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Power Deck, Card #40 – Creativity
The pagoda pictured here is a symbol for the creative self. It is open to allow for the openness of mind that it takes to delve into the deepest part of your spirit and manifest the truth that you find there.



Healing Your Energy Fields and Reclaiming Your Own Story Through The Shamanic Practice of Wisdom, Creativity and Compassion!

These are the key energies at work in the universe in the year 2015.

Learn how to avail yourself of their power and gifts to the fullest extent!

Course 2 in the Series, “Creating Harmony and Balance Within; Meet the Keeper of the Brain,” April 10 – April 23, 2015 


The science of quantum physics along with such other modern advances as discovering the very different ways the right and left hemispheres of the brain process information and function are giving us a greater understanding of the energies, or energy waves, of life that bind us together and sometimes pull us apart when we are out of sync with the rhythms of our lives.

These are energies that shamans have known about for milleniums, that shamans have been able to See, understand and work with toward a higher, more successful way of living for their communities. They are what the wisdom and magic of shamanic healing, often called the medicine path, are all about.

Throughout the centuries of moving into the modern world, we have lost touch with so much of our relationship with the natural world, its rhythms and even our own individual rhythms of life. Our world has become so fast-paced and cluttered with chaos and distractions that we have lost touch with our own ability to perceive energy and apply it toward the higher consciousness of living that was practiced so successfully for thousands and thousands of years before the modern era. In this year of Online Courses we will bridge the gap between ancient shamanic wisdom and modern scientific knowledge to help you find a more successful way of knowing and experiencing life and the rewards it holds for you by working with the energies of the cosmos and applying them to our lives using shamanic perception, practices, exercises and tools …

… so that you can unleash the multi-dimensional being you’ve always known you are and live your life as a fully aware, consciously present and vibrant individual!

Wisdom is not an intellectual pursuit. True wisdom can only be attained through experience and then practicing or applying what you learn from the experience in a conscious and intended way. All of the Courses in this series are designed to build upon one another as you gather the tools to practice conscious living and become fully present in the now.

In our work together throughout the year, we build a beautiful online community of kindred souls and welcome the opportunity for you to join us! You do not have take all of the Courses in this Series, however, to benefit from any one of them, and you may join this Series with any given Course.

The Series consists of both two-week and four-week Online Courses, each of which is structured differently:

The four-week Courses follow our traditional pattern of Online Courses designed to enable you to work at home and according to your own time needs. They consist of a detailed Online Course Handbook that delves deeply into key areas of my teachings, filled with teachings, practices, Sacred Tasks and the creation of Sacred Art, along with two downloadable audio meditations, all of which are yours to keep; a teaching Forum which is available 24/7 moderated by carefully chosen Graduates of my Mystery School; and two live one-hour Sunday teleconferences with me and all of your classmates. Between teleconferences, you have continuous access to me through the Moderators. The tuition for the four-week Courses is $260/Course.

The two-week Courses combine the use of a teaching Workbook designed to give you specific information about an area of my teachings that is of vital importance in our every day lives; a moderated Forum which is also available to you 24/7; and a live session with me on the second Saturday of each two-week Course during which I will give you a live teaching experience and we will have the opportunity to interact directly. The Workbook is filled with teachings, practices, tools and meditations to guide you on your journey. The tuition for the two-week Courses is $144/Course.


2015 Schedule of Online Courses in the Series

1.  Discovering and Activating the Sun Wheel Within You: Living the Wisdom of the Cosmos.

4-week Online Course, March 3, 2015 – April 1, 2015

Registration Is Now Closed

Contact with any questions.

2.  Creating Harmony and Balance Within; Meet the Keeper of the Brain,

2-week Online Course, April 10 – April 23rd, 2015

3.  Accessing the Wisdom of Your Body-Mind and Your Heart.

2-week Online Course, May 8 – May 21, 2015

4.  Wild Dreaming, Success and Mastery, and Other Shaman Delights.

4-week Online Course, June 19 – July 15, 2015

5.  Healing Grief and Loss.

2-week Online Course, August 21 – September 3, 2015

6. Transforming Your Fears with the Four Sacred Laws of the Painted Feather.

2-week, Online course, September 25 – October 8. 2015

7.  The Alchemy of Transformation: The Four Directions of Relationships.

4-week Online Course, October 22 – November 18, 2015

8.  Finding Joy

Saturday morning, December 12, 2015. Live Session with Lynn!




The influences that are at work at this time in human history are enormous. For the first time in many millenniums, vast stores of knowledge and the wisdom of the Universe are being made available to us. It is up to each and every one of us to determine what use we will make of this wisdom and the energy for change that is upon us. The time for your own individual action is Now!

The Sisterhood of the Shields call this period in human evolution the “crossing times,” meaning that we are crossing from one level of human consciousness into a new age of wisdom where the possibilities of all things are within our grasp. It is the ending of a very dysfunctional cycle and is marked by the return of the Goddess to our world after over 5,000 years of being castigated, suppressed, and cast asunder by patriarchal domination.

In the Long Count of the Ancient Mayan Calendar, we are now in a new Baktun, a new 5200-year cycle known as “The Era of the Divine Feminine,” which will be accompanied by the return of the Ancestors and of people of Wisdom.

In the thousand-year cosmic cycle of the Ancient Incans, we are now in the 10th Pachakuti, which Andeans know as “the turning of the times,” marking the return of Light to our world. During this Pachakuti, the sacred Solar Disc is to be re-activated, accessing the cosmic wisdom, and new feminine energies are entering Mother Earth, Pacha Mama, through Lake Titikaka in the high Andes.

In the ancient Chinese Zodiac, 2015 is the Year of the Goat (sometimes called The Sheep). The Goat is a Yin (female) energy. It symbolizes Peace, Harmony and Tranquility. The Sheep relates to passive and nurturing times, which are at the very heart of your Sacred Feminine Shield. This is a year for strengthening your Female Shield so that it works in balance with the Male Shield. When both of your shields are active, balanced and working in harmony, you are able to move into Compassion, which allows you to embrace all living things, the whole of nature and its beauty. Compassion is the gateway to lasting joy in life.

How will you use the tremendous energy and wisdom that is being opened to us as a force for change in your life? I hope you will join me for a magical and truly powerful journey of personal change and transformation.

In love and spirit,









“Transformation,” Card 15, THE POWER DECK

The power of your intent leads you around the sacred wheel of endeavor. Begin today with trust and innocence in the early hours. Imagine a quiet pond, and see the reflection of your true self. At noon take a moment to close your eyes and dream. Image the transformation that this day offers you. Seek the strength and wisdom, through your ability to love, to bring this transformation into action and into the words you speak. At night give thanks for the illumination you have found. Know that the form of your intent leads you to the power of transformation.

Definition of the Card: The painting is entitled Transformation. The pond represents the serenity of your unconscious mind and the rebirth of awareness in the west. The steps in the north of the painting lead to a sacred place of prayer and worship of the Great Spirit. Find a sacred sanctuary within the universe of your soul. The lotus blossoms represent your transformation beginning to bloom, and the doves of peace take the messages in your heart to the Great Spirit.

The term “shaman” comes from the Tungusic language of Siberia and is used for those priests and priestesses who know how to use energy to heal dis-ease and divine the hidden magic of the universe toward a higher purpose in life. Shamanism is a spirit-based way of knowing the Great Spirit and knowing life that has been followed by people across the world and throughout time.

There are many ways in the world and many paths. The important thing to remember is that we are of this time and of this soil. My role in life and my purpose in bringing you this ONLINE ACADEMY FOR SHAMANIC LEARNING is to provide a bridge between the ancient shamanic teachings of my teachers, the Sisterhood of the Shields, and those of you who are seeking higher knowledge along the shaman’s path, walking with one foot in the world of the physical and one foot in the world of spirit.

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