FEBRUARY 2015 – Vol. 9, Issue 2

Dear Friends,

The science of quantum physics along with such other modern advances as discovering the very different ways the right and left hemispheres of the brain process information and function are giving modern societies a greater understanding of the energies – the energy waves – of life that bind us together and sometimes pull us apart when we are out of sync with the rhythms of our lives.

These are the natural energies of the universe that Shamans have practiced for millenniums, energies that Shamans are able to See, understand and work with toward a higher, more successful way of living. They are what the wisdom and magic of shamanic healing, often called the medicine path, are all about.

The influences that are at work at this time in human history are enormous. For the first time in thousands of years, vast stores of knowledge and the wisdom of the Universe are being made available to us. It is up to each and every one of us to determine what use we will make of this wisdom and the energy for change that is upon us. The time for your own individual action is Now!

As you have often heard me say, the Sisterhood of the Shields call this period in human evolution the “crossing times,” meaning that we are crossing from one level of human consciousness into a new age of wisdom where the possibilities of all things are within our grasp. It is the ending of a very dysfunctional cycle and is marked by the return of the Goddess to our world after more than 5,000 years of being castigated and cast asunder by patriarchal domination.

In the Long Count of the Ancient Mayan Calendar, we are now in a new Baktun, a new 5200-year cycle known as “The Era of the Divine Feminine,” which will be accompanied by the return of the Ancestors and people of Wisdom.

In the thousand-year cosmic cycle of the Ancient Incans, we are now in the 10th Pachakuti, which Andeans know as “the turning of the times,” marking the return of Light to our world. During this Pachakuti, the sacred Solar Disc is to be re-activated, accessing the cosmic wisdom; and new feminine energies are entering Mother Earth, Pacha Mama, through Lake Titikaka in the high Andes. (Join me this August for a once-in-a-lifetime tour of Mystical Peru, Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu!)

In the ancient Chinese Zodiac, 2015 is the Year of the Goat (sometimes called The Sheep). The Goat is a Yin or female energy. It symbolizes Peace, Harmony and Tranquility. The Sheep relates to passive and nurturing times, which are at the very heart of your Sacred Feminine Shield.

Throughout this entire year, in all of my work, and especially in my Online Courses, we will be working to understand, awaken and strengthen our Sacred Feminine Shields and heal our very wounded Sacred Masculine Shields through shamanic teachings and practices which include working with, activating and using both the right and left hemispheres of our brain!In our modern, patriarchal world, we have become predominantly left-brain thinkers, and the consequences are devastating. Not only does it mean that most of the time we are using only 50% of our brain power, but …

It is through the right hemisphere of our brain that we access higher levels of consciousness. Our brain has neuroplasticity throughout our lives, the ability to change and adapt, to generate new neural pathways or synapses. You can reprogram the way you think so that you move between left and right brain consciousness with fluidity and ease, and we are going to begin doing that now!

How will you use the tremendous energy and wisdom that is being opened to you as a force for change in your life? I hope you will join me for a magical and truly powerful journey of personal change and transformation.

In love and spirit,








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