MAY 2014 – Vol. 8, Issue 6

Dear Friends,

It is a joy and honor to share with you two weeks of mystical, true magic in the beautiful island of Taiwan.

I was invited there to present a Workshop and series of book signings in celebration of the Chinese publication of three of my books. Taiwan is a highly successful, spiritually open nation that became its own democracy in 1948 as people fled there from Communist China.

It is filled with many exquisite temples honoring several different religions. Everywhere we went, I was infused with a sense of purpose and the beauty of life, and I was reminded that being able to share spiritually even with those who believe something else is a kind of freedom in life that we should be so grateful for and practice often. I was particularly struck by the Warriors’ Temple in Taipei. There is so much beauty in the way the warrior figures were sculpted that I felt spiritually enlivened and uplifted in the war against ignorance.

Going to the top of a beautiful mountain to visit Lao Tzu’s Temple was a particularly poignant experience because I have always loved Lao Tzu. My teacher Shakkai was a great follower of the Tao and she wove much of this wisdom into our work together. I was delightfully surprised when two of the monks at the Temple recognized me from my books, and one came rushing across the floor to give me a welcoming embrace! The monks then made a special prayer string for me to wear and gave me some blessed Tiger’s Balm to rub over my heart. We shared blessings and prayers together and they gave me a beautiful symbol of abundance and health in the form of two little pieces of wood that looked like a quarter moon. I felt your presence and the presence of all the women in the Sisterhood of the Shields and the sacred way we also share gifts as part of our ceremonies.

There was a powerful sense of kinetic electricity flowing through my Workshop events and even the book signings that brought us all into an awareness of the great Oneness of life, and my Workshop was beautifully received. In addition to a lively and enriching dialogue that transcended all language barriers, my students and I built a most exquisite World Tree of Peace on which we tied prayer ribbons. I shared pictures of this with you on my Facebook page. When you see them, please close your eyes and tap into this energy with us. It is waiting to welcome you.

We also built a very special crystal fire, and we made Talking Sticks that were so precious and beautifully crafted. I was amazed at the different kinds of wood that my students had brought, many of which I had never seen before. There were a Taiwanese Juniper, a Bodi Tree, a special kind of cedar, and even blooming trees. Taiwan is very humid, deeply forested, although not a jungle, and the reverence with which the students treated their pieces of wood was extraordinary.

Wherever we went in and around Taipei, I was struck by how happy people were. We were driving to dinner one night and I found myself enthralled with the way everyone was laughing and talking and having such a good time as they walked along the crowded streets. We don’t see much of that on our streets any more. It is as if we have forgotten that the flower of our being begins to bloom when we move with the flow of life and become receptive to the magic that is all around us instead of occupying our thoughts with worry about everything and nothing. It made me realize more than ever how important the work is that you and I, all of us, are doing as we seek a higher level of spiritual awareness through the wisdom and teachings of the Ancestors. We share an exquisite sense of Oneness and the great potential that humanity is capable of creating when we pay attention to and honor all that is sacred in life. Always remember, no matter what is going on in your world, to become One with all life and consider the true importance of what it is you are gathering.

My translator Yi, who accompanied me everywhere I went, was a beautiful young woman who graciously helped during the events and the book signings, along with a wonderful translator named Tori.

I am most especially grateful to Rosemary and Simon, my hosts and my publisher in Taiwan, who are the most generous, kind people you can ever know, amazingly filled with a high awareness of the beauty of life force that flows through and around everything they do.

I am full, my wonderful and much-loved friends. From the deepest places of my spirit, I thank you … all of you, who make life such an extraordinarily wonderful experience. Namasté.

In love and spirit,



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