APRIL 2014 – Vol. 8, Issue 4

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A very special tribute to the International Councils of the Whistling Elk!

Dear Friends,

Agnes Whistling Elk, Ruby Plenty Chiefs and two of the other women of the Sisterhood of the Shields recently took me to a very special place of power in the beautiful red mountains near Sedona. We sat on Mother Earth in ceremonial circle, closed our eyes and prayed and meditated together.

All of a sudden I saw the sun come down right in front of me, an incredible, glorious radiance. I felt a door within me open, one I had never opened before.

As we sat talking afterwards, I told the women of my experience and they told me that the sun did come down and when I opened the door within myself its rays of light enveloped me. They said that when the sun came down, the world was renewed and I was renewed within that light.

They then told me that there is a new vortex opening near Sedona, a portal with two pathways but one energetic vortex. They explained to me that the opening of this vortex provides us with the opportunity to open doorways within our own DNA that have always been with us but we have never experienced before. They said that the teaching in this is to become aware of that door and open it so that the light can come through. It is called “Calling Down the Sun.”

It was an extraordinary experience for me, not like anything I have ever felt before, and I came away with a definite sense of not just my own renewal but the great possibilities for renewal of our world. It is time.

These two pathways which have opened are extremely important, and we each have to make a choice for how we want our lives to be renewed. For example, if you are a person who is happy being in the world of business, now is the time to ‘go for the brass ring,’ so to speak.

Within this new vortex, the energies of both Mother Earth and Father Sun open to you if you will call them in. It is time to find the extraordinary, golden thread of awareness and achievement in a personal way and in a public way. You can do it!

Whatever it is you are doing or are ready to commit yourself to doing, the time is now to open a door within you that has been closed, to call down the sun, let the light envelope you and be renewed. As the light floods in, beautiful things begin to happen. I would love to talk with you more about this, so please come to my FaceBook page and let’s talk.

This is what we are going to be working with during our annual Spring Gathering this June, our first “Sedona Gathering” – opening this door so that the light can come in, then choosing the portal which most calls to you and stepping into it. There is a great Goddess being that is going to hand each of us a chalice of light and beauty, one which holds things very different from what we are used to. You will have the chance to explore what is in this chalice and discern what the gift is for yourself before you step through the portal. It is about the partnership you have with the design of the universe that is within you, that was born into this lifetime with you, and the vision of a more peaceful world, a world of great accomplishment.

I often write about the magic and mystery experienced by astronauts who have the fabulous opportunity to travel into space and look down on earth from far away. Many of them come back spiritually transformed and revitalized having seen the face of God for the very first time.

This magic and mystery is there for all of us, even if we can’t get aboard a space shuttle! You find it by separating yourself from your daily life for long enough to allow something new to come in. That is what a shamanic retreat is all about, creating very sacred space within which you can explore the power and beauty of the unseen worlds within you and the great mystery of life, to which we all have access once we learn how to open these doors.

The flower of your being begins to bloom when you move with the flow of life. This is a process of letting go, of moving your consciousness out of your mind and into your body-mind. Feel your receptivity as you become still. Watch the river flow as if you were a mountain high above. Be serene, at ease, and totally within your power. Then let the waterfall of life work for you. (“Flow” card.)

In love and spirit,



On this earth, as we walk daily within our creative soul, we walk before the goddesses and gods that we have worshipped within ourselves, be they great painters, musicians, writers, Jesus, Buddha, the Great Spirit. When you walk at the highest levels of your consciousness, you realize that there is no need for haste. You realize that your heart is full and that all of who you are breathes with a fire of creation and creativity. Please join me in an exciting writing adventure of Inspiration and Creativity as we embark on our 2014 session of my Writing Spirit, The School.




Twenty-five years ago this year, at my second Spring Gathering, Agnes Whistling Elk did something no other member of the Sisterhood of the Shields had ever done before. As a sign of her great respect and faith in the commitment of those who attended my first Spring Gathering and spent the rest of the year finding ways to keep the magic alive and bring it home to their own communities, Agnes lent her name to a Clan dedicated to our ability to manifest our sacred destiny on this earth. This Clan is a tributary of the great river of the Sisterhood of the Shields and she named it the Clan of the Whistling Elk. This Clan has met annually ever since and has also grown to become the International Councils of the Whistling Elk.

At this year’s Sedona Gathering, we will honor and renew our commitment as we celebrate the 25th magical gathering of the Clan of the Whistling Elk, joining our hearts and spirit with the Sisterhood of the Shields and one another, and send our heartfelt prayers of gratitude to Agnes.

I invite you to read about some recent council activities…

From Arizona Council: We are working with the act of power. In December we made hollow Yule logs in which we put our first list for act of power along with sacred empowerment items In January we examined ceremony vs ritual and listened to recordings by Lynn about this topic as well as reviewed the act of power ceremony. Members are encouraged to sign up for Lynn’s Act of Power Video Workshop. We will create our ceremony and in February council member will gather together to make life and death arrows and invoke act of power in ceremony.  We will then feast and celebrate! 

From Miami Council: Thank you for attending the Act of Power ceremony on Friday, January 31. We are so grateful for the amazing turn out and new faces. Our meeting began with introductions and prayers proceeded by our Act of Power. We got creative with our life and death arrows, meditated then concluded our ceremony by the fire where we burned our death arrows; releasing our intentions to the Great Spirit. It was a great night!


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