APRIL 2015 – Vol. 9, Issue 4

“The Keys to Dynamic Living: 2015, a Year of
Powerful Astrological Challenges and Earth Changes”

Dear Friends,

2015 is a year of great cosmic energy and planetary change. The forces that are swirling around us from the cosmos and from our own Mother Earth right now are tremendous.

The unique retrograde and direct cycles of the planets in our solar system during the year 2015 present us with great challenges, but they also offer us the possibilities of huge rewards if we know how to utilize their power constructively. Shamans have studied these planetary cycles for millenniums and have given us powerful tools to understand and work with the energies of planetary change.

When the inner, faster-moving planets (such as Mercury) go retrograde, it can cause mass confusion – a confusion which is meant to last only a short time, as their cycle of retrograde doesn’t last very long … unless we choose to hold onto the confusion, a mistake we so often make. The energies the inner planets release as they go direct, however, can help you to find and use clarity and wisdom from what you learn about yourself during periods of confusion if you are paying attention!

Just the opposite happens when the outer, slower-moving gas giants (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) go into and come out of retrograde. Their cycle of retrograde is much longer than that of the inner planets, and during this time they draw you into inner contemplation and reflection in certain specific areas of your life. Because their energy is so powerful, however, they have the ability to cause a great deal of mischief if you are not paying attention. But if you do pay attention instead of getting drawn into the seductive energy of chaos, when they go direct, they release huge bursts of energy that you will intuitively know how to put to good use in your life.

When Pluto goes retrograde, which it will in 2015, anything can happen!
All but one of the planets will be coming out of and/or going into retrograde throughout 2015 in unique and sometimes over-lapping patterns. These patterns will keep the challenge of chaos and confusion swirling around for most of the year, but they will also keep the energies of reflection and positive thinking around throughout the year, which can enable you to harness their great cosmic energy of any given planet toward constructive ends when you choose to do that.

How will you use these energies and the wisdom that is being opened to you as a force to manifest constructive change and happiness in your life?

My Online Courses for 2015 are designed to work with the patterns and energies of these planetary cycles, and in each Course I will give you a different, specific set shaman tools and practices to help you harness the immense cosmic energies as they are released throughout the year and use the energy to manifest positive and long-desired changes in your life, regardless of how much chaos is swirling at any given time. Each Course is designed to build on what has come before so that by year’s end, you will be vitalized and filled with enthusiasm instead of crawling into the future on your hands and knees, exhausted from all of the confusion.

I invite you to join me on an eloquent, powerful and transformative journey through the cosmos in 2015!

In love and spirit,




Creating Harmony and Balance Within:

Meet Keeper of the Brain

April 10 – April 30, 2015*

with a live video webinar with Lynn on Saturday, April 18th !

*Extended one full week to welcome new people from Lynn’s Calgary Workshops!

Registration will remain open through Wednesday, April 15th.

In this two-week On-Line Course, we will focus on working as partners with Keeper of the Brain to meet the challenges of 2015 in ways we have not done before. For those of you who are new to my teachings, your Keeper of the Brain is a “helper spirit” whose job it is to keep your life safe by keeping your brain safe.

He primarily hangs out in the left hemisphere of your brain, the analytical reasoning part of the brain, and specifically he likes to hang out in your ego mind of judgment, criticism and blame. He does not understand or accept the intuitive, abstract reasoning powers of the right hemisphere of your brain because he honestly believes that if he is not in

absolute control, you are going to die. It is this need for control that makes everything feel like it is a crisis and keeps us in crisis mode instead of in the joy of creative living. The time to correct this is now!

Please come to now to learn more about this magical and probing Course and register now!


Accessing the Wisdom of your BodyMind and your Heart Mind

May 8 – May 21, 2015

with a live video webinar with Lynn on Saturday, May 16th!


In this Course, we focus intensely on the right hemisphere of the brain, the intuitive, creative, abstract thinking part of the brain, with its intimate connection to your BodyMind and your Heart Mind.

Your body-mind is your original mind and it carries the primal wisdom which was born into this world with you. It is really the source of power in your life, even though Keeper of the Brain will tell you otherwise. Unfortunately, for the past many centuries, we have become conditioned away from the wisdom of our Body-Mind and of the right hemisphere of our brain at a very young age, and our whole world is suffering because of it. We are going to change this right now with special shaman tools, teachings, insights and practices!

This Course will begin registering on April 15th.



Imagine yourself aboard an elegant cruise ship, whale-watching and exploring the magnificent waterways of Alaska with about 50 to 100 of the worlds’ leading shaman, intuitive and spiritual teachers! Imagine yourself experiencing a sacred Alaskan Tlingit Ceremony, an authentic Mayan Fire Ceremony and an Inkan Shaman Soul Ceremony in Alaska, and learn how to create and perform your own sacred ceremony wherever you are. Imagine the opportunity to spend a week away from all of the pressures of life as you learn the wisdom and sacred healing ways of other cultures, from the shamans and medicine people of the Americas to sacred Egypt, Japan and more! Join me and a host of other spiritual leaders on a fabulous Alaska Holistic Cruise and Seminar-at-Sea aboard the luxurious Royal Caribbean “Jewel of the Seas.” When you register, please enter “Lynn Andrews” as your ‘Referral.’ For details and to register, go to




Join us and breathe in the sacred wisdom of the ages. Meditate in temples thousands of years old. Participate in life-changing ancient ceremonies and experience the magnificence of your own being as we explore and work with the sacred vortexes, ley lines and ancient temples of Sacred Valley, Peru. Dream consciously with the spirits of Machu Picchu and Lake Titikaka, and expand your sense of awareness, intuition and sacred knowing every day of our journey.

Your spirit will soar as you experience one of the most beautiful and sacred lands on earth and walk in the footsteps of the ancient Inkans through a land of extraordinary majesty and beauty in the “Paradise in the Sun,” where the heart of the Masters still reigns.

I am so honored and excited to invite you to join me, Andean archeology expert Mallku,  and a team of fabulous guides on an extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime, life-changing journey into the heart of Sacred Peru, a land steeped in the ancient wisdom that is vital to our planet during these transitional time, August 1-14, 2015.

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Have you ever dreamed of writing a book? Becoming a writer? Is there a book inside you wanting to be born? Enter into the power and majesty of your own Writing Spirit with my Writing Spirit, The School.

In creating a written page of words, which are actually symbols that mean many unexplainable things, a truth is coming to you and to those who read your words. The synchronicities begin to happen without your noticing. You experience that you are not lost and that your eternal dialogue with whatever is divine to you continues no matter what.

Truth is found in the space between the words. In my Writing School, you will learn how to go into that space to find the kernels of truth you have planted through your own choice of words and ideas. So often we don’t realize the full import of what we are saying until we’ve already said it. As you begin to stalk the truth between the words, magical and wonderful things begin to happen!

You are a writer. Your act of power is the book or the story that you are creating.

It is now time for you to bloom.

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