Current Online Course

An Online Course Series for 2015
With Shaman Healer and Teacher Lynn Andrews

Online Course 2 

April 10 through April 23, 2015

Creating Harmony and Balance Within; Meet the Keeper of the Brain.


Do you know what your Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine Shields are and how vitally important it is for them to be balanced and working in harmony? Everybody is born with both a sacred male and female shield, each of which gives you its own very distinct and vital energy and consciousness for living. When they are not active, balanced and working together, you are literally firing on only half your cylinders.

What is the correlation between your Masculine and Feminine Shields and the left and right hemispheres of your brain? For those of you who are experienced with the Masculine and Feminine Shields, the answer may come as a delightful and much welcomed surprise! In this Course, you will,

>> Experience a very special meditation to bring the sun down into your crown chakra and move it through you, burning away psychic debris as you bring your chakras into alignment. The energy this creates becomes your Sun Wheel, and you will learn how to keep it spinning, polished and vibrant at all times. You will meet your Female Elder Guardian who has message for you about the magic in your life; and your male Elder Guardian who will talk with you about how you express that magic in your world.


You will also,

>> Learn how to recognize the energies of each Shield within you and examine how they operate in your life today, recognizing which is the dominant shield and which is weaker, and I will give you exercises to learn exactly how this imbalance sabotages you in all areas of your life;

>> Learn specific exercises for awakening and strengthening each Shield individually and then for balancing them so that both Shields operate together and in harmony. Have you ever felt you are going through life at only half steam? That is probably because your Shields are out of balance and you are only using one of them.

>> Discover the correlation between your Masculine and Feminine Shields and the left and right hemispheres of your brain. Have you ever felt, “Gee, I wish I could shut down my rational mind and just live in my emotions?” And that’s part of where the problem with modern-day society lies – we are either in our mind or our emotions, either in the past or the future, and rarely living in the present with access to our higher consciousness.

The left hemisphere of the brain is your rational mind. The right hemisphere is your creative mind that is particularly good with abstract concepts and visualization. Everybody is dominant in one or the other area of the brain, but even if you are born a right-brain person, most of us have been conditioned for about 5,000 years to be a left-brain thinker, and this creates HUGE problems for our whole world. I will give you teachings, exercises and tasks to help you understand how each hemisphere of your brain functions so that you can begin to see where the gaps in your life originate; how to activate the weaker hemisphere; and how to find balance through a new consciousness of creativity and wisdom.

>> Explore and own your own essential nature – your true beauty, your true nature, your true wildness. As my teacher Twin Dreamers said, “We are all born wild like the mountain lion, but we become sheep at a very early age.” And then we go through life feeling a terrible sense of loneliness for the person we truly are. Your work with your Masculine and Feminine Shields and the left and right hemispheres of the brain will assist you in overcoming the weight of your conditioning so that you can ‘get right’ with yourself and know your own true power.

>> You will also discover the opportunity to discover what really works for you in important areas of your life and why, even when other people tell you it’s nuts, as you discover the power of your own natural energies.

The two teleconferences for this Course are schedule for Sunday, March 22nd, 2015 and Sunday, March 29th, 2015. The calls will be recorded live, so your questions for me will be answered even if you cannot be on the call.

I hope you will join me on this fabulous journey into the magic, mystery and healing wisdom of shamanism! If you have any questions, please fill out and submit the “Contact Form” in the right-hand column of this page.


In love and spirit,







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