JANUARY 2014  – Vol. 8, Issue 1

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2014!

The year 2014 is a time for standing at the crossroads of power in your life, whatever those crossroads may be, and making conscious, intended decisions that will serve you well spiritually and in the physical world. It is about new beginnings. It is a time of transformation, the transformation of your life through spiritual integrity and understanding the power of the life force within you around the sacred wheel of endeavor. Know that the form of your intent leads you to the power of transformation.

What do I mean by “power?” When my teachers and I speak of power, we are not talking about power over someone else. We are speaking of the integrity of spirit, the integrity of life force which is built through practice, definition and training. Power means that you have the ability and the competence to live your true destiny. It implies that you are living your truth, not someone else’s, seeing the world through your own eyes and not through anyone else’s idea of who you should be.

The shamanism of the 21st century is part of an ancient heritage. It is a heritage that teaches us that a crossroads, no matter how difficult, is a place of great power because it is a place where the power and integrity of our own spiritual life force are called into play. We must stop telling ourselves scary stories that make us depressed and take away all our power. Instead, exchange them for good stories, powerful stories, stories that empower you and create for you a whole new life of abundance and friendship. What is important, especially now, is that you choose your direction carefully. Do ceremony and pray with the four directions, and begin to find your answers. 2014 is a time to act, a time of action, a time of reckoning.

One of the interesting things that Agnes taught me came up when I asked her about the Biblical expression, “Many are called but few are chosen.” She said to me, “Oh, my, Lynn. Don’t you know that everyone is called and everyone is chosen? It just takes courage and willingness…” the courage to follow your dreams into the Unknown which is the source of all possibility, and the willingness to follow whatever trails it takes for you to realize your full potential in the world.

Courage and willingness are exactly what the shamans of old were talking about when they said that this would be a time of upheaval and change in the course of human history – the time of the great crossroads where we will be guided by our own courage, willingness and personal spiritual integrity rather than the pandemonium of the world around us. When you think of yourself as an entity separate from power, you obstruct the current and power will defeat you. Now is the time to identify the form of power you want – what you want to accomplish, build, create or be – and become it so that there is no separating you.

And what a fabulous energy 2014 gives us for making our new beginnings, starting off, as it does, with two New Moons in the month of January – January 1 and January 31! The New Moon, the time for making new beginnings.

As we move into this new year, know that all of us in the Sisterhood of the Shields are with you, surrounding you with our prayers, love and the spiritual energy to transform your life into the magnificence you’ve always known awaits you. We’ve also been at work creating new teachings to present to you. I am here to help you on your journey in any way that you need.

Great Spirit, Great Mother Earth, as we see you at the heart of our world, we give thanks to you for our life force and the gifts of our physical being. With this gift of life, you have presented us with the mirrors of existence that elevate our soul toward the highest light. Every day we are faced with these reflections, and they bring us great joy as well as great pain. In this pain, we sometimes forget that we are on a magnificent journey; we struggle, searching for a way to tear away the veils that cloud our vision. Thank you for being there to guide us on our journey, Great Spirit, Great Mother. Hear the sounds of our grateful hearts and help us to find the wisdom and joy and power that are locked within each of our souls. Join us on our path as we join you, for all the days of our lives. HO!

In Spirit,


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