Journey to Egypt

Below is information from Lynn’s Past Shamanic Journey to Ancient Egypt

“Egypt Revealed through Shamanic Dreaming”
with Master Shaman Lynn Andrews
March 30 – April 13, 2008

Meditate with Lynn in Egypt!

Join me for meditations during this journey, “Egypt Revealed Through Shamanic Dreaming.” I will be posting the dates and times below with links so that you can join us as we progress along our sacred path to the different temples and ancient parts of Egypt. Sometimes it is not the exact time that is important when joining us as it is the time of day! I would love for you to be a part of the energy of our group.

The meditations will be posted in PDF format for you to be able to download.

Mediation 1 – Great Pyramid – April 1, 2008, 3 pm (your time, several hours before sunset) Go to Meditation 1.

Meditation 2 – Temple of Isis – April 3, 2008, 6 am (around sunrise) Go to Meditation 2.

Meditation 3 – Sanctuary of Sekhmet, Karnak – April 6, 2008, 8 am (shortly after sunrise) Go to Meditation 3.

Meditation 4 – Temple of Hathor, Dendera – April 7, 2008, 7 pm (shortly before dusk) Go to Meditation 4.


Message from Lynn about Egypt

“When I was in Egypt last year, I met briefly with a woman in the Sisterhood of the Shields who holds one of the Seven Clay Pots. She shared some of its wisdom with me.  On this sacred return to Egypt, I will share this wisdom with you.”

“We have entered a new time where our dream is not going to be dreamed for us any longer. We must each dream our own dream. Through dreaming, you free yourself to travel to other dimensions and meet with the great masters to bring back the messages for your life. I hope you will join me as together we dream with the great visionaries of ancient Egypt, whose magic and wisdom are as vital today as they were millenniums ago.”

“I would never ask someone to believe something that they have not experienced themselves but I would ask people to explore. There is much more to life than what you see.

-Lynn Andrews, International Best Selling Author, Teacher, and Modern Day Shaman

About Shamanic Dreaming in Egypt

In 2006, mystic and master shaman Lynn Andrews explored the magic and mystery of ancient Egypt. Now she invites you to return with her on a pilgrimage of exploration as you embrace the unseen through your shamanic Dream Time, using the energies of this magnificent, ancient world.

The great dream of Egypt changes every time you enter a new ancient temple. The history, the fascination, the glory of gods and goddesses, pharaohs, priestesses and enlightened scribes echo through the halls and fill you with wonderment and new kinds of dreaming. This new dreaming of Egypt is a shamanic vision that receives your presence and activates your spirit.

Lynn will take you privately, before the crowds, into majestic temples where she will share with you the teachings of individuation — the power of your own magical dream, the dream that is within you and has been within you for lifetimes. She will help you appreciate the healing properties of the energies permeating these sacred places. Throughout time and all over the world, shamans and mystics have always considered dreaming to be a conscious activity, rather than an unconscious one. As a student of the Dream Time with Lynn, you will absorb true knowledge; you will remember who you are and awaken the power and the magic of your own dream. You will gather materials to create your sacred Dream Bundle, which you can carry with you for the rest of your life.  During Lynn’s teachings while cruising six glorious days on the beautiful Nile River.  These teachings are “to become a lucid dreamer and have dreaming become a conscious activity. To hold up your own dream because you know who you are.  You will remember.”   Next your adventure will take you to the Sinai, the home of the Bedouins. Here you will experience the diverse culture of these tribal people.  Lynn’s group will have the privilege of taking tea a Bedouin family and attending a special Bedouin dinner of celebration later that evening.  Egypt will be revealed in a sacred honoring way to all that are willing to dream the dream. It is time to step into your power and own your divine ‘isness’ by spinning the fibers of your dreams.

The flower of life is the essence of energy flow through all the sacred bodies that we possess.  On our return to Egypt, we will ride across the desert with the Bedouins and dine in their tents. The oldest working Christian monastery in the world will receive us near the mountain on which Moses was given his visions. This monastery is the site of thousands of ancient scrolls.

Our Nile cruise will be even longer this time, as we spend many days gliding upon the magnificent animating force of this sacred world, its pristine waters reflecting cobalt blue skies and divine breath as we dream and reflect on the powers that surround us.  Donkeys, Arabian horses, camels, children, and beautiful beings of light will accompany us as we sail on the placid waters towards the ancient temples of Karnak and Luxor.  Coming from a place of like spirit, we will dream and interpret the ancient temples as you learn how to manifest the flower of your own beautiful life, and Egypt will be revealed to you in a sacred, honoring way.  It is time to step into your own power and your own divine being.  What a wondrous, precious and joyous journey this will be, filled with humor, sacred essence perfumes, alabaster jars and even belly dancing! “I encourage you to bring this adventure into your life.”  

