MARCH 2014 – Vol. 8, Issue 3

In This Issue:

Lynn in Taipei to celebrate the publication of MEDICINE WOMAN in Chinese!

A Special Invitation from Lynn and the International Councils of the Whistling Elk!

Dear Friends,

What is your sense of urgency in this life? For what do you yearn most urgently?

There are so many demands on our lives today that it is often difficult to know which are the truly important ones that deserve our attention.

When you walk with the gods of spirit that are found in the wind or the sun on new-fallen snow or on a placid pond reflecting brilliant mirrors and diamonds of light into your eyes, you give yourself the opportunity to realize something quite important about the demands of your daily life. If you pause and open yourself to receive this light, you realize that, yes, the urgency you feel in your daily life is an urgency that is both a burden and a sense of duty, some of it quite honorable. More importantly, you find yourself experiencing the urgency of what it is that really and truly matters most in your life, and you realize that this urgency is something to be reckoned with.

When you begin work on the grand painting of your life, that which truly matters the most to you, the great dream for living that you have always carried within you – whether it is starting your own business, inventing something truly fantastical that has been stalking your dreams, starting a family and raising children, the art, music, dance or the poetry of words that live within you, whatever the urgency of your passion for living calls you to do – when you begin work on the grand painting of your life, the pitter-patter and chatter of daily distractions begin to fall away. You find a new kind of focus, a focus that energizes and enlivens your dreams and your whole sense of being instead of leaving you drained and weary at the end of the day.

This is the energy of service, of being in service to the great dream for your life. As Albert Schweitzer wrote, “I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know: The only ones among you who will be truly happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.”

When you put yourself in service to realizing your greatest passion in living, you discover that your whole outlook on life begins to change, followed by your whole life!

Whether it is in my Writing Spirit, The School, where you awaken your creative soul as you learn how to express it in the world; in my 2014 Online Courses, “Shamans, Goddesses and the Wisdom Keepers of the Inner Fire,” where we are discovering a new sense of our own divinity and passion in life through exploring the Goddesses of Antiquity through our shaman eyes; or at my upcoming Sedona Gathering, “At the Edge of Two Worlds,” where we will work with the mysteries of energy and light as a new vortex opens around us … in all of these offerings, finding and putting yourself in service to the passion and beauty of your own true sense of urgency in life is what “Standing At the Crossroads of Power and Choosing Wisely” is all about.

That is when you understand that as we walk daily within our creative souls, we walk before the gods and goddesses that we have worshipped within ourselves for much of our lives. More, you realize that you have the creativity and the power of all these gods and goddesses burning within your own soul.

In the process of this service, light comes to you. The muses gather around you. They look over your shoulder and protect you. Whatever it is you are doing, there are muses within it waiting to join you with their inspiration and guiding genius.

Sit down and go into a quiet place for a moment and think about how you want to see your life in 3 years. What is it you want to be doing? What is the consciousness in which you want to live? What do you want to have accomplished? Join us on Facebook for this discussion.

Please join me in a prayer to welcome in the Spring:

Great Spirit, as you empower the flowers to the brightness of spring color, I honor my long winter of introspection and bring forth my new beginnings.

Mother Earth, I plant my love, my seeds from the sacred gourd of plenty into your gracious land. I listen for the language of the drums, the symbols of the sacred shields, to enlighten me.

I pull back the bow of my being in expectation of my new acts of power. I set the arrow of my intent, as my spirit begins to grow.

Thank you for honoring my sacred garden and the seeds that I have imparted to you through my trust and innocence. May I hear the winds of communication from you, Great Spirit, as I walk this great Mother Earth as she awakens in beauty


In love and spirit,







My Writing School is crafted with a shamanic energy designed to move you in and out of yourown way as you discover your writing self.

It is about the energy of art. As you create a written page, a truth comes to you. Synchronicities begin to happen. You realize that your heart is full and that all of who you are breathes with a fire of creation and creativity. You are embarked on a treasure hunt for your creative soul! School year begins July 1st.


Celebrate the 25th Annual Gathering of the International Councils of the Whistling Elk amid the exquisite red mountains of Sedona, Arizona, as we call down the sun, step into its brilliant light and open new portals of existence within each of us. A new vortex is opening in Sedona and I will show you how to experience its infinite possibilities.

Enter the “Essay Contest” for a chance to win free tuition! Contest closes 4/5/2014.





Kindred Spirit Radio Show with host Lynn Andrews, the 4th Tuesday of every month from 9-10 a.m. Pacific time,  Listen live at

March 24, 2014: Lynn interviews Robbie Holz, international speaker, wellness consultant and co-author of the book “Secrets of Aboriginal Healing” which chronicles the 60,000-year-old healing system that helped her husband, award-winning physicist Gary Holz, heal from severe multiple sclerosis, at the request of the Aboriginal healers who worked with him.

April 22, 2014: Lynn interviews Tamarack Song, author of “Entering the Mind of the Tracker” and veteran wilderness guide who explains how to tap into the intuitive tracking consciousness each of us has inherited from our Paleolithic ancestors, taking you inside the eyes and mind of an intuitive tracker, with intimate stories where Frogs show the way out of the woods, scat reveals life histories, and Bears demonstrate how to find missing people.  


Blessed Be the Councils!

For 25 amazing years, the International Councils of the Whistling Elk have brought the mystery and magic of the teachings of Agnes Whistling Elk, Ruby Plenty Chiefs and the Sisterhood of the Shields into our homes and communities all over the world.

I am grateful to all of you beyond what words can ever express. Since the day Agnes honored your commitment to these teachings twenty-five years ago by lending her name to your endeavors, I have carried all of you in my heart and my prayers, as have all of the women of the Sisterhood, with honor and with gratitude.

At this year’s Sedona Gathering, there will be a special honoring of the Councils of the Whistling Elk and all of you, every one who has ever participated in a Council or longed to, all of you are invited to attend the 25th Annual Gathering of the Clan of the Whistling Elk! Even if you can’t be there in person, join us as we join our hearts, minds and spirits together with honor and with gratitude as our gift back to Agnes and the Sisterhood of the Shields.

In Gratitude, Love and Spirit,


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