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Lynn Andrews, A Lightning Flash Year, Online Course2

Shamans, Goddess and the Wisdom-Keepers of the Inner Fire:
A Journey of Self-Discovery with the Goddesses of Antiquity
Through the Eyes of Shamanism

An Online Course Series for 2014
With Shaman Healer and Teacher Lynn Andrews


Igniting the Fires of Personal Transformation and Divination
With Hecate, Goddess at the Fork in the Road:

Reclaiming personal power through the shamanic experience
Of the Ancient Goddesses of Love, Intuition, Dreams,
Transformative Wrath and more!

May 8 – June 4, 2014.

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It is important to understand the value of realizing your dreams in life. Remember that this is done without manipulating or hurting anyone around you. It is a healing path, and it is a path of love. But it is also a magical path, and for magic to happen in your life, you must believe in magic.

– Grandmother, The Woman of Wyrrd

Course Description:

What is it that you most yearn for? Where do you want to be in three years? What do you want to have accomplished, to be doing three years from now? Contrary to what we have been told all our lives, you are the only one who can determine what the consciousness is that you want to be living in life. The time to begin creating the grand painting for your life is now. The year 2014 is all about taking your own power in the world, knowing what the power you are claiming is and why you are claiming it, and using it wisely.

Right now, in the month of April 2014, we are approaching an astrological Grand Cross (or Cardinal Cross), a powerful and potentially volatile combination of planets in the sign of Aries. It is a time of surrendering to the authentic path in your life.

If you look at the pathway that lies ahead of you in life, you will see two paths leading to two bridges across a river. You cannot cross the river on two bridges at the same time; you have to make a choice. Which bridge will you choose: the bridge that is built upon the paradigm of the past, depending on outside forces to give you permission to live your life, or the bridge of personal responsibility and the joys and freedom that come with accepting and embarking upon your authentic path in life?

You know when you have found your authentic path because it is a trail that begins deep within your shaman center, where you are One with the Great Spirit and the great dream for your life. It is the path that speaks to you with a truth and an urgency that will no longer be denied, that has been calling to you all your life.

That is what this Course – "Igniting the Fires of Personal Transformation and Divination – Reclaiming Your Personal Truth and Power in Life" –  is all about, choosing the bridge to the future you are going to take and beginning the greatest, most wonderful journey you will ever make! The astrological energies that are available to you now and throughout all of 2014 are enormous, and if you use them wisely, you can propel yourself forward into the life you’ve always dreamed you would be living. This Course can show you how to do that.

  • We begin our journey with Hecate, the ancient Greek Goddess of Intuition who is also called the Goddess Who Stands at the Fork in the Road because she can see in three different directions at the same time – the past, the present and the future. She can see where you are coming from and she can see where each of the two paths before you might take you.

    You will call in Hecate and ask her to let you see through her eyes. As you hone in on the path you choose, you will ask her to show you how to use her powers of midwifery to help you birth the new aspects of yourself that will carry you forward in your life, for she is the Goddess of Intuitive and Psychic Wisdom.

  • We will once again work with Gaia, the fiery Earth Mother, primordial Earth Goddess and living presence of the Earth who shows you how to find and empower your own primal nature, the power and majesty of who you are in your primal essence, just as the Earth is powerful and majestic in its primal splendor. Gaia is also the Goddess of Dreams Born of the Earth, who can help you understand your dreams and use your dreaming to become whole within yourself.
  • We will call in Sekhmet, the ancient Egyptian Lionheaded Goddess of Transformative Wrath, also called a "Destroyer Goddess," who comes forward when it is time to take action to change a situation which is no longer acceptable. In the entire pantheon of Greek Gods and Goddesses, none had the powers and transformative aspects of Sekhmet, the Goddess of Divine Order, a goddess of wrath and a goddess of peace.

    Understanding and finding Sekhmet within yourself is one of the most important things you will ever do.  Much as women, especially, are taught to deny it, anger is a natural emotion that is seen throughout the kingdom of the four-leggeds, the two-leggeds and the winged ones. Anger unbridled, uncontrolled and unchecked, however, resides solely in the province of the two-leggeds, and this is something we must heal in our world beginning in our own selves. If you have ever watched an angry bird, you will see that it will scold and scold and scold, screeching at the object of its wrath for all it is worth, sometimes even diving at it in an attempt to make it go away. But it doesn’t attack; it doesn’t destroy. And if its screeching draws the attention of a predator, the entire mood changes to one of cooperation in the face of danger.

  • We are going to call in or discover your Dreaming Power Animal, and you will ask this power animal to help you move through the stages anger in a way that moves you toward the great dream for your life rather than tearing it apart.

What an absolute blast, finding and working with these powerful, magnificent goddesses within ourselves with unbridled passion and joy! But that is not all!

  • We are going to bring in Persephone, receptive woman and Goddess of the Underworld with her great powers of wisdom, understanding and acceptance as we work with the teachings of the Sisterhood of the Shields regarding death, rebirth and transformation. When you make death your ally instead of your greatest fear, you are finally able to live every moment of your life to its fullest!
  • We will bring in Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love, and the Egyptian Goddess Isis, Mother of Love, as we explore and learn how to understand and accept the power of the unconditional love of the Great Spirit which is the life force that flows through all living things. We will also look at ourselves through Aphrodite’s relationship with Psyche to understand and heal what happens within us when love gives rise to jealousy, as we call in the wisdom of the Sisterhood of the Shields and all of these goddesses to help us heal this great energy thief within ourselves.
  • We will continue our work with personal altars and create the shaman mask of the goddess or god you truly are in the west of the wheel.

And so much more! This Course dives deeply into the alchemy of transformation and shows you how to become the person you’ve always dreamed you could be, living the life you’ve always dreamed you would be living.

Please join me for an exciting and truly transformative journey with shamans, goddesses and the wisdom-keepers of the inner fire!

In love and spirit,

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