With heartfelt love and spirit, Lynn Andrews

VIEW SLIDE SHOW of Lynn’s previous Journey to Egypt!

Details about the Journey

Lynn Andrews is the sponsor of our tour. Luminati, Inc. is our host travel agency through which all registration, travel arrangements and payments will be made.

If you have any questions regarding registration or travel arrangements, call Shelia Reed at: 888-488-1151 (Toll free in the US)  or call +1 480-488-3802 (Internationally)

Quest Travel is our exclusive Egyptian tour provider for Luminati.



Please note: Pricing does NOT include any fees for CE Credits. These will be paid separately to Lynn Andrews Productions.  

Land Package with Domestic Air in Egypt:  $5,227 USD / double occupancy / per person

($500 non-refundable deposit included, domestic air includes: Cairo – Aswan – Luxor – Sharm El Shiekh)

Single supplement:  $950 USD (roommates provided when possible)

What’s included?

* Guided throughout by an English speaking spiritual Egyptologist, Quest Travel escort, and Luminati hostess

* Internal airfare in Egypt (Cairo / Aswan / Luxor  / Sharm El Shiekh)

* All airport taxes, transfers and luggage assistance

* Entry Visa to Egypt upon arrival

* Land travel in luxury air-conditioned coaches

* 4 nights in Cairo / Mena House Oberoi Hotel

* 6 nights Deluxe Nile River Cruise / MS Sonesta Moon Goddess

* 1 night in Sharm El Shiekh at the Red Sea

* 3 nights in the Sinai / St. Catherine Village Hotel

* All hotel taxes and service charges

* All sight seeing and entrance fees

* Exclusive Private Visit to the Giza Plateau at Sunrise

* Exclusive Private Visit to Dendarah, The Temple of Hathor

* Exclusive Private Visit to Philae, The Temple of Isis

* Exclusive Private Visit to Edfu, the Temple of Horus

* Daily buffet breakfasts

* ‘Full Board’ on the Nile Cruise (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Tea)

* Festive farewell dinner

* Vegetarian and other special menus available

* Tipping throughout for cruise staff, drivers, guards, hotel staff

* Camel or horse ride at the pyramids

* Felucca ride (Egyptian sailboat) on the Nile in Aswan

* All meditations, ceremonies, and Spiritual work throughout the journey

* Special stores visited that are secure for credit cards

* Visa or MC accepted, PayPal on line at

NOT INCLUDED: *International air tickets to Egypt, Egyptologist Guide tip, Quest Escort tip, travel   insurance, optional private pyramid visit, beverages, some meals, souvenirs, personal items


Travel internationally with us and save $350!

*International tickets from JFK, NY to Cairo, Egypt are available on EgyptAir through Luminati.

Land Package Price:    $5227 – $350= $4,877

EgyptAir International Air price:   $1,250 (subject to change)

Total Land Package with international airfare:  $6,127  (based on coach air fare and double room occupancy and must be booked 30 days prior to departure).  Travelers from outside the USA are responsible for their own air to Egypt.  (Price is subject to change)



***Saturday: March 29, 2008
Departure day for those traveling to Cairo from the USA. This is an overnight flight arriving in Cairo on March 30.
 Day One: Sunday, March 30, Arrive Cairo, Egypt
Upon arrival in Cairo, we are greeted in the airport by a Quest Travel/Luminati representative who will provide us with our Egyptian Visa, guide us through immigration, collect our bags, and assist with customs. An air-conditioned bus will take us to the luxurious Mena House across from the Great Pyramid. The rest of the day is on your own to relax by the pool and explore the beautiful Mena House Oberoi Hotel.
 Day Two: Monday, March 31, Group meeting, Citadel, Egyptian Museum
Following breakfast we will come together for a welcome meeting and orientation with Lynn Andrews and Shelia Reed of Luminati and an introduction of the Egyptian team who will serve us during the journey by Mohamed Nazmy, president of Quest Travel. Our first adventure will be visiting Islamic Cairo, as you view the Citadel of Saldine and the Mosque of Mohamed Ali. Our lunch will be provided at the fabulous El Azahar Park, followed by the famous Egyptian Museum with a collection of relics dating back to 4,000 BC. At the Egyptian Museum we will experience first-hand the different periods of ancient Egypt and the individual artistic and architectural styles of each. The highlight of this Museum is our visit to the priceless treasures of Tut-Ank-Amon, where you will hear the incredible story of this child king from the first Curator of this magnificent collection. You will see the intricate workmanship and the tiniest details of the contents of the luggage which was packed for the King to accompany him to the next world. (Breakfast/Lunch)

