Course Logistics, Fees & Materials

Online Course Logistics

1. Access to a computer and an email address are required to download the Course Manual and audio meditation(s); receive ongoing information about the Course; participate in discussions with the Moderators and other Course participants on a private section of Lynn’s Sacred Forum; and receive ongoing feedback from Lynn.

2. There are two one-hour live teleconferences with Lynn and all of your classmates which are part of this Course. They are tentatively scheduled for Sunday, March 22nd, 2015 and Sunday, March 29th, 2015. You do not need to be on these teleconferences to complete the work of this course and have your questions answered.

3. Each Course is an intensive 4-week course of independent online study which includes:

  • A Course Mentor and Course Moderators who will work with you in a private, password-protected Online Course Forum section of Lynn’s Sacred Forum throughout the Course. All of our work together is done in the private, password-protected ‘Online Course Forum’ section of Lynn’s Sacred Forum, which is accessible to you 24 hours a day so that people from all over the world and all walks of life can participate at the times that are convenient for you. The only real-time sessions are the two live teleconferences with Lynn;
  • A downloadable Course Manual and audio meditation(s). If you cannot download music from the internet, you may purchase a CD of the audio meditation(s) for the cost of shipping and handling (shipping cost varies by country);
  • Two live teleconferences with Lynn and the other participants during which Lynn will answer your questions directly;
  • Ongoing feedback from Lynn through the Online Course Forum;
  • Ongoing feedback from my Moderators and the opportunity to ask any questions you have related to the teachings of the Course, via the Online Course Forum;
  • Insight and inspiration from other course participants in the Online Course Forum. You must be a registered user of Lynn’s SACRED FORUM to participate. Click on the button below to register for Lynn’s SACRED FORUM if you are not already a user.

4. Late the evening before this Course is scheduled to begin, all fully registered participants will receive an email giving you all of the information you need to get onto the Online Course Forum and we will be live with the teachings. To be “fully registered,” you must fill out and submit the electronic registration form on the “Registration” page and complete your payment.

Sacred Forum

Course Fees and Refund Policy

Option 1: General  Course Tuition  = $260.00

Option 2:  Current Students of Mystery & Writing Schools and Kindred Spirits – Course Tuition = $220.00

These fees include a $50.00 non-refundable deposit.

Seven days prior to the beginning of the course the entire fee will become non-refundable.

Supplemental Materials

Suggested Reading Materials for this entire year of Online Courses:

We use Lynn’s POWER DECK, CARDS OF WISDOM extensively throughout all our work with her. Purchase of this book and card set is not required, but it is recommended. All are available from: .

Lynn’s Online Store

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