What is the Mystery School

The Lynn Andrews Shaman Mystery School will provide you with tools of empowerment to use in your everyday life. While you will be working at your own pace, from your own home, you will need to complete certain elements of this course in time for two gatherings a year; the Annual Spring Gathering (May/June) and the Storm Eagle Training (early November).

Apprentices come into this circle of teaching for a myriad of reasons and all are welcome. As Agnes reminds us the greatest gift we can give the world is our own enlightenment. This journey will enrich your soul, bringing you a greater sense of your purpose in this life, and provide you with the opportunity to be part of a powerful, loving and supportive community of sacred beings. And for some this training becomes the foundation of building a spiritual practice as a shaman healer. Through our work together you have the opportunity to become a certified Spiritual Healer and an Ordained Minister with tools and skills you can use in the world.

Defining shamanic power is not necessarily a process of adding on more information, but a re-defining and a re-inventing of what appears simple and already knowable. Within certain aspects of these realms the greatest powers are held. This School will help you define that power.

This work is mystical and is not just a process of adding on more information but rather a re-creating of your point of view and re-defining of what appears real and knowable in this universe. The teaching of sacred arts is non-linear; it is, in fact, holographic. Each piece of the work reflects the totality of the teaching. Throughout the four years, you may revisit particular aspects of your life or your energy and experience it from a new perspective.

“I want to describe the learning process of my Mystery School. Students experience major transformations as they discover the hidden keys to unlocking their power and utilizing their spiritual essence to manifest their destiny in life.”

“Let’s use the analogy of a waterfall as a symbol for this process of education. The waterfall symbolizes a source of power and it represents the creative forces of the universe. Remember the waterfall is an analogy for the tangible and very real process of discovery, growth, transformation and initiation offered by my ’21st Century’ Mystery School, an education based on ancient sacred knowledge.”

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Year 1: Lodge of the Winds

The First Year of the Mystery School is symbolized by the act of holding your hands in the flow of the waterfall, allowing the rushing water to flow between your open fingers. As you feel the current of the water rushing through your fingertips, you learn to feel the power of energy. Keeping your hands in the flow of water, you learn to identify energy, to define it and to understand what energy truly is. In identifying energy within yourself, you come to understand how it can become blocked within you and how it can be released. The flow of the waterfall will teach you how to perceive energy, and you will begin to determine the apparent and subtle differences in energy within yourself and others.

Year 2: Lodge of the Earth:

The Second Year of the Mystery School is about holding your hands under the magnificent waterfall and cupping your fingers tightly together so you can catch the water and the energy, holding its power within the bowl of your hands. By containing the flowing life force, you perceive how different it is to hold the flow of energy and mold it to your own form versus feeling the power rushing through your grasp with no beginning or end. In the second year, you will learn how to construct and use sacred tools, such as a rattle, shield, or drum — all the different tools used in the process of holding power, obtaining harmony, releasing stress and approaching the process of a circle of truth within yourself.

Year 3: Lodge of the Marriage Basket

The Third Year of the Mystery School is the time of the Marriage of self to self, and to a very important ally, your inner Spirit Mate. It is a marriage and a blending of your energy with the power of the waterfall. In this year of the school, you become the waterfall, flowing to its source, merging with the powers that be, with all the powers in the universe, for all time. You are the waterfall flowing deeper and deeper into your emotional and spiritual life, until you come to know yourself completely, from the inside out. Emotions running wild are our biggest leak of energy, so in merging with your emotional nature, you will learn how to use your emotions effectively and have dominion over them. By not allowing your emotions to have control over you, you will create a solid inner marriage of mind and heart and will direct your life toward a powerful, fruitful, and harmonious spiritual path.

Year 4: The Lodge of Spirit

The Fourth Year of the Mystery School is about experiencing initiation. You will take your power, identify your strengths and conquer your weaknesses, as you become the mist and the ether of the waterfall. Like a cloud of evaporation, moving toward the heavens, you transform into a balanced person, standing squarely between a life of spirit and the physical world. Having taken your power, you move out into the world using your skills and knowledge while maintaining a new perspective and point of view of “who you are”. In this last year of the school, you discover the reason you were born and the meaning of your life. Like the mist, moving from Mother Earth to the Sky Fathers, you begin to condense and make rain. Falling back down gently to the Earth in tiny silver droplets of water, you reflect the light of the Great Spirit, replenishing the life force, and closing the circle of this cycle of learning.

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Our work together will include:

  • Profound self inquiry
  • Working with the Sacred Wheel to bring balance to your life
  • Approaching the world in a chosen state of feminine awareness
  • Becoming your opposite energy
  • Working with your Luminous Fibers to release stress and renew your physical body
  • Learning to discern and move energy in the world
  • Written reports on Heyoka teachings, including books and films
  • Creating a working altar
  • Analyzing directional energies
  • Understanding and healing the emotional body
  • Awakening your Spirit Mate
  • Making power fetishes
  • Creating meditations and ceremonies
  • Discovering your abilities as a storyteller
  • Building of shields, masks, and other ceremonial items
  • Scripting and performing a shamanic play at one of our yearly gatherings, Daily journaling and meditation

About our Spring Gathering

Our annual Spring Gathering is held in late May or early June. The 2014 location will be announced shortly. This is an important milestone each school year. It is the first opportunity for each year in the school, to come together as a group and celebrate what we have accomplished through our studies and ceremonial work. The teachings, experiences and work presented in Sedona are an integral part of your year and are a requirement of the school that will support your growth. Part of your Mystery School tuition includes an extra ‘School Day’ at the Spring Gathering specifically for students, Mentors, and Lynn to gather together. The main four day Spring Gathering is open to all who wish to come, whether enrolled in the school or not, and can be a wonderful introduction to the teachings of the school.

About the Storm Eagle Training

The Storm Eagle Training is a no-holds-barred, roll-up-your-sleeves, get-down-to-work session of instruction and practice, and is a requirement of the School. Each year, as the School expands, so does the training. Currently, the training is held in Los Angeles and runs from Wednesday through Sunday in early November. Storm Eagle Training is a quickening of the work you have accomplished throughout the year. You will have an opportunity to sit in an intimate teaching circle with Lynn. You will work with advanced, Graduate Apprentices and be able to share your work with your peers. It is truly a coming together of our sacred community. This process will pull in power to support you in your own personal healing and facilitate your growth as a shaman healer in the world. You will find yourself venturing further than you ever thought possible. The Storm Eagle Training can be attended only by those, who are enrolled in the School.

* Nurses and Therapists CE available – 24 contact hours

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