Mystery School: Early Registration

The Shaman Mystery School Early Registration Program



The Early Registration Program for the 22nd session of the Lynn Andrews Shaman Mystery School (which begins in January 2017) is now enrolling!
When you register for the Shaman Mystery School between now and December 31st with a deposit of $500 (which includes a non-refundable deposit of $200 and all of which will be applied toward your 2017 Mystery School Tuition) you will be automatically enrolled in the Early Registration Program, which entitles you to receive the following additional benefits:

  • The opportunity to begin building and strengthening your energy connection with Lynn and the Sisterhood of the Shields now;
  • A copy of Lynn’s book, Mask of Power, and two audio MP3s which will introduce you to the shaman way of understanding and building energy. Most people in the Shaman Mystery School find that they want to supplement the teaching materials with the Mask of Power early on in their Mystery School experience. As a participant in the Early Registration Program, you will receive it free of charge upon your registration!
  • A Mystery School discount for any of Lynn’s Online Courses:
  • A 30 minute session with Lynn Andrews to talk about the Shaman Mystery School.
  • 20% off the Annual Hawaii event or Joshua Tree event.
  • A Pre-Session mentor who will help with your questions about the work.
  • You also have the opportunity to begin making payments toward your full 2017 Shaman Mystery School tuition now, if you would like, and lower the cost of your monthly or quarterly payments once the Mystery School itself is in full session.

Once you fill out and submit your Shaman Mystery School Registration you will be directed to a payment page. Under section one of this payment page, please select “I am registering¬† for the Early Registration Program and paying a $500.00 deposit, which includes my non-refundable deposit of $200.00. Skip 2 & 3.”

This Early Registration Program ends December 31, 2016, although regular registration for the Mystery School continues through March.
In January of 2017, we will have a special conference call with Lynn about her Shaman Mystery School.  You are all invited!

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