Sedona Gathering

“At the Edge of Two Worlds”

Thursday, June 12 – Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sedona Creative Life Center in Sedona, AZ

        I would like to thank everyone who attended for making our work together so beautiful, sacred, and magical!

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        Please enjoy reading this year’s winning "Essay Contest" entry and all the marvelous Essay Contest winners over the years. We will be providing you detailed information on the 2015 Annual Spring Gathering and Essay Contest later in the year!

Namasté, everyone


Experience four unforgettable days and nights of sacred energy and teachings as Lynn guides us to ‘The Edge of Two Worlds’! It is a time of community, a time of commitment – commitment to yourself and to the gods and goddesses of your existence. It is a time of drumming and dancing, celebration, deep personal dreaming, and a time for the creation of sacred art and sacred ceremony. It is a time when we challenge ourselves to do more than we ever thought we could do, dare ourselves to take the risk of becoming the person we’ve always believed we can become. Here you will gather important new keys to help unlock your glorious potential…

Coming Full Circle – Finding the way back to you

Learn to shift your frequency into a bright new plane of existence

Renew and create your own sacred wheel of self-worth

Blessing and mastery of private / sacred space

Climb your Tree of Dreams


26 years ago a group of extraordinary men and woman gathered for the first time with Lynn Andrews for four life-changing days of teachings, meditations and ceremonies at Joshua Tree Retreat Center in California. They had all hoped for this amazing opportunity to meet the author of the acclaimed “Medicine Woman Series” and experience the teachings of the Sisterhood of the Shields firsthand. Each knew from the moment they arrived at this gathering they found a group of Kindred Spirits…pilgrims on the path to the unknown…and so it began.

From the magic of this first spring gathering was born the exciting question of finding new ways to immerse more fully in these ancient teachings. Lynn responded… and within a few short years founded her Center for Sacred Arts and Training, a four-year Mystery School without walls. The annual Retreat continued to be offered to anyone interested in Lynn’s work, but now had also become a part of the experiential intensive training for the Mystery School students, bringing another, deeper dimension of experience to this gathering and amplifying the energy for all present.

Today we invite all Kindred Spirits, first comers and everyone that ever shared in this spring gathering, to join us. Prepare to be lifted to new heights of consciousness and most importantly feel your heart and entire being expand with unbelievable Joy. See you soon!


Or contact our Enrollment Manager Suzanne Edison at 1-800-554-7414 (USA)
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The reason that people keep coming back to this extraordinary gathering for all these years is that it really works! You enter the gathering through the Elk Pole Ceremony, dancing around our magnificent Elk Pole and tying your own ribbon to the Pole in a ceremony of joining and honor. As you do this, you empty yourself of the cares and woes of the everyday world so that you can be filled with something new and vibrant over the course of the next four days. You leave the gathering filled with so much more spirit and light, so much more energy, understanding and wisdom, than you ever thought possible when you arrived.
I invite you to join me, and I look forward to meeting you with great anticipation.

In love and spirit,

The Program…

Each year, Lynn Andrews combines her graduate students and current students to welcome the public to a uniquely designed four day program presenting the teachings of Sisterhood of the Shields. Sedona, Arizona, is an extraordinarily spiritual location seated in the center of many energy vortexes and many mountains of power. Women and men from all over the world have gathered at this place of beauty for ceremony, ritual, meditation and healing. Facilitated by Lynn Andrews, the gatherings are profound in nature and magical in spirit. Ms. Andrews draws from her decades of apprenticeship with Agnes Whistling Elk and Ruby Plenty Chiefs to deliver a workshop that powerfully impacts each and every participant.

Sedona Creative Life Center(Sedona Creative Life Center)

During this intensive four day workshop you will obtain a deeper understand of the essential role of our thoughts in the process of healing by exploring the connection of mind, body, and spirit in illness and health. You will leave with an increased sense of personal power, self-esteem and self-worth. A knowing of your strengthened personal intent, accountability, and ability to manifest your dreams into reality.

Everyone has what he or she needs, the mirrors. Each of us has asked, before being born, for everything needed. The problem is, when we are born, we become caught in the dream. We are born into a kind of sleep. To become enlightened is to wake up from that dream.

Helping You with Professional Advancement

Expand your skills by learning how to help your clients:

  • Understand the essential role of our thoughts in the process of healing.
  • Explore the connection of mind, body, and spirit in illness and health.
  • Increase their sense of personal power, self-esteem and self-worth.
  • Strengthen their personal intent, accountability, and ability to manifest their dreams into reality.
  • Develop an understanding of the difference between feelings and emotions.
  • Explore unique methods for releasing suppressed emotions.
  • Become active participants in their own psychological and spiritual growth.

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