Day Three: Tuesday, April 1, Sunrise on the Giza Plateau, Horse or Camel Ride on the Desert

Today, we start our tour with a very special, EXCLUSIVE and PRIVATE visit to the Giza Plateau, when no one is there except our group. As you reluctantly come awake, you will hear the incredible sounds of the entire city being called to prayer. Listen closely as you dress for sunrise at the Valley Temple of Chephren on the Giza Plateau. Open your door and listen. Feel the energy of the spirits as your Dream Bundle begins to awaken within you. You are about to discover, touch, and feel – with Lynn – the most awesome Wonders of the Ancient World, the Great Sphinx and the Pyramids. We will study them, paying particular attention to the Sphinx, with our Egyptian guide, who is an encyclopedia of Egyptology and who will give us detailed examinations of various controversial theories surrounding these amazing structures. After an invigorating sunrise, we are back to our hotel for a delicious buffet breakfast. Around mid-morning, we are back inside the Great Pyramid King’s Chamber for our optional privatevisit that will activate the energy for the remainder of our pilgrimage. This is where the King’s sarcophagus is located, and our time here with Lynn will be an important part of our transformational Dream of Egypt. In the evening we shall enjoy a great horse and/or camel ride into the Sahara desert with the Pyramids in the background. Tonight we have a very special dinner. (Breakfast/Dinner)


Day Four: Wednesday, April 2, Aswan, Moon Goddess Cruiser, Nubian Bazaar, Felucca
Transfer to Cairo airport for a short flight to Aswan to board our super deluxe Nile Cruiser, the “Sonesta Moon Goddess”. Aswan is called “The Pearl of Egypt” and is a favorite city for visitors. It is the gateway to the ancient empire of Nubia, with its colorful Nubian bazaar, laid-back atmosphere, and wonderful people. After settling in and lunch, we will experience the Nile River first-hand on an Egyptian sailboat called a “felucca;” then, off to bargain for treasures to fill our Dream Bundles and our dreams at the Nubian bazaar. After supper, enjoy entertainment on board. (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)


Day Five: Thursday, April 3, Temple of Isis, Kom Ombo, Edfu

Early morning we take a boat ride to the relocated Temple of Philae, the delicate, elegant, quintessential feminine temple of Goddess Isis, the Mother of Love. Through Quest Travel we are honored to visit this sacred site PRIVATELY, before the crowds. This graceful antiquity was meticulously moved, stone by stone, from its ancient site (now submerged) to its new, higher, island home in the middle of the lake. What technology was used to build such a magnificent structure over 2500 years ago? Today it gives us an opportunity to reflect on the skills and creativity of the ancient Egyptians. Back on board the Moon Goddess, we cruise to Kom Ombo, the Temple of Seth and Horus. In the past this was a famous healing temple that depicts, on one wall, medical equipment used today. Now it is a gloriously picturesque edifice and energy-filled ruin overlooking a bend in the Nile River. Back on our cruiser, we enjoy our lunch as we spend the rest of the day sailing, waiving to villagers, watching fisherman, and calling to children in the fields as we slowly glide through the peaceful waters toward Edfu. Tonight our group will be blessed with a PRIVATE visit to the Temple of Horus in Edfu. We will be the only people in the Temple and will have a powerful ceremony with Lynn, as well as time to explore on our own. (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)


Day Six: Friday, April 4, Peaceful Cruise to Luxor, Insights with Lynn Andrews
There will be no wake-up call today. Get up in time for an enjoyable breakfast as we cruise to Luxor. This is your chance to bask in the sun, swim, write in your journals, or just sit on your private balcony and watch the Nile go by. Later today we will enjoy special insightsduring time with Lynn. (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)


Day Seven: Saturday, April 5,Valley of the Kings, Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Madinet Habu

Today is devoted to Thebes (Luxor) as we drive across the Nile to the West Bank to visit the Valley of the Kings, where the great and mysterious funerary texts (“The Books of the Dead”) are exquisitely painted or carved into the tomb walls. We continue on to the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, the Pharaoh Queen; the immense Colossi of Menmon; and Madinet Habu (Temple of Rameses III), called by the Egyptians “the most splendid of all.” This will also be our chance to see skilled craftsmen create beautiful handmade alabaster items. (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)


