Video Workshop: Act of Power

Act of Power
Online Video Workshop
Shaman Healer and Teacher Lynn Andrews

This is a time of great planetary change, a time of great vision and achievement. Make 2014 your own “Act of Power Year.” This Workshop will show you how to do that!

The Personal Act of Power will start you on what may be the most important journey of your life. An act of power has to do with your passion.  It has to do with your absolute focus and dedication in your life to manifesting your dreams in the world, and these teachings are the most important teachings that I can ever give you because they are about living your life as an arrow, not as a target.

The Personal Act of Power is about stretching beyond what you think you can possibly accomplish. It is within that stretching that you create mirrors for yourself, mirrors that teach you more about yourself and your journey through life than you can learn in any other way.

Come with me now into the world of your own vision for living! When you create an act of power, it changes you forever. It gives you new vision on this Mother Earth. It teaches you to see. It teaches you to know what you feel and feel what you know in your authentic self. When that happens, you can re-create yourself.

In this Workshop you will:

  • Learn how to detach from the chaos of every day modern living regardless of what you are facing so that you can dedicate your life to what is real and true for you;
  • Discover within yourself the ability to place your focus on what is really important and stop allowing yourself to get caught up on the merry-go-round of distractions;
  • Learn how to identify and move beyond the “energy thieves” in your life and how to see them coming before you get trapped;
  • Experience for yourself the healing wisdom of Life and Death Prayer Arrows and the power of sacred ceremony as you learn new tools of personal empowerment and living a fulfilled life.

Included in this Workshop are:

  • A “Personal Act of Power” video lecture by me created specifically for this Workshop that will take you into the magic and power of sacred ceremony;
  • An Audio MP3, The Sleeping Stone Meditation, designed to take you deeply into your own process of awareness to discover certain fundamental truths about yourself, which you can then bring into your conscious living;
  •  A .pdf  “Guide to the Personal Act of Power Handbook” and
  • The ability to ask questions directly of me via email.

Once downloaded to your computer, these materials are yours to keep for life!


Lynn, it is hard to find words to tell you how much learning how to perform my own sacred ceremony, how to honor the things that are most important to me in a special and sacred way, has changed my and my whole life in wonderful ways. I can only say, Thank you so very much.  Lynette, WY

I have always been able to accomplish things for other people, especially on the job but also in my friendships. But when it came to myself, I always seemed to stumble around, not knowing where to start or how balance my time and my finances between the demands of the world and my own desire to be true to myself and my vision. The Personal Act of Power taught me how to do this, and I am forever grateful. Thank you. Rachel, UK

Tuition: $69.50.Once downloaded to your computer, the teaching components of this Workshop – my “Act of Power Video Lecture,” the MP3 “Sleeping Stone Meditation,” and .pdf “Guide to the Act of Power” are yours to keep forever, along with my answers to your questions!
(Please see “Important Notice,” below.)

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All payments are non-refundable once the Workshop Password has been sent to you.

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If you have any problems reading the “Guide to Working with Power Animals” downloadable .pdf, Adobe Acrobat also has a free download of its Acrobat Reader at

You will be best served if you use the current version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer as your web browser for these Workshops. All are available free from the respective providers.

You will have two weeks of uninterrupted access to the teachings of this Workshop and complete the download process, at which time the password will expire. You are responsible for knowing how to use your computer and the programs you are running. If you have any problems clicking into the downloads, you must notify us immediately, giving us your full name, email address, and the error message you receive.



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