Hawaii Retreat


Lie back into the arms of the Great Mother,
And let her guide your path.
-Agnes Whistling Elk

2014 Retreat Details and Registration Coming Soon!
Please read on for 2013 Retreat Details:

  • Create an Ocean Drum on the first day, which you will use to call in and honor the spirits of place – the ocean, the winds, plants, flowers and the Island’s lush foliage – as they remind you of who you really are. When you create sacred art, you create mirrors with which to see your authentic self. Our first day together is dedicated to the experience of constructing something beautiful and powerful enough to change how you see yourself and heal any lack of self worth.
  • Each morning is spent together as we welcome the new day with teachings, presentations, meditation and conscious dreaming.
  • Afternoons are yours to pursue the shamanic tasks assigned to you as you work with the exquisite Hawaiian spirits of nature.
  • In the evening, we come back together to share teachings and meditations so that your dreams will reflect what you want to manifest in life.
  • And we will perform ceremony on the awe-inspiring beach, receiving blessings from the ocean spirits, sea turtles, whales, dolphins and sea life that welcome you to their home.

In addition, Lynn will show you:

  • How to listen to the spirits of place, how to hear, sense and feel the messages of spirit that the wind is giving you;
  • How to see your own truth reflected back to you in the beauty of the land, the winds and waters of this great Earth, wherever you may walk;
  • How to make a complete break with the old way of experiencing life through the chaos it presents rather than through the eyes of spirit, just as her teachers taught her to find inspirations in dreams and daily living through the beauty of the world;
  • How, together with the spirits of Mother Earth, you can change the way you look at living.

Mother Earth is the greatest schoolhouse we will ever have in life. To the Sisterhood of the Shields, as to shamans the world over, she is the womb for all that lives, the First Teacher who, if we would but learn to listen to her, can tell us everything we need to know about living a life of harmony, abundance and true happiness.

What better place to connect with the voice of spirit and the wisdom of Mother Earth than the magnificent Mauna Lani Bay Hotel, with its ancient Kalahuipua’a Fishponds, dating to 250 B.C.; its lush Hawaiian landscape and the paths that wind through black stone lava flows to reveal ancient petroglyphs; the dolphins and giant sea turtles that welcome you to their home as they swim with you!

Insure your place in paradise alongside Lynn as she teaches you the ancient ways and possibilities of your becoming. Register Now!

Our time together in Hawaii is a wonderful blending of shamanic teachings and what we learn from the spirits of place when we remove ourselves from the hustle of our everyday lives. Leave your worries behind and join us December 4-7, 2013, on the Big Island of Hawaii!

A Special Message from Lynn:

I had been sitting with Winona under a graceful old palm tree at the edge of a placid Hawaiian sea. The hydrangea bushes, pink with huge flowers, formed a dense pattern of thick green behind us. Warm trade winds blew in from the west, carrying the scent of the sea as they gently caressed our skin, like spun silk. Clouds misted down over the mountains, the volcanoes, now dormant, green with kukui grass growing over the hardened lava flows.

Winona is a Polynesian shaman who lives in Hawaii, a member of the Sisterhood of the Shields and one of my teachers. Her arms and legs are tattooed with beautiful Polynesian designs, and on this day she was wearing plumeria blossoms fastened in her thick, gray hair, accentuating her exquisite primitive beauty.

On one entire wall of her home, she has painted a magnificent scene of the Hawaiian sunset over mountains and ocean, with a small hut set at the side of a reflecting pond. It is peaceful, magnificently executed, bringing the beauty of the spirits of nature within.

Sitting at the edge of the ocean with Winona, I had been thinking of the teachings of shamanism and of the beauty of native Hawaiian spirituality.

As I looked at her, I found myself filled with a sense of wonderment at how every aspect of her being is devoted to embodying the beauty and wisdom of Mother Earth, at how confident and peaceful her countenance is regardless of what is going on around her. Shaman people paint of their lives from a place of passion and the spirits that animate them, whatever it is they are doing. It is always the beauty of spirit. I realized that Winona always finds a way to bring the exquisite nature she finds in Mother Earth inside – inside her home, inside her being, inside whatever she is doing, infusing her with a constant reminder of the true source of all that is. If you change how you look at things, what you are looking at changes.

“The tide rhythms are so powerful,” I said.

“Is that tide an aspect of Mother Nature’s decision, or is it a force of letting go?” Winona asked me. “Come. There is a force in you that is like the tides.”

I am blessed with the opportunity to share my experiences and teachings with all of you. Please join me in this sacred land as you awaken to the force of the tide that is within you.

In love and spirit,




Lynn Andrews, Annual Hawaii RetreatFor the last 14 years, Lynn has held an end-of-year retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii, and we are very much looking forward to these four magical days!

PLEASE NOTE: To receive the special event pricing, make sure you let the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel know that you are coming in with the LYNN ANDREWS RETREAT when you make your reservations (seeHelpful Links” in the right-hand column), and let us know if you have any questions.

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