Day Eight:Sunday, April 6, Karnak Temple, Chapel of Sekhmet

Today we visit the great Karnak Temple to play in the sublime energies that permeate each nook and cranny. Once connected to Luxor Temple, two miles away, by a long avenue of Sphinxes (which is still partially intact), Karnak is dedicated to the Powers of Creation. Karnak is the theater in which humanity plays out its destiny. Inside the grounds of Karnak is a sacred Chapel dedicated to Sekhmet (She who is powerful), her husband Ptah (Creator), and her son Nefertum. The Goddess Sekhmet represents the aspects of destruction, healing, and protection. Here our group will honor the Goddess with a simple powerful ceremony led by Lynn. We later sail to Dendarah North of Luxor to enjoy the beauty of the countryside of Egypt. (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)


Day Nine: Monday, April 7, Temple of Hathor, Class with Lynn, Cruise to Luxor

Today we shall have a PRIVATE visit to Dendarah Temple dedicated to Hathor, the Goddess of Love, Music and Joy. Here our ceremonial visit is filled with ancient astrology, perfumes, and homage to the Goddess within each of us that wants to dance, sing, and play. It is truly a fabulous temple to behold, with chapels, chambers, staircases, and columns. A crypt that we will visit gives new meaning to “let there be light.” As we sail back to Luxor, our group will gather to talk, have class time with Lynn, and go over the itinerary for the next few days. This is the perfect time to breathe the wonderful energy of the Nile River and relax. (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)


Day Ten: Tuesday, April 8, Luxor Temple, Sharm El Sheikh

Today we will leave the Moon Goddess and enjoy a free day in Luxor. This evening will be very special as we view the magnificent structure of Luxor Temple under the stars. Here is where R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz developed his revolutionary symbolist interpretation for the ancient temples of Egypt, called ‘the Temple of Man’. This Temple is dedicated to Amun-Mut-Khonsu and was originally connected to Karnak Temple by an avenue of lion-headed sphinxes. This evening we fly to Sharm El Shiekh. Upon arrival we check into our hotel that is located on the Red Sea. (Breakfast/Dinner)


Day Eleven: Wednesday, April 9, Red Sea, Drive to the Sinai

Our morning is free to enjoy the crystal waters and sandy beaches of the Red Sea. Around midday we will drive to St. Catherine Monastery through the colorful mountains of the Sinai. The St. Catherine Monastery is the oldest working Christian monastery in the world, and the drive here will be different from anything you have experienced thus far in Egypt. Upon arrival we will check-in to the St. Catherine Village Hotel, located across from Moses Mountain. Our hotel is situated in the pines, so the energy is filled with the perfume of Mother Earth. After supper together we will experience a quiet meditation and silent walk to our rooms in preparation for tomorrow’s experiences. (Breakfast/Dinner)


Day Twelve: Thursday, April 10, St. Catherine Monastery, Bedouin Family Visit

Following breakfast, we will visit the Monastery of St Catherine, which houses the biblical ‘Burning Bush,’ and is one of the most unique cathedrals in Egypt. Here reside thousands of papyrus scrolls that are being translated and put on microfiche for future generations. After our time at St. Catherine, a visit to the home of a Bedouin family for tea has been arranged. This will be a rare opportunity to experience first hand the culture of the Bedouin people. (Breakfast/Dinner)


Day Thirteen: Friday, April 11, Moses Mountain, Bedouin Dinner

Today is your day to take in the beauty of the mountains and pines. After breakfast, we will meet as a group with Lynn. The rest of your day is free to relax, meditate, write in your journal, visit the small market place and fill your Dream Bundle. For those who wish to hike the Moses Mountain around noon, there will be a beautiful sunset just before your descent. Tonight we will be treated to a special Bedouin dinner. (Breakfast/Dinner)


Day Fourteen: Saturday, April 12, Drive to Cairo, Farewell Dinner

Following breakfast, we depart to Cairo, passing by the Suez Canal and basking in the contrast between the Red Sea and the Sahara desert. We will finish our Dream Bundle in Cairo, and tonight will be our Farewell Dinner, a time to say good bye and share experiences of our very special pilgrimage. (Breakfast/Dinner)


Day Fifteen: Sunday, April 13, Cairo Airport
Following breakfast, we will be transported to the Cairo airport for our final departure and flights back home. Thank you for coming! Come back Soon!


If you would like to view a previous year’s slide show, click here.


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