JUNE 2014 – Vol. 8, ISSUE 7

The Four “Ls” of Joyous Living

There are four “Ls” that run throughout all of my teachings: Life, Love, Laughter and Light, and they happen exactly in that sequence.

First there is life. When you fill yourself with intensity and curiosity, passion and appreciation for the wonder and beauty of the world, you, yourself, become more and more alive.

When you are filled with life, love starts showing up all around you, drawn to you like a magnet. Love is the greatest power in the universe with its ever-renewing life force. As you open yourself to love in its many forms and draw the power of life force into you, you become excited and over-flowing with its energy. You find that you cannot contain this energy, nor do you want to! You let love flow from you freely, sharing in its great bounty as you do.

When you share with love, life becomes truly heartfelt, filled with laughter and joy. As you feel these three “Ls,” life, love and laughter, and express them in your life, the fourth “L” automatically happens, light. Light is a gift from the Great Spirit, from the Great Mystery, that is freely given, and when you are open to receiving it, light descends into you and fills your entire being with a new sense of purpose. The love and light of the Great Spirit descend into you even when you are not feeling laughter and love in your life; every breath that you take is filled with the love and light of the Great Spirit. Remember that always.

Shamanic people weave the beauty of light and love into every aspect of their lives, from the fabric of their clothing to the pottery in which they store their food, from thatched roofs to the ceremonial designs they paint on their bodies and their sacred tools. It is a beauty that comes from their reverence and love for Mother Earth and the great mystery of Spirit, the certain knowing that life is sacred and they are a part of its sacredness.

When you believe that life is sacred, that it is filled with love and light and even the laughter of the Great Spirit and Mother Earth, and that you are part of that sacredness just as it is part of you, you begin to realize that you have a new sense of mission, a new sense of purpose in your life. This sense of purpose is what motivates you to search for what is true and real for you and grow it to your fullest ability.

It is so difficult for modern people to find what is true and real for us. We live in a world that has largely lost its sense of mission, other than to have our own way, perhaps, even when we don’t really know what we want and often regardless of what the consequences may be. When the primary focus of your life is to have your own way, you are destined to a life of frustration and confusion, at best, because the world around you likely doesn’t see things the way you do. When this happens, where is the opening for love and light and laughter in a life that is so tightly constricted by the need to get one’s own way?

When you open yourself to the four “Ls” of living – life, love, laughter and light – you open yourself to a sense of purpose and the exquisite creativity of living that purpose brings you. This is when you make every aspect of your life a work of art, when mind, body and spirit become One in the great joy of being alive. This is a way of knowing life that will carry you through anything you will ever face in this lifetime, knowing that you are part of something very sacred and profound, just as it is part of you.

Ecstasy is a buoyant state of joy. True ecstasy is reached when we understand that we are a part of every living thing and the sphere of universal knowledge and sacred awareness is found within our own consciousness of living.

As morning light walks in the land, I think of you, Great Spirit, of the way you have illumined the dark corners of my soul. Morning light, as you awaken the plants and glisten off the pine needles of the great trees, I hear you coming, Great Spirit. The birds sing their welcome and speak of your presence among us. In a blaze of splendor and golden light, you warm our lives. As the forest comes to life, I, too am quickened, Great Spirit. I see you in the morning light, and my soul is filled with your beauty. My heart is full. HO!

Fill your heart with the morning light every day and breathe deeply of it. Even if it is the middle of the night and you have to get ready for work, even on the cloudiest, stormiest of days, there is light all around you. Breathe in the light and love of the Great Spirit and Mother Earth every day and feel the laughter and life force within you being renewed!

In love and spirit,


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