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Have you ever dreamed of writing a book? Becoming a writer? Is there a book inside you wanting to be born? Enter into the power and majesty of your own Writing Spirit with New York Times best-selling author Lynn Andrews.

“You are a writer.  Your act of power is the book or the story that you are creating. It is now time for you to bloom.” Lynn V. Andrews

Message from Lynn

“…In creating a written page of words, which are actually symbols that mean many unexplainable things, a truth is coming to you and to those who read your words. The synchronicities begin to happen without your noticing. You will experience that you are not lost and that your eternal dialogue with whatever is divine to you continues no matter what.

What are your strengths?  What are your frailties?  What are your best and worst mirrors, those reflections of you that you find everywhere?  Write them down and become intimately familiar with them because they are the seeds for your best writing… As I write in my book  “Medicine Woman”, when I asked my teacher Agnes, “Why me?”  She answered with no hesitation, “We are all chosen, but so few have the courage to follow the call to greatness, to enlightenment, to power.”

“Perhaps who you really are is finally catching up to who you thought you were and who you thought you were is finally giving space to what the truth of your character and your integrity really is so that you can express yourself through this world and become known.” – Excerpt from Lynn’s book ‘Writing Spirit’.

Please join this exciting writing adventure of ‘Inspiration and Creativity’ as we embark on our 2014 session of my writing school.

I am a writer who is not trying to be a good writer, not trying to write for money or fame or reward, though all of those have come to me. I began writing because I wanted to feel better. I love books. I love paper. I love the craft of putting a book together. I love publishing. I love the skill of words being strung together in an artful way. I don’t look at a novel or a book or a piece of writing for syntax or grammar. I look at it to change me somehow, to move me beyond myself, to entertain me in some way. I read to learn. I read what teaches me. This can all be done in the way a book is written.

I became a writer when I ultimately found a truth within myself and then gave that truth a voice through my books. The two-year course I have designed is to take you through your own journey of becoming a writer.

We will take up our clean slates with ample chalks and step by step, taking good notes, we’ll trek along the banks of the river of writing imagination, running clear and gemmy, free of the mud of ego writing. It will lead us straight to the magnificent Twisted Hair storytelling wheel, powerful and mysterious. We will circle this mighty wheel together, learning of our hidden luster and our ‘Writing Spirits’ with each turn…

You will certainly feel shifted at the end of this magical journey, as I have great plans for anyone stepping into this arena of intent. Experience the mystery of shamanism as you travel out of old shadows into the special light of YOUR Writing Spirit.

Let the magic begin!

In Love & Spirit,

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A Student’s Journey…

I sought direction,
And The Sacred Wheel became my compass.

I built a Bridge,
And discovered a world of possibilities.

In the dark of the West,
I found light.

In the Hall of Mirrors,
I found laughter.

In the Teachings of the Wind,
I found change.

In the strength of my Teacher,
I found empowerment.

When my work was less than perfect,
I found acceptance.

On a journey to the desert,
I found new friends.

And in the flash of a Lightning Bolt,
I found my Writing Spirit!

Thank you, Lynn…
Thank you, Thank you!

—Athena (Teena) Tainio, Class 2010,
Copyrighted material reproduced with permission of author


Previous Students said…

If you are looking for a creative writing class where there is a criteria on sentence structure or grammatical elements – then this may not be what you are looking for. This is a class of self-discovery. A way of writing that allows a person to look within a mirror of your own imagination and voice. Lynn Andrews writes in her book on “Love and Power” that if we wait for an external acceptance of anything we do, then we can never become the master of that art. This class is self-paced and teaches you to trust the process of your own psyche by using the tools of the [writers] wheel and the support of that effort. – Evelyn Schultz, Class of 2010

Just wanted to say what a blessing this weekend [year end gathering] was for me and how very grateful I am for the chance to be with you all in person. I am humbled and inspired by your beautiful writing spirits. Thank you for the courageous and generous sharing of yourselves. – Sarah Telles, Class of 2010


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