SEPTEMBER 2014  – Vol. 8, Issue 10

Turtle Island: The Five Aspects of Integrity

Dear Friends,

Across the globe and for thousands of years the turtle has symbolized our primal essence and our sacred connection to Mother Earth. Turtles have been around longer than crocodiles, snakes and lizards; they are found all over the world, living in fresh and salt water, forests, deserts and the savannahs of this great Earth. But regardless of where they live, all turtles must breathe fresh air to survive and all turtles lay their eggs on land. Both physically and spiritually, they remind us of the connection between Father Sky and Mother Earth, between land and water, and the connection between ourselves and all that is Divine in life. In ancient mythologies, the turtle’s shell was seen as representing heaven and its underside as representing earth, and throughout the world, Turtle is revered as the symbol for Mother Earth, herself, the symbol of the primal mother and our need to protect and nurture her.

Generally speaking, the turtle is a peaceful being that lives for a long, long time, although the snapping turtle reminds us that when we seek to take advantage of others, they will defend themselves. With its ability to literally hide in its own house (its shell), it can weather even the most extraordinary of storms, teaching us much about what it takes to live successfully and harmoniously with one another and with Mother Earth, personally as well as collectively.

In the teachings of the Sisterhood of the Shields, there are five aspects of integrity that have to do with harmonious living, five aspects of integrity that bring us into the great Oneness and Divineness of all of life here on Turtle Island.

The first aspect has to do with maintaining a total commitment to your chosen path in life, involving yourself as completely as you can in what you are doing so that it wraps around you like a medicine blanket – or like a turtle’s shell! In this way, you learn to live always in the center of the intensity of what you are doing rather than in the distractions that are all around you.

The second aspect of integrity is that in order to learn something new, you must make a place inside you for whatever it is that you are learning to come in. If we fill our homes and our minds and our goals with clutter, there is no room for anything new. This aspect of integrity has to do with learning as much as you can about what you are trying to do so that you feel at home with it as you make a place for it to live in your life, just as turtle is completely at home in its own environment.

The third aspect of integrity is becoming conscious of your own harmonic and never allowing that harmonic to drop below its normal place for very long. The storms of life will come along, and turtle reminds you to go within yourself to find the vision and the courage to weather them instead of falling into anger, jealousy, envy or fear when life challenges you. With its very slow metabolism, turtle reminds us to be mindful in all that we do, to slow down when necessary and speed up when it is called for instead of living in either lethargy or frenzy. If you pay attention to the pathway you are on instead of the negativity and distractions that come up, you will know what pace you need to set to keep your harmonic vibrant and healthy.

The fourth aspect of integrity is what in my teachings is called the sacred give-away. This means that you live in the Sacred Witness, simply witnessing yourself and life around you to learn what it is trying to teach you instead of judging it. When you see that you are drowning in ego, you learn to give that ego away along with whatever the neediness is that attaches you to it. Like turtle, you connect with the heavens above you and the earth beneath you and remain steady on your path from a place of divine understanding. When you are deep into the dark side of your own soul, understanding old patterns and painful past experiences, remember that darkness defines the light and the goodness of who you are. When you let go of that darkness, you can birth a positive attitude into your life that prevails and illuminates you and those around you.

The fifth aspect of integrity is always to share your goodness and your joy. When you fall in love, share the abundance of love with everyone around you. When you achieve something major, move out into the world with your arms open wide and bring others into the place of radiance and happiness with you.

As we move toward the Autumn Equinox, it is a very good time to examine your personal relationship with integrity and with the Divine, in whatever form you understand God or Sacredness. Fall is the time of harvest, the time for gathering what you have accomplished over the past year and sharing the fruits of your success with others. How do you experience these Five Aspects of Integrity in your life? What are you ready to commit to now? What are you ready to give away so that you can move into a more harmonious and successful relationship with your own life?

Remember that commitment is a process of gathering. You gather your emotions, your mental strength and your abilities as you would gather sheep. It is the next step after defining your act of power for where you are in life and where you are seeking to go. You need only the commitment to walk down the path and through the gateway into your own true destiny.

Spend some time with Turtle. She is a great teacher, and in the intricacy of the design on both her shell and her underbelly you can see reflected back to you the beauty of your own design for living.

In love and spirit,





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