Hawaii Retreat


Lie back into the arms of the Great Mother,
And let her guide your path.
-Agnes Whistling Elk

 Return to Eden – A Return to Wholeness and Illumination

December 3 – 6, 2014 on the Big Island of Hawaii

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Did Eve really cause humankind to be thrown out of Paradise through the simple act of eating an apple from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?

What would happen if we returned to the exquisite Garden of Eden and found that it is actually brimming over with fruits of beauty, joy, bliss and contentment just waiting for us to reach for them? If we returned to Eden and discovered that we and our lives are really intended to be honored and celebrated, foibles and all?

Why do we accept as inevitable the feeling in our inner selves that we aren’t worthy? What if we were to discover that in loving ourselves and recognizing the healing power our own heart love, we actually find the soul of power instead of the battle of good versus evil in the sacred dream?

Return to Eden is about the resilience and illumination of the human spirit, the healing of worry and self-esteem, and the rejuvenation of your soul.

It is about exploring the ability to relax, enjoy abundance and have fun while you experience and learn some of the most important truths of your existence.

So much of the process of enlightenment is found in humor, which we don’t often use in our daily lives. We sandwich comedy into the distractions we rely on to find relief from the pressures of our lives, but how long has it been since you had a good case of the giggles or experienced a deep belly-laugh until your knees grew weak? And yet laughter is one of the most powerful healing tools. What might happen to our consciousness if we returned to Eden and discovered the sublime comedy that is found in taking all of this pressure so seriously that we allow it to destroy the joy of being alive!

Do you know what Einstein was doing when he came up with the Theory of Relativity? He was laying the bottom of his little sailboat, resting. He was allowing truth to come in, not trying madly to manufacture it.

At this Retreat, we will:

      • Illuminate both our souls and our bodies amid the beauty of the ocean, the lush and beautiful foliage of Hawaii, its exquisite sunrise and sunsets, and the magnificent waterfalls; Grandmother Pele, who shows you how to let the energy of the great volcanoes flow through you. When you learn something deep and profound, it is important to do that in a place of beauty because in beauty is truth. What truths are awaiting you?
      • Explore and redesign our lives through the teachings of Shaman Rest, a way of gathering energy within you from a place of quiet and silence. You look out at the world and make no judgments, no criticisms, you need change nothing. You just look, and a new vision for living begins to take shape. It is an aspect of enlightenment and you begin to vibrate with the very force of creation;
      • Experience Spirit Retrieval to reclaim fragments of self that have been lost in trauma and loss, making you whole once again as you welcome them back surrounded by kindred souls and the beautiful spirits of place;
      • Remember and regenerate many of the abilities that we in the modern world have let go of, as we swim in ancient teachings and communicate with the dolphins and the whales and the extraordinary wisdom of Mother Earth. It is time to rekindle the healing fires of your own brilliant imagination!
      • Create a Mother Rattle a gift from the Great Turtles that puts the rhythm of Mother Earth into your hands to revitalize your own harmony.
      • . And so much more!

Each morning is spent together as we welcome the new day with teachings, presentations, meditation and conscious dreaming.

Afternoons are yours to pursue the shamanic tasks assigned to you as you work with the spirits of nature that welcome your presence and guide you into transformation and deep personal wisdom.

In the evening, we come back together to share teachings and meditations so that your dreams will reflect what you want to manifest in life.

What better place to connect with the voice of spirit and the wisdom of Mother Earth than the magnificent Mauna Lani Bay Hotel, with its ancient Kalahuipua’a Fishponds, dating to 250 B.C.; its lush Hawaiian landscape and the paths that wind through black stone lava flows to reveal ancient petroglyphs; the dolphins and giant sea turtles that welcome you to their home as they swim with you!

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Our time together in Hawaii is a wonderful blending of shamanic teachings and what we learn from the spirits of place when we remove ourselves from the bustle of everyday living. Leave your worries behind and join me December 3-6, 2014, on the Big Island of Hawaii!

The flower of your being begins to bloom when you move with the flow of life. This is a process of letting go, of moving your consciousness out of your mind and into your body-mind. Feel your receptivity as you become still. Watch the rover flow as if you were a mountain high above. Be serene, at ease, and totally within your power. Then let the waterfall of life work for you, as you become like a twig carried on the surface of the rushing water. Become one with the river, dissolving the sense of mind and living totally in your instinctual nature. Let go, and relax into the eternal flow.

Please join me in this sacred and beautiful land as you let go and flow with the wisdom of ancient teachings and the exquisite spirits of place!

In love and spirit,





Lynn Andrews, Annual Hawaii RetreatFor the last 15 years, Lynn has held an end-of-year retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii, and we are very much looking forward to these four magical days!

PLEASE NOTE: To receive the special event pricing, make sure you let the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel know that you are coming in with the LYNN ANDREWS RETREAT when you make your reservations (seeHelpful Links” in the right-hand column), and let us know if you have any questions.

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