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New Session - July 1, 2014 through April 30, 2016

[please note, The School is in recess in May and June of each year].


See Tuition Special, below

General Information

WRITING SPIRIT, THE SCHOOL with Lynn Andrews is designed as a two-year program and runs for two consecutive 10-month sessions with weekly reading and writing assignments, as well as teachings and other reading assignments sent out to participants by email.

The school curriculum is based on Lynn’s book Writing Spirit.
Each two-year session begins July 1 and runs through April 30, two years later, with breaks in May and June each year..

Each year/session will be all about your writings through the workbook and your own work culminating in a wonderful annual weekend gathering with Lynn and your fellow writers. The location of these gathering has not yet been determined, but will likely be held in Arizona.
Lynn will be critiquing some of your selected writings throughout the school year.

There will be a number of conference calls with Lynn as well as private and group calls and video chats with your mentor over the school year to answer questions and discuss ideas and concerns that may be arising as you work through the exercises.

Writing Spirit, the School is direct and abstract, elaborate and “no frills”. It is designed to open you and stretch your writing, moving you like a ‘guide book’ of trails through the rugged mountains. The language in these exercises is intended to shake you up and get your attention.

It is crafted with a shamanic energy designed to move you in and out of your own way as you discover your writing self. It is about the energy of art; for instance, “WRITE. INHALE. SEE”… you will find sentences like these which are single words or maybe a … (dot… dot… dot