andrews Joshua Tree Event

Volunteer Letter of Intent

Please tell us about yourself and why you want to volunteer.

What kind of skills would you bring as a volunteer? (please check all that apply)

Technical Skills:
 basic computer skills (word processing, e-mail, etc.)
 computer editing (sound, video, image)
 familiar with sound equipment

Artistic skills:
 drawing, painting sculpting fiber arts dancing singing musician

Building skills:
 experience using hand tools (hammer, screwdriver, pliers, etc.)
 experience using power tools (skill saw, nail gun, drill, etc.)
 comfortable being on a ladder
 able to lift 25 lbs?

Clerical skills:
 organizing, filing, sorting
 book keeping

People skills:
 health care worker
 group facilitator

Additional skills:

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Are you currently enrolled in LACSAT?:  Yes No

Are you a graduate of LACSAT?:  Yes No

Any Additional Comments:

Once you submit your Volunteer Intent Form, you will be contacted with event registration information within one week. For further information on Volunteering at the Joshua Tree event, contact Suzanne Edison at 1-800-554-7414 (USA) or 1-561-265-1838 (International) or Sqedison@aol.com

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