LACSAT Program and Tuition

The Program

  • As a Student Apprentice you will work directly with a Mentor who will be supervised and guided by Lynn. You will need to be in regular contact with your mentor, via e-mail, telephone, letters, or face-to-face meetings, depending on what works best for you and your mentor. Your mentor will answer your questions and provide you with guidance and direction.
  • There will be audio tapes of special teachings and messages from Lynn created exclusively for Student Apprentices. There will be monthly full moon and new moon meditations. There will also be regularly scheduled conference calls with Lynn, mentors, and other students in your school year.
  • Lynn's books and tapes are part of this course of study and are available at a 20% discount when purchased from Lynn Andrews Productions. When placing an order, be sure to tell us you are enrolled in the School so that we may apply the discount. There are other books and materials required for the school, as well.
  • Certification
    Study through the Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts and Training is eligible to receive Continuing Education hours for nurses and therapists.

    The School is a 4-year course of study. At the conclusion of your four years of study, the Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts and Training (“LACSAT”) offers two levels of certification:

    • A Certificate of Completion and professional graduate certification is awarded to those who have successfully completed all of the tasks and assignments of LACSAT, including 150 experiential hours of approved shamanic practice. This Certificate of Completion entitles you to be ordained by The Rev. Lynn Andrews and eligible to become a minister of sacred healing arts through an affiliation with the International Assembly of Sacred Healers and Earth Stewards subject to the regulations of your state or country of residence.
    • A Certificate of Acknowledgement of personal healing and transformation is awarded to those who have not completed all of the requirements for a Certificate of Completion, along with recognition as an Earth Steward by Lynn Andrews and eligible to be appointed as a Diplomat of Earth Stewardship through an affiliation with the International Assembly of Sacred Healers and Earth Stewards.
    • Students satisfactorily enrolled in the Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts and Training are eligible to receive credit hours for their LACSAT study towards a Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, or Ph.D. in Natural Health Sciences with a concentration in Sacred Arts and Training through an affiliation with the University of Natural Medicine. All degrees awarded through this program require a Certificate of Completion from the Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts and Training.
    • You will discuss with your mentor which level of completion is appropriate for
      you during the course of your first year. All recipients of either Certificate are eligible to become members of Kindred Spirits, the Lynn Andrews graduate program. Earth Stewards are also eligible to continue their work towards a Certificate of Completion.
  • The curriculum is based on four 11 week quarters. Requests
    for a refund must be sent in writing and all materials received must be returned
    unopened. If your request is approved, it will be refunded per the time of year,
    and the quarter materials, you have already received and/or returned.
  • Sessions begin in February of each new year.

The Tuition Costs

Total tuition for the School is $4,050** per year and is distributed as follows. Please refer to the enrollment packet for registration and application forms and for payment information and options.

A) The Annual Program fee- $3,300** per year (includes a non-refundable deposit of $200 and the Storm Eagle training in November)

B)Joshua Tree Gathering tuition including School Day – $750** per year **
Please note: prices are subject to change.


Your School Tuition covers written instructions and guidelines from Lynn; conference
calls with Lynn, mentors and classmates from your school year; special audio tapes
exclusively for the School; a notebook to hold your study materials; individual
work with your mentor; occasional School related mailings from Lynn and the Sisterhood
of the Shields; tuition for the two yearly gatherings of Joshua Tree and Storm Eagle.
Lodging and meals for the School Day at Joshua Tree and the event of Joshua Tree
are included. Not included in the tuition fees to either annual gathering are transportation;
or lodging and meals for the Storm Eagle Training.

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