Tutorial Logistics, Fees & Materials

Master Tutorial Logistics

1.  The Master Tutorials are Online Courses, and access to a computer and an email address are required to participate. All of our work together is done at your own pace through a password-protected “Online Course” section of my Sacred Forum, which is accessible to you around-the-clock. Further details are below.

2.  You will need to download a selected MP3 audio for each Tutorial, which is announced at the time registration begins. This MP3 is included in your tuition and details for accessing each MP3 will be sent to you when the corresponding Tutorial goes live. If you cannot download music from the internet, you can purchase a CD of the same audio from my Online Store. Please order the specified CD at the time that you register for a Master Tutorial to allow time for shipping.

3.  You must first be a registered member of my Sacred Forum in order to access the “Online Course Forum.” If you are not a registered member of the Sacred Forum, please click here to go to the Sacred Forum, then follow the prompts to become a registered user and receive your Sacred Forum password. Write it down where you will not lose it. This is not the same password that you will use to get onto the “Online Course” section of the Sacred Forum once a Tutorial goes live (see below).

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4.  Each Tutorial is an intensive 2-week course of independent online study  which includes:

  • A Course Mentor and Course Moderators who are graduates of my Mystery School, members of my Kindred Spirits Graduate Program, and carefully chosen by me for this sacred work, who will work with you in the “Online Course Forum” throughout the Tutorials on all aspects of these teachings;
  • A private, password-protected “Tutorial” section of my “Online Course Forum,” where all of the teachings, discussions, and Q&As of each Master Tutorial take place. From time to time, I may supplement the teachings, either through direct email or on the “Online Course Forum.”
  • A Master Teaching from me which begins our work together (see #5, below) You will be able to ask questions about this “Master Teaching” through the “Online Course Forum” and I will answer you through that Forum.
  • A downloadable Tutorial Handbook and a downloadable MP3 meditation of mine (see #5, below). If you cannot download music from the internet, you may purchase a CD of the selected MP3 through my Online Store at www.lynnandrews.com/retail/. Please order this CD at the same time as you register.
  • Ongoing feedback from me and from my Moderators and the opportunity to ask any questions you have related to the teachings of the Tutorial, via the Online Course Forum;
  • Insight and inspiration from other Master Tutorial participants on the Online Course Forum, many of whom have studied or worked directly with me in the past.

5.  Very late on the evening before each Tutorial goes live, all fully registered participants will receive an email giving you the PASSCODE information to retrieve the Master Teaching and MP3 download, and the password to get into the Online Course “Tutorial” section of my Sacred Forum where you will retrieve the Master Tutorial Handbook and participate in all of the teaching discussions of the Tutorial.


Master Tutorial Tuition: $99.50, which includes the MP3 audio download!!

These Master Tutorials are eligible to receive CE credits for nurses and therapists.

  • Each Master Tutorial : $99.50
  • Master Tutorial + CE credit: $99.50 + $30 for CE credit = $129.50

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These fees include a $50 non-refundable deposit.

Seven days prior to the beginning of the course the entire fee will become non-refundable. 

Supplemental Materials

1st Tutorial – Medicine Woman, by Lynn Andrews.
2nd Tutorial – Windhorse Woman,
by Lynn Andrews.
3rd Tutorial – Woman of Wyrrd,
by Lynn Andrews.
4th Tutorial – Star Woman,
by Lynn Andrews.

These books are not required but are strongly suggested in order for you to acquire a frame of reference for understanding and integrating what you are learning.

Lynn’s POWER DECK, CARDS OF WISDOM is also strongly suggested. We use The Power Deck extensively throughout all our work with Lynn. This is an excellent spiritual tool for charting your course through the energies of all of the situations which you come upon in life. Not required, but highly recommended. Available from Lynn’s Online Store in the Online Course Supplemental material.

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