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Very early in my work with the Sisterhood of the Shields, Agnes Whistling Elk and Ruby Plenty Chiefs told me that it was imperative that I create a series of shields that would "allow only the thought forms of light to enter and return all darkness to the sender."

They realized that I didn’t know how to separate myself from the stresses of the every day world and still remain a strong and vibrant part of it, that I had "holes" in my self shield of which I wasn’t even aware. Agnes and Ruby told me that because of these holes, my own power was "pouring out of me like a sieve" at the same time that I was "attracting all manner of influences, like moths to a flame."
Tell me something I don’t already know, I thought.

They told me that it would be good for me to become a shaman, someone who is capable of seeing and knowing and piercing through all the layers of illusion of our world, and that the way to become that shaman was through the creation of a specific set of spirit shields. Thus was born, "Flight of the Seventh Moon."

Although we have done much work with shields together over the past 25 years, I have not had the opportunity to teach these shields to you. I am going to rectify that right now! Know that this work is not like any of the shield work you may have done with me in the past.

"Flight of the Seventh Moon" is about creating a working mandala for your life, a shield that you carry within you so that you can take it out and hold it up before you when you need its counsel and wisdom. This mandala is actually a series of four very focused, interlinking spirit shields that will be taught throughout this year, shields that are designed to help you discover the truth about yourself, the truth about how you are innately designed to move successfully in the physical world and in spirit. After all, there is a reason we are called the Sisterhood of the Shields!

The act of creating a mandala, whether in the traditional way of the Hindu or in the ways Native peoples have created spirit shields for thousands of years, is a means of focusing your attention around spiritual principles as you create a powerful representation and manifestation of those principles for the physical world. It takes you into the world that lives both within and beyond your body and your mind. The working mandala you will create here becomes a part of the Great Sky Shields that you carry within your own body and soul, that also lives in the universe.

"To make a shield in the proper manner," Agnes told me, "you have to destroy the conflicting parts of yourself." It is these conflicting parts that stand in the way of understanding the knowledge that you have. I am going to show you the tools to heal these conflicts so that you become united within yourself.

Each of us has our own lessons on abundance to learn in this life, and you will begin to see clearly what those lessons are for you, whether it be abundance of spirit, abundance of love, financial abundance, or the over-abundance of things you do not want in your life. It is when you begin to learn these lessons that you move into harmony and begin to flow with the natural abundance of living. Do you doubt abundance? Go outside and look at how Mother Earth is constantly renewing herself, her vitality and her nurturing goodness.

Agnes told me that with each shield I created, I would cross over to a quality that dwells in me apart from my usual opinions of being, and so it can be with you. This quality can then be infused with light. Each of us is like a piece of the great smoking mirror, all reflecting the same light. You will discover that this smoking mirror is actually four mirrors, as you wipe away the smokescreens of illusion that obscure your vision. A shield is not something that you create once and then hang on a wall to look pretty. As you create your spirit shields in the physical world, you also create them strong and beautiful within you. It is time for modern peoples to relearn and understand this ancient wisdom, because it has so much to teach us about living in today’s world.

Agnes also taught me, "You awaken the shield by praying to the galaxy, the Milky Way. Pray to endless space. Pray to the sun. Pray to the seven: Earth, Jupiter, Mars, Neptune, Mercury, Moon, Venus. When you pray, put the galaxy into the shield. You ask for the medicine you want."
In this series of Courses, I am going to take you on a journey, actually on many journeys, to "The Seven," imparting to you the energies of each of them as were taught to me by Agnes Whistling Elk. Then, when you journey to each of these planets and as you dream with them, you will discover for yourself, "Oh, my gosh. That’s the planet I most work with, the planet that’s within me."

When you connect with this inner power on a conscious and energetic level, you begin to understand how to use this energy to mediate among the conflicting influences in your life. Then, as you create your spirit shields, you focus on destroying the conflicting parts of yourself. This is how you become whole and One with the medicine of the universe that you carry within you.

Herewith, the Lynn Andrews "Flight of the Seventh Moon" Online Courses for 2012:

Course 1 – The Self Shield

“Shamans, Goddesses and the Wisdom Keepers of the Inner Fire:
Discovering the Face of the Earth Goddess of Your Consciousness”

“Understanding the Self Shield as You
Create a New Harmonic Resonance with Life.

Febuary 20 – March 19, 2014

Course has been completed!

Course 2 – Shamans, Goddess and the Wisdom-Keepers of the Inner Fire

“Igniting the Fires of Personal Transformation and Divination With Hecate, Goddess at the Fork in the Road”

Reclaiming personal power through the shamanic experience Of the Ancient Goddesses of Love, Intuition, Dreams, Transformative Wrath and more!

May 8 – June 4, 2014

Course has been completed!

Course 3 – Athena, Artemis and the Shamans Search for Wisdom

Athena, Artemis and the Shamans Search for Wisdom

A New Approach to Achieving Your Goals in the Modern World.

July 24 – August 20, 2014

Course has been completed!

Course 4 – Reclaiming the Mystical Light of Your Own Divine Vision

Mary Magdalene and the Hero’s Journey into Enlightenment:

Reclaiming the Mystical Light of Your Own Divine Vision

October 23 – November 19, 2014

Course has been completed!

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Important Notice:

** Completion of all four Courses will make you eligible to become a member of my Dream Talkers’ Circle. **

*** You may enter this series with any Course. You do not have to take the earlier courses in the series to take any one of them. ***

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