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Lynn Andrews, A Lightning Flash Year, Online Course2

Shamans, Goddess and the Wisdom-Keepers of the Inner Fire:
A Journey of Self-Discovery with the Goddesses of Antiquity
Through the Eyes of Shamanism

An Online Course Series for 2014
With Shaman Healer and Teacher Lynn Andrews

Online Course 3

Athena, Artemis and the Shaman’s Search for Wisdom:
A New Approach to Achieving Your Goals in the Modern World.

July 24 – August 20, 2014.

If you could start your life over right now, what would you do with it? If you could re-create your life and birth yourself anew today, what would it look like?

These are questions that lie at the very heart of the shamanic teachings of regeneration around which this Course revolves. To regenerate is to be formed or created again, to be spiritually reborn into a higher, more productive consciousness of living, and it is something you can begin to manifest in your life right now. Just as our body regenerates after an injury or illness, so, too, can we regenerate ourselves mentally, spiritually, and in the way we live our lives, so let’s get to work!

Regeneration teachings facilitate your ability to use your shaman attention, the ability to use your body-mind to move your consciousness down into the harmonics of the interior of the body so that you can discover the truths and falsehoods that have been guiding your journey through life as an adult, that often keep you feeling off center and like something is amiss.

In the early history of the patriarchy, the sacred teachings of the Goddess as wise creator and the source of universal order were so deeply entrenched in the life of society that excessive measures were undertaken to wipe all traces of Goddess wisdom from the face of the earth, to the great detriment of Mother Earth and everything that lives upon her. In so many ways, we are still living under the confinement of this extreme mindset today and it is a large part of the stress and chaos we experience in our own personal lives, especially in our feelings of self-worth, self-confidence, and the ways in which we question our very worthiness and ability to live a life of abundance, harmony and joy.

As you combine the teachings of regeneration with the essence and wisdom of the Ancient Goddesses, a new way of knowing life opens itself to you. You discover in very personal ways things you brought into this lifetime with you, that you have carried on your Spirit Shield and in your very DNA for many lifetimes, that you have forgotten about completely. All of our lives, we have been taught that if something is amiss in our world it is because there is something wrong with us. We have been taught by religion that we are born into this world as imperfect beings and there is a stigma attached to this that we should somehow just accept, especially women … when, in fact, nothing could be further from the truth!

When you work with the Ancient Goddess teachings through the eyes of shamanism, you separate fact from fiction in your life and in your world view. Yes, we must all take responsibility for our own lives; we must take responsibility for the wounded emotions and the rigid, dysfunctional beliefs we hold onto. We must take responsibility every time we allow ourselves to fall into the mindset of victim to and dependency on the world around us to make our life perfect, especially when we are trying to move forward under difficult circumstances.

But no, we are not in this position because there is something ‘wrong’ within us. The fact is that we are living in a very wounded world that is enslaved to a 5,000-year-old paradigm of separation and domination ruled by fear, greed, and mistrust, one that has been built on a foundation of false assumptions and disharmony.

There is something profoundly freeing, satisfying and energizing in connecting with the Goddess consciousness within you through your shaman eyes as you discover that so much of what we have been conditioned to accept as truth is really not true at all!

This Online Course is about connecting you with the wisdom of your soul. Pay particular attention to what shifts and changes at your shaman center as you discover the difference between the wisdom these Goddesses gave to us in their original essence and what we have been conditioned to accept as proper. It is very illuminating!


  • We will bring in Bright Cloud Woman, a great goddess being who helps with regeneration, whose energy radiates out from the edges of the storm clouds as she helps you recognize the agreements and assumptions in your life that are based on false premises and/or no longer work for you, and she will show you how to claim and use the power you release when you let go of their power over you.
  • We will work with Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt and Moon, competitor, sister, and goal achiever who refused to conform to the conventional ways or tradition. There is a twist in what the patriarchal mythologies did to her that is profoundly revealing regarding one of the most egregious and destructively false assumptions of the patriarchy regarding our relationship with Mother Earth.
  • We will work with Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, Arts and Crafts, strategist and warrior, .who was turned into a cold, rigid goddess of war in Olympian mythology. One of Athena’s original aspects was as the goddess of the matrifocal family, the woman-headed household where the father is absent for whatever the reason. Her courage and wisdom in remaining true to her own original nature is so vital today in the difficult journey of the single parent as well the journey of the woman birthing her own vision and creativity into a male-dominated world.
  • Twin Dreamers will help us rediscover Metis, the Goddess of Practical and Intellectual Wisdom within us. And strap in as we call in Baubo and Uzume, the Goddesses of Mirth and Healing Laughter who literally healed by hitching their skirts above their waists for all the world to see! Their wisdom is among the most powerful forms of wisdom and healing medicine around, and while Japanese culture still celebrates Uzume, the Olympian patriarchy demoted to Baubo to the status of ‘minor elder’ and wiped the memory of Metis from our world, or tried to. It is time to reclaim these Goddesses within you and celebrate them with every fiber of your being!
  • I will also give you two very special Ceremonies – a Sunrise Ceremony to begin your day in a way that balances and empowers your vision and your male and female shields as you prepare to go out into the world, and a Sunset Ceremony to mark your passage into a new future and find closure as you release yourself from the confinement of rigid belief systems and old baggage. These Ceremonies will be yours to keep and use for the rest of your life.

And so much more! Please join me for an exciting journey into the heart and freedom of your own magnificent regenerative abilities.

In love and spirit,

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