Hawaii Retreat

Ancient Spirits Creativity Retreat

17th Annual Hawaii Retreat with Shaman Teacher Lynn Andrews

 December 2 – 5, 2015

On the Kohala Coast of the Big Island



  • Find New Pathways to Personal Fulfillment as You Redefine Your Relationship with Creativity!
  • Unlock the Vast Potential of Your Creativity and Open New Gateways to Fulfillment and Joy in Life!
  • Explore Your Limits and then Toss Them Aside As You Renew and Expand the Depth of Your Creative Vision!


Whatever you do in the world, whether you are engaged in artistic endeavors, commerce, parenting, when you unlock the limitless potential of your own creative vision, you discover that dynamic new avenues open to you.

In the shaman’s world view, there is a Spirit of Creativity within all of us that is our direct connection with the wisdom and mystical vision of the Ancients and the Masters of Enlightenment.

The key to finding successful fulfillment in life is through activating the Spirit of your Creativity and then giving it voice and form in all your endeavors, no matter where you are or what you are doing on this magnificent walkabout with Mother Earth:

Everything that is has its own rhythm and movement, sound, color and expression, but we have lost touch with the higher senses that give us the intuitive connection with these essential qualities of being alive. Bringing your Spirit of Creativity within your consciousness can change that forever.

If you are engaged in any artistic endeavor, this Retreat will give you the opportunity and the tools to explore your art in bold new ways as you discover dynamic new horizons within what you are creating.

Even if you’ve never thought of yourself as a person of rhythm and movement, sound, color or expression, you will be amazed at what you are capable of achieving as you let Spirit guide you into the exploration of talents and abilities that you’ve perhaps not yet recognized or awakened within yourself.

It is time to expand and redefine our relationship with creativity! Look in any dictionary, you will see that “creativity” is defined as the ability to recognize useful ideas, possibilities and alternatives and then turn those ideas into reality, transcending the traditional, known patterns of your life and cultivating meaningful new ideas, forms and methods of expression!

That is what this Retreat is all about, tapping into the artistry of our own individual genius to give it shape and form in everything we do.

On our first morning together, I will take you into the dreamtime so that you can dream down and activate your Spirit of Creativity and anchor it in your physical body. In the afternoon, you will go out on this magnificent land – the Mauna Lani, “mountains reaching heaven” – to sketch your own shadow on a Creativity Palette which will be given to you at the event, as you begin a new and rewarding journey of discovery into to your own world of endeavor by opening your physical and your higher senses to a new and truly creative way of knowing life.

Every morning of our time together, I will give you shamanic teachings, meditations and sacred tasks to help you go into, hone and expand the Spirit of Creativity within you so that it inspires everything you do in life.

In the afternoons, you will be free to explore and take counsel with the incredible spirits of this beautiful land – the whales, dolphins, and great sea turtles; the ocean currents and tropical winds; the spirit of Mauna Loa and the other volcanoes on this Island, and of Pele, the volcano goddess intimately associated with creation, itself; the ancient fish ponds dating to 250 B.C.; petroglyphs, and the voices of this extraordinary place.

Each evening, we will share our experience and vision and hold a group drumming circle as the sun sets. If you have a hand drum, bring it! If you don’t, come anyway and move into the thrilling, mystical power of shamanic drumming.

We will end each day together with a new Dreaming meditation. On Saturday evening, I will lead you in a special Ceremony of Forgiveness, Healing and Empowerment as you release the grip of negativity that so often blocks us from our special path in life. Forgiveness, after all, means letting go of resentment, letting go of its power over you. In this Ceremony, you will discover the tools not only to release its grip of but also to catch hold of the power of that grip and transform it into the power of your own creative vision.

You will receive teachings, meditations and tasks in the shamanic use of rhythm and movement, sound, word-play and sacred art as you explore a new vision for living and discover the great joy of allowing yourself to try something new.

By the end of our time together, you will have a clear vision of the sacred Mandala of your being: the universe of possibility within you as seen through your own creative vision: and you will be ready to create it in physical form that takes you into the magic of your new vision whenever you meditate with it.

As you follow this traditional shamanic pathway, you become a Wisdom Walker, one who knows how to use your creative brilliance and talent in every aspect of your life. Like creativity, wisdom cannot be realized until it is practiced. Neither wisdom nor creativity is an intellectual ‘learning’ process or a matter of proper training and technique. Both are attained through the practice of Seeing and Understanding with the fullness of your truth and then expressing it in all your endeavors. This is what your Spirit of Creativity opens to you once you have discovered it and made it your own.


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Our time together in Hawaii is a wonderful blending of shamanic teachings, exotic beauty, and what we learn from the spirits of place when we remove ourselves from the bustle of everyday living. Leave your worries behind and join me December 2-5, 2015, on the Kohala Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii!

Your creativity is like a story; it needs a voice, a way to be heard in the world. Creativity has moved into your hut. It is part of your future life. So often we think that creativity is like stories, that it is something outside of us, like truth or power. But, like truth and power, creativity inhabits you like your own life force, and it animates your being. Creativity is more like a pagoda, open to allow for the openness of mind. You are about to go on a long journey. It is called your life. You will learn to heal the forces of darkness. The dark sorcerers in life are created within each of us when we live a life of unexpressed creativity. Define your own creativity and live your creativity in the world.

I will see you in Hawaii!

In love and spirit,


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