Shaman Art, Shaman Adornment

Sacred Shaman Art, Sacred Shaman Adornment

 The sacred art that we create to adorn the walls of our homes, our meeting spaces and our own bodies is, in some ways, the most sacred artwork of all, for each time we place it on our bodies or stand before it, we become One with the Great Spirit, Mother Earth and all of life in celebration of life, death, rebirth and transformation that is the sacred spiral of all of life.

We are born wild like a mountain lion, yet to live in civilization we become sheep at a very young age.  We become tame.  But we are not house pets.  We are fierce and wild by nature.  Twin Dreamers


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A very special thank you to all of my apprentices for the impeccability, light and joy you bring to the world and for your wonderful photography.  Namasté.

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