Hummingbirds, Harvest and “Coming Full Circle” ~ Lynn Andrews



As I sat at my breakfast table this morning, I happened to glance around my sunny kitchen, and I spied wonderful mason jars on my counter filled with the delicious harvest of a dear friend of mine, an avid gardener. She always sends me the fruits and vegetables she so painstakingly nurtures and harvests, and then preserves and pickles them in these darling jars. I meditated on the essence of Fall, and I know that this season is one of reckoning, of reaping the harvest we have sown all year. We reap the benefits of our Acts of Power, as well as gather our thoughts and our creativity that blossomed in Summer. If we think about it, we hold onto our thoughts and creativity, and dream during the colder months of the year, allowing all we have gathered to settle deep within our hearts.

I pondered, for a moment, the meaning of gathering. How my friend gathers her crops and then transforms them, keeping and storing them in the mason jars for use during the winter months. I saw some movement out of my peripheral vision, and I noticed the hummingbirds flitting in and out of the several feeders I have hanging outside of my window. One little bird in particular caught my interest, as she darted quickly, tasting first one nibble from one feeder, and then on to another one. Her iridescent wings of green and gold flashed in the sun, and suddenly I was transported back into the Yucatan. I was startled to see the face of one of my teachers, a member of the Sisterhood of the Shields, and an extraordinary woman of power, Amy Hummingbird Wing. Amy had gifted me with an example of true Gathering, the way a true Warrior of Spirit gathers wisdom. I wrote about Amy Hummingbird Wing in my newest book, Coming Full Circle – Ancient Teachings for a Modern World.

Hummingbirds are great warriors, they fly vast distances, north to south and back again. Amy Hummingbird Wing is like a hummingbird, and is known as ‘The Wanderer’. She travels all over collecting wisdom from one village and then shares what she has learned with another village.

After a side trip to that long ago remembrance, I came back to the present with the sound of the breeze as it played across my wind chimes hanging from the porch. I thought of how much we gather in our lives, and the importance of sharing what we have taken in. Amy travels vast distances in an old green truck, going from one village to another, sharing the ‘honey’ of her wisdom. So, we must also, in the Fall, gather our emotions, our thoughts, and move inside of ourselves, into a hive, so to speak, to fill our hearts and our souls with all of the wisdom and experience we have harvested throughout the year. As Amy does, she shares, or discards what is no longer suitable, this is also part of gathering. We empty out that which does not serve a purpose for us or is no longer relevant to our growth.

As the sun moved higher into the sky, I noticed the hummingbirds began to fly away, to seek new vistas, and new nectar, elsewhere. I looked at the jars of preserves and jellies, and I thought of the coming months of Fall and Winter. I know that I use this time to go within, to dream, and to work on other planes of existence. Fall is a time of reckoning, of seeing what you have harvested, and of allowing yourself to let go anything that does not add to your growth. Fall is truly a time of transformation and change. So, as you move into the Fall months, think about what holds you back from your own enlightenment and your true power in the world. What is it that you still need to do to reap the abundance of the universe that is meant for you? Pull in all of your energies and thoughts that lay scattered around you like leaves falling to Earth. Begin to dream and collect your strength for the coming months as you collect your personal sacred honey to feed your marvelous soul all that it deserves!

In love and spirit,

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