FEBRUARY 2014 – Vol. 8, Issue 2



IS MOVING TO SEDONA, June 12-15, 2014!

Dear Friends,

2014 has ushered in an exciting shift in the energies of the universe, with its two New Moons in the month January along with two power-packed and challenging planetary configurations in Capricorn!

This energetic shift brings with it an exciting shift in our own individual consciousness, one which finds us literally standing “at the edge of two worlds.” All of these planetary alignments are telling us that as we stand at this juncture, there is no going back to the old ways that have been failing us for so long. It is time to move forward, with one foot planted in the world of the physical and one foot rooted firmly in the world of spirit, and the great forces of power and mystery in the universe are making themselves available to assist us now in ways they have not done for a very long time.

The sacredness of the land, our dear Mother Earth, is calling to us. The sacred wisdom of the First Goddesses is calling to us. And I hope you will join me as, together, we honor and heed these calls.

Throughout all of 2014, we are going to be studying with the Goddesses of Antiquity through the eyes of shamanism in our Online Course series – Gaia and the First Goddesses of human understanding whose 50,000-year-old legacy of wisdom, nurturance and guidance is implanted deeply within our very DNA and the “DNA” of our psyches. We have always known it was there even when we didn’t know how to define or access it.

I am moving my Annual Spring Gathering to the sacred red rocks and mountains of Sedona, Arizona, which have been calling me for quite some time. The Sisterhood of the Shields feels that at this time of great power, a power which mandates careful decisions and a steadfast commitment to changing the world in which we live, we should be near the vortexes of power and mystery on Mother Earth. That is why I am moving my Annual Spring Gathering to the Sedona Creative Life Center, a very beautiful and sacred place which is on one of these vortexes and surrounded by others, nearby!

Experience with me four unforgettable days and nights of sacred energy and teachings, and the magic that is Sedona. This is a time of community and a time of commitment – commitment to yourself and to the gods and goddesses of your existence. It is a time of drumming and dancing, celebration, deep personal dreaming, and a time for the creation of sacred art and sacred ceremony. It is a time when we challenge ourselves to do more than we ever thought we could do, dare ourselves to take the risk of becoming the person we’ve always believed we can become.

Whether it is through developing your shaman abilities through my four-year Mystery School, awakening your creative soul through my two-year Writing School, finding the shamanic knowledge, wisdom and skills you seek in my Online Courses and Online Video Workshops, or at my 1st annual Sedona Gathering, I invite you to join me on a journey into the heart and depth of who you are as a sacred being in this lifetime and be uplifted. And come to my Facebook page and talk with me about it!

Namasté, everyone, and so much love,



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