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2017 On Line Courses with

Lynn V. Andrews

Ruby Plenty Chiefs and I were talking recently, and she asked me a wonderful question. “You are Medicine Woman, Lynn. Is it time, perhaps, to return to your roots?” That is when I realized that this year, 2017, I want to go deeper into the core shamanic teachings of the Sisterhood of the Shields, to take you more deeply into your own shamanic heart and soul.

This series of courses is about getting to a place of truth and surviving joyously, through the ancient teachings of shamanism, as taught to me by my teachers, the Sisterhood of the Shields. How do we survive the onslaught of pressure that is created symbolically by the extremes of this time we live in? We must change. We don’t have any choice. We’re going along kicking and screaming, complaining endlessly as a distraction against the very thing that we need, which is to be able to flow with the river of life. It is time now to go with it, because really, there’s nothing else you can do. You can kick and scream all you want. The water will just rush right over you. Or you can choose to live intentionally, to flow.
We experience the chaos of the world around us as both extreme stress and extreme possibility. Your frustration builds because you don’t quite know what you’re reaching for. We know there’s something there. You’ve seen the mystery or you would not be here. We experience that too as extreme levels of pain and joy and excitement. We are experiencing a fascination for things that are new. That’s unusual. Most human beings are terrified of what’s new and we’re very afraid of change – many are experiencing an even deeper terror of the change that enlightenment or awareness implies. Change means you have to drop a whole lot of stuff that makes you “feel safe,” and choose to move forward into possibility with intention.

We are at a time when we’re growing and opening and becoming more. To grow and be open is hard and often very scary. It is time however to take advantage of the possibilities of extremes or you may miss that chance forever. It’s a moment in time. It’s a gateway. It’s a window that is open for a brief moment. We can either choose to be rebirthed or not. If you choose to be rebirthed, you are choosing life. You are choosing to live. You are choosing to stay with this process of evolvement that sometimes feels like and actually is changing you both physically and spiritually. That is living a life of intention.

When the Sisterhood and I look at this involvement of energetic dimensions, we see mutation. Realize that over past millenniums, we mutated into human beings with intellect, with the ability to choose and much more importantly, with the ability to know our own death. Today, that process of mutation is speeding up, just as everything around us seems to be racing by. It is time, therefore, to embrace ourselves as Divine beings, to move into the cycle of change with harmony and balance, in order to evolve into the new world that awaits us. We must understand that joy is part of this process of growth, and when we choose joy, we will feel ourselves quiver with possibility in the gentle winds of change.

In Love and Spirit,


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