Sedona Gathering Essay Contest


Our 2014 Sedona essay contest winner is Paige from Arizona. Paige is an artist who paints. “I smudge the canvas first then it’s almost like the painting paints itself,” she says. “I open up to the divine.” Paige uses prayer and ritual as part of how she paints. “On my canvases I will write a story. There are always words on my canvas. Sometimes the words show through the paint, sometimes not.”

Paige said when she was writing her essay for the Sedona Essay Contest, it was as if she were a muse or channeled it. “I sat down and it flowed out,” she said.

 Paige wanted to attend the Sedona event to meet Lynn Andrews whom she describes as a “spiritual midwife” as well as deepen her connection and experience beyond what she could gain on her own. Lynn Andrews’ story in the book Jaguar Woman describing the experience at La Caldera and the choice not to accept the gold mask found in a cave resonated with Paige. It stuck with her that the beautiful mask was left behind though Lynn was encouraged to take it as a gift from the spirits of la caldera.

 This year’s essay contest theme was, “At the Edge of Two Worlds.” The topic to consider was: We are transitioning from one way of consciousness, one way of experiencing reality into a new way of seeing reality. We are standing at the crossroads, able to step from one world to another. How are you feeling at this time? How do you see that? You are in one world, and you are seeing a new world begin to unfold. How are you experiencing that?

Here is Paige’s Winning Essay 

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