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 Sacred Forum Policy

Welcome to our “Circle of Friends” sharing our hearts, minds, and spirits! We offer this Forum to you as a sacred space for your spiritual growth and evolvement. Knowingly or unknowingly, you have made a bid for power in your decision to enter our circle of learning.

This Forum has the potential to lead you down a path of mirroring and teaching. The thoughts and feelings you post on the Forum are a reflection of your truth, a mirror for you to gaze in as you quest for self-knowledge. Likewise, the reflection of your truth offers a mirror to others — a magical scrying tool of communication for all to reflect upon.

As you enter our circle, we ask that you come to us with an open heart and mind. Imagine the Forum to be a sacred garden, budding with the potential of new life and lush with the wisdom of the great old trees that stand firm and rooted in the Sisterhood’s ancient knowledge. Every individual who comes to our sacred garden has a special gift to share. There is always room for one more to join our circle. We welcome all newcomers and celebrate their magnificence. Each member of our Forum Circle stands equal distant from the center, sometimes in the position of student, and other times as teacher, each mirroring the perfection of her spirit.

We ask that you enter this circle with respect. We presume you have been drawn to our circle because you have great respect for the Sacred Teachings of Lynn Andrews and the Sisterhood of the Shields. We expect you to be respectful, at all times, in your communications with all who gather here. The focus of our Forum discussions is to explore a thread woven within the tapestry of the Sacred Teachings of Lynn and the Sisterhood.

All members of the Forum are required
to hold these tenets and abide by them:

Honor and respect all viewpoints.

Refrain from expressing judgment, destructive criticism, or ridicule when responding to another’s post.

Feel free to disagree and know that you are welcome to state your point of view in a sensitive and courteous manner.

Refrain at all times from words composed with the intent to be abusive or hurtful.

Enter our circle with a willingness to share, learn, and grow.


The Forum is not a means for promoting your business ventures. Do not advertise or promote your services or products in the Forum threads. Do not post any information about your business or the business of another individual or organization from which you receive financial gain. The kind of information you must not post pertains to references to web addresses or descriptions and promotions of any product or service. If you have any questions about what is appropriate in this regard, please contact the Forum Coordinator using the contact form on the sidebar. You may list your web address in the profile section of the Forum.

When you post a message on the Forum, it is important to keep in mind the purpose of Lynn Andrews’ website. As stated previously, our focus and purpose while interacting on the Forum is the teachings of Lynn Andrews and the Sisterhood of the Shields. Posts which site lengthy biographical and professional materials, schedules, quotations, or any detailed information pertaining to other writers, spiritual teachers, experts, or celebrities of any kind is not appropriate for the Forum.

It is fine to mention your favorite websites, or web addresses that you feel would be of interest to other members. It is also acceptable to mention another writer’s books or web address. However lengthy detailed posts relating to any individual’s professional work crosses the line between being a strictly informative message and enters the domain of becoming promotional in nature. These lengthy and detailed messages will be deleted from the Forum. The deletion of these threads is a discretionary matter, which will be reviewed and decided upon by the Forum Coordinator and Website Administrator.

The Forum is not a venue for the airing of grievances. Our Forum is not intended as a soapbox for the resolution of arguments or upsets with another member. If you have a personal issue with another Forum member, email is the appropriate avenue for this kind of discussion.

In addition, it is not appropriate to use the Forum as a vehicle for taking issue with the individuals who oversee the day to day management of the Forum, and those who perform staff and administrative functions for

If you have an issue, question or complaint regarding the forum:

1. The Administration of the Forum (e.g. closing or deleting threads)

2. Practices of Lynn Andrews Productions (e.g. how the school or events are conducted, including associated costs and practices)

You have the option of expressing your thoughts to us in the form of an email communication. You can email the appropriate Moderator of a particular topic, or the Main Forum Coordinator, using the contact form in the sidebar. She will be happy to get back to you and clear up any questions or misunderstandings.

Moderators are apprentices of Lynn’s (4th Year in the School or CEP). They are here to be of service to members and to help the forum run smoothly. They can close threads when posts become too lengthy or are deemed inappropriate or disruptive to the flow of energy on the Forum. The Moderators are volunteers and we are very fortunate to have such dedicated people be of service to our circle.

From time to time we will be clearing the energy field of the Forum by closing and deleting threads. Threads that are considered to be of instructive value will be archived in a read only format. Once archives are established, they will serve as a Member’s Library, where you can search for postings on particular topics. This cleansing and clearing work is vitally important to the health and well being of the Forum and for all those who visit and contribute here.

The Forum is a place of diversity in thought and philosophy. Many find compassion, support, and love among our threads of conversation. We hope you will feel free to express your truth without fear of reprisal. We must never take from the circle of another’s truth. We honor and uphold our inherent right to free expression.

Postings that pertain to your views on religion, politics, sexuality, or current world events should always be related to your spiritual journey. Examine these topics as they reflect the mirrors you have created in your endeavor to evolve spiritually. For example, postings that relate to the details of your personal sex life are not appropriate for discussion on the Forum. However a discussion of the sacred and spiritual aspects of sexuality is welcome. Follow your heart and your mind’s sense of decorum when discussing the sacred aspects of sex on the Forum. Be aware of diverse points of view on this subject and take special care to be respectful at all times.

With regard to religion, politics and world events reflect on how these views and events have shaped your point of view on your spiritual path. Refrain from arguing the pros and cons, the duality of good versus bad in your discussions and again, look to the mirror of your spiritual growth and reflect on the teaching offered by these issues and events. Take your cue from Lynn’s monthly teachings in this regard. For example, when 9/11 occurred, Lynn asked us to look at the macrocosm of this world event and relate it to the microcosm of our individual souls. She used the analogy of the gaping hole in the ground in New York City after the destruction of the World Trade Center and related it to the gaping wounds within us all that need so much to be healed.

In regards to copyright, copyright means: having the exclusive legal right to reproduce, publish, and sell the matter and form of a literary, musical, or artistic work. Copyright covers a lot of ground, including pieces found on the internet or web sites, published in books, compact disks, DVDs, and more. It is a legal means of stating something that is common sense to ethical people: when someone creates a work of art, poetry, storytelling, music, etc. it is theirs; reproducing it or publishing it someplace else, without their knowledge and consent is against principles of conduct.

So, what does this mean for the forum? Well, the forum has really bloomed in the last few years. And many people, who didn’t know they were poets or storytellers have shared the flow and music of spirit here, as gifts. Some of these people may one day publish their works outside this forum, or maybe already are publishing. Whatever they have written or shared as a unique expression is uniquely theirs to publish, reproduce, share, get paid for, negotiate a book deal with, etc.

Regardless of whether a work is marked with the words or symbol for copyright, Lynn Andrews Productions treats these original works as such. Each forum participant is also expected to treat original stories, poems, prayers, artwork, etc. as copyright by the author/artist.

In general, this means if you would like a copy of a poem or story for yourself or a friend or to publish someplace else, you should at a minimum email or private message the author / artist and ask for permission. And only AFTER you receive permission or negotiate a deal (for example the person might ask that you include their name on anything of theirs you copy), THEN make that copy for your friends to read.

Remember always, that this website it about the evolution of consciousness. Its focus and purpose is spirituality and the teachings of the Sisterhood of the Shields.

Please Note: Out of our 3,000+ members, only a handful (less than 5 members) have been asked to refrain from posting on the forum. Members who are asked to leave the forum and refrain from posting are expected to adhere to the boundaries that Lynn and the Forum Administration have set with them, which means that they are not to re-register under a new login and email address as new members and resume posting. If a banned member wishes to return to the forum and post again, they are required to submit this request in writing by emailing the Forum Coordinator with the contact form in the sidebar. Only with direct written approval of the forum administration, may a banned member return to the Sacred Forum.

Come to the Forum to exchange ideas, and to share the sorrowful and treasured times of your life. Join us in request of prayers and open yourself to providing heartfelt prayer for those in need. Ask for guidance and tell us your stories. Recite your poems, and reflect on your dreams and their symbolic meaning. Walk with us weekly on the journey of Lynn’s Love and Power Journal, and join in our Bookclub discussions. We have daily and monthly teachings for you to ponder and a private section for Lynn’s School Apprentices and Council Coordinators and Members communications.

As a Communication Wheel, this Forum spans the globe, reaching out along the luminous fibers of Spider’s Woman’s web to all those on earth whose hearts are open and glowing with a desire to learn and grow. Welcome to the Forum!

In Spirit,

Lynn Andrews’ Sacred Forum Administator

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