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A Note from Lynn About the Mystery School


Dear Friend,

I am so honored and full of enthusiasm to present you with a truly unique and magical course of study. This extensive program is designed to enable you, as an apprentice, to venture further than you have ever gone before into your own personal environment of skill and possibility. For over twenty-five years, I have shared the teachings of the Sisterhood of the Shields through my books, lectures, and trainings. But it is within this Mystery School, a school without walls, and our annual gatherings that you are able to deepen and fully experience the wonder and magic contained within these teachings.

Our four-year training is carefully and skillfully designed to support you in awakening and discovering the beauty and power within you. Each aspect is intended to move you through your own personal gateways. The School is a combination of new written material, special audio recordings I’ve prepared, sacred tasks, conversations with me during conference calls, working with a graduate apprentice mentor selected for you, and two five-day gatherings each year. Through this material, available only to school apprentices, your sense of self and your ability to experience the world around you will expand, and your life will become more beautiful and fulfilling.

Throughout history, many sacred teachings have been vigilantly guarded and only passed down from shaman to apprentice through one-on-one teaching, storytelling, and sacred initiations. This is the way of the Sisterhood of the Shields. In my own journey, my teachers, Agnes Whistling Elk and Ruby Plenty Chiefs, would work with me for a short time, sharing stories, having me complete a certain task or sending me off to dream, and then throw me back on my own devices and my day-to-day life. It was during these times that my deepest work was accomplished. I was able to strengthen my own dream body and understand how to hold my own energy separate from my teachers’. Our Mystery School is a “school without walls” and is intended to bring you these teachings with the same depth and intensity of the ancient mystery schools; that is what we strive for.

This work of shamanic endeavor is about traversing the timeless pathways of the universe and bringing them home to bridge the environment of magic with your 21st century life. You will have the opportunity to develop such abilities as Dreaming, Seeing, Conjuring, and Energy Dancing to understand how to use the sacred wheel to bring balance into all facets of your life. You will build your own dreaming body and be able to establish and maintain the integrity of your own energy field. It is my sincerest wish that with the guiding energy and wisdom of the Sisterhood of the Shields, as an apprentice, you will be able to accomplish this same definition of spirit and body.

A unique aspect of the Mystery School is our two annual gatherings. The first is our gathering at the sacred fires of Joshua Tree in the spring. An extraordinary celebration and time of deep and profound inner work! Since 1989, we have returned to this sacred land to dance, do personal ceremony, and share our truths with each other. Our second gathering is the Storm Eagle Training in the fall, which is the culmination of each year’s work. We sit together in circle, create sacred theater, and deepen not only our skills but also our energy lines as a spiritual community.

 We have entered the new millennium, and Great Spirit is not asking us, but demanding that we move to a higher level of life and consciousness. This is a time of great testing and a time of moving our light and our magnificent luminous fibers out into the world. But you need not walk your path alone. Through your work in our Mystery School, you will be surrounded by a circle of powerful and loving beings.

Always remember that you get out of life what you put into it. The education is here and available to you, but it requires your commitment to your own evolvement. And if you are familiar with my books, you understand, on a very deep level, that apprenticeship in shamanism requires dedication and a lot of hard work. As Agnes Whistling Elk has often told me, our purpose in this lifetime is to become enlightened, and yet it is the one thing we are most afraid of. Never allow your fears to stop you from your own growth and change and wholeness of spirit. Rather, go into the center of your fears and be healed. When embarking on a new process such as this, there is always trepidation about your abilities to sustain the effort. But as you grow and become involved with the teachings, the difficulty of the task becomes secondary to the excitement over what you are learning.

Please join me as we begin the next session of my Mystery School. We offer these teachings to you as a gift and as a road map for you to enjoy as you travel down this ancient path of wisdom and beauty. We will present the experiences necessary to put your mind, emotions and spirit in working order so that all that is coming your way can be assimilated and translated into a process of self-transformation. This is the time to take dominion not only over your life, but your emotions and your sacred will as well. For now is the time to grow, heal our selves, and our world.

In the process of becoming centered and strong, it is so very important that you take time for yourself. From the deepest place in my spirit, I want to share these concepts, teachings and work with you. I invite you to join me on this sacred journey.

I look forward with deep anticipation and excitement to our work together.

The magic never ends.

In spirit and beauty,

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