Mystical Peru with Lynn Andrews


Mystical Peru with Internationally Acclaimed Shaman
Lynn Andrews
August 1 to August 14, 2015

Join Shaman Healer and Teacher Lynn Andrews on a once-in-a-lifetime Spiritual Journey to the Heart of the Incas!

Recognized worldwide as a leader in the fields of spiritual healing and personal empowerment, Lynn Andrews is a shamanic expert, teacher, lecturer, best-selling author, healer and mystic who teaches the Empowerment of the Ancient Ways. She has studied and worked with indigenous shaman women all over the world for the past four decades, from the Mayan Yucatán to the foothills of the Himalayas, the Australian Outback, the far north of Canada and the shores of Lake Atitlán, Central America and many places in between.

From the very first day of our journey, we will be setting up your dreaming abilities. We will talk with the animals and Peru’s magnificent birds, mountains and lakes as we explore the magic of inter-dimensional travel. Western cultures tend to think of dreams as illusory. In Peru, we will experience the true quality and realness of dreams through the magic of shamanic attention.

Following the trail of the Ancient Inkas with us will be guide Mallku, an Andean shaman recognized as the world’s leading expert on Andean sacred archeology and archeo-astronomy, and other Andean guides.

I am so honored and excited to invite you to me on this extraordinary journey into the heart of Sacred Peru, a land steeped in ancient wisdom that is vital for our planet during these transitional times. 

In the thousand-year cosmic cycle of the Ancient Incans, we have recently entered the tenth Pachakuti, known by the Andeans as "the turning of the times." My teachers call this the "crossing times," crossing  from one level of human consciousness to a new age of wisdom where the possibilities of all things are within our grasp.

In the eighth Andean Pachakuti, Pachacuteq, the greatest spiritual leader of the Incas, the builder of Machu Picchu, ruled. It was a time of light when the Inca Empire flourished.

Then came the ninth Pachakuti, a time of darkness marked by civil war, the Spanish invasion, disease and the destruction of all that was sacred to the Incas.

The tenth Pachakuti which we have now entered marks the returning of the Light, and we are going to discover and work with this Light throughout our time in Peru. It will be a time of initiation and sacred ceremony, a time of meditation, a time of offering, and a time for discovering the dimensions of your own creative soul as we explore and experience the sacred sites and power spots of Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, Lake Titikaka, and more.

One of the most unique aspects of our time together will be the opportunity to experience the many power vortexes of this part of the world in intimate and profound ways. The Andean architects were masters of the power lines existing on this great Earth (ley-lines, places of intense integral power). Our guide Mallku has made unprecedented, significant discoveries about these geo-magnetic forces, and he will share his knowledge and wisdom with us.

On the first day of our journey, we will participate in a Ceremonial Prayer and Offering for Mother Earth, "Pacha Mama," at an exquisite Earth Altar in Chinchero. This Altar is an initiatory center, a Waka or sacred place, and its vibration will permit us to travel the dimensions of the soul.

The following day, we travel to Moray, an ancient Inca site of concentric agricultural terraces where the Incans used the natural forces and their astounding knowledge of hydraulic engineering to cultivate a wide variety of wild vegetables for human consumption. Here we will experience walking exercises and a meditation in the center circle of this amazing power spot as you attune your body-mind with the electro-magnetic energy from Earth’s navel.

It is vital for your spiritual, physical, mental and emotional health to have a healthy relationship with your body-mind – which is located at your shaman center, the seat of your Will at your Third Chakra. As you experience the many power vortexes of our journey, you find yourself awakening to the mystical wisdom of your body-mind and the opportunity to open your 3rd Eye fully, to open your consciousness and See in a way that you may not have been able to do before.

Later this day, we will explore the vast temple complex at Ollantaytambo, place of the Sun Temple, and we will engage in sacred ceremony.



Early the following day, our bodies and souls vibrantly awake and receptive to the Great Mystery, we enter Machu Picchu, the holy city, "City of Light for Initiates," where we will open to a deeper experience of the intrinsic magic of this amazing city and temples through a guided visit, with esoteric insights on the various temples and power spots and inspiring spiritual ceremonies to enhance your connection with your divine self – a  transformational, deeper journey to the inner path.

We will have ample time to explore and dream with this magnificent ancient place, fed by grids of powerful natural energies patterned by surrounding mountains and extensive underground tunnels. Shamanic wisdom holds that for millennia Machu Picchu served as an initiatory center for higher learning, and you will experience your own mystical insights as you tune into the Wakas (sacred spots) and the power mysteries of these stones and boulders.

We will take a guided visit to the top of Machu Picchu, the Temple of the Light, or the Sun Gate and temple of Inner Work. And we will do a very special Healing Ceremony in Machu Picchu with offerings to Pacha Mama, our great Mother Earth,as we move into introspection and contemplation on the mysteries of this holy city.

The Ancient Incans also had precise knowledge of astronomy, of planetary and sidereal dimensions; the precession of the equinoxes and arrival of the solstices; the passage of the Sun at its zenith, the inclination of the axis of Earth’s rotation and its elliptical orbit around the Sun. They understood the importance of astronomical phenomena in the design and placement of the ancient temples and they built cities with solar orientation.






Our guide Mallku has also discovered some of the most important astronomical phenomena that are still visible at many of these "power places" and he describes the ancient buildings as the "expression of an advanced ‘Feng Shui’ technology by masters of the spiritual path." We will spend much time exploring and meditating within their embrace, including at Pisaq, where we will have a ceremony at the temples and observatories; Saqsaywaman, location of one of the Inca’s most important temples dedicated to the Sun, where we will experience a special ritual; at Tipon, where we will hold a Water ceremony, and Amaru Machay; and at Q’Enqo, the sacred place of the Puma, where there is a temple dedicated to Mother Earth. Mallku is a specialist in Q’Enqo and its rich lore and history.

Modern Pisaq is a picturesque Andean village best known for its market.

In the teachings of my teachers, and in the ancient Mayan calendar, this period in human history (the tenth Pachakuti) marks the return of the Goddess to our world, and in all of our work together we work extensively with understanding and healing the Mother Energies, with healing, strengthening and balancing our Sacred Masculine and Feminine Shields.

At special places along our way, we will participate in ceremonies and exercises to access and bring up our female energy and to balance our male and female energies. We will do ceremony with the female energy of the House of the Moon, a place of initiation related to the female energies, and later a ceremony with drums. The experience of the shaman drum is one of the most profound ways to move into higher dimensions of consciousness. At Ajayu Marka, we will walk on the back of the Cosmic Serpent before participating in ceremony and the experience of the vortex energy of the Interdimensional Gate of Aramu Muru, where you balance your male and female energies at portals on either side of the main altar and have the opportunity to place your 3rd Eye on the contact point on the doorway, itself.







We will spend time in exploration, ceremony, meditation, discovery, awe and wonder at Lake Titikaka, which, according to Andean legend, was the birthplace of civilization. During the ninth Pachakuti, after the Spanish invasion,one of the Solar Discs from the main Temple of the Sun at the ancient city of Cuzco was returned to Lake Titikaka and placed in the Eternal Etheric City inside the Lake.Now, during this tenth Pachakuti, this sacred Solar Disc is to be re-activated, allowing access to cosmic wisdom. Many of the world’s spiritual leaders and indigenous teachers acknowledge the energy of the Andes, which is the expression of the feminine electromagnetic light, having its center in the Lake Titikaka; this area is the acknowledged portal through which the new feminine energies are entering Mother Earth. We will immerse ourselves in this energy and hold a salutation to the spirit of Titikaka; at the end of our time there, we will have a special meditation with the energy of Fertility to balance our energies. 

AND SO MUCH MORE! Divine Travels, Inc. is our gracious host for this exciting, once-in-a-lifetime journey. Please click here to be taken to our "Heart of the Inkas –  Mystical Peru" page on their website ( There you will find a complete description of our Tour Itinerary, along with a richly in-depth and compelling discussion of the history, geology, archeology, mythology, mysticism, lore and sacred spirit of the places we will be exploring, along with the Registration Form!

Lynn Andrews is an expert in the fields of lucid dreaming (shaman dreaming) and the sacred Masculine and Feminine Energies. Her Shaman Mystery School, live Shamanic Retreats and Online Courses draw students from all over the world, and she is acknowledged globally as a major link between the ancient world of shamanism and modern society’s thirst for profound personal healing and a deeper understanding of the pathway to enlightenment.

Our guide, MALLKU, began meditating at Andean sacred sites at the age of 9 and is credited with discovering the astronomical observatories and alignments used by the Ancients. His work with these sacred sites and the secrets they hold is used by all Peruvian tour guides.

With them, you will breathe in the sacred wisdom of the ages; meditate in temples thousands of years old; participate in life-changing initiations and ancient ceremonies and experience the magnificence of your own being. Picture yourself breathing the mystical air at the heights of the Andes Mountains. Your spirit will soar as you experience one of the most beautiful and sacred lands on earth. Walk with us in the footsteps of the ancient Incas in this precious "Paradise in the Sun," where the heart of the masters reigns.

"Listen with your heart," my teacher Zoila said to me.  "Listen with your heart and you will always know when the timing is right, just like the hummingbird.  It listens with all of its senses.  When the hummingbird senses the timing is right, it joins with the flower.  It takes what it needs and nothing more.  It does not violate the flower or its spirit.  It takes what it needs as it deposits new fertile pollen in return, and then it flies away."

The time is now. Join your heart with ours in the Heart of the Ancient Incas and come away renewed and filled with love, joy and your own sacred vision for living.

Please click here for complete details and the links to Registration.

As you prepare to make this remarkable journey, spend time reading and absorbing the Tour Itinerary on Divine Travel’s website. It is filled with a wealth of the history, geology, archeology, mythology, spiritual and mystical wisdom, and exquisite pictures of the breath-taking vistas and sacred beauty that await you. You will begin to link into the energies of our time together in a very personal way so that by the time your feet touch the ground in Lima, you already have a very special connection to this ancient and inspiring land. We will see you in Peru!

TOUR INCLUDES all transportation within Peru, hotel accommodations with breakfast, entrance fees to sites, ceremonies, and amazing Shamanic Andean guides. It does not include your international flight.

VISAS: Passport required. No visa needed for US citizens. No immunizations required to enter Peru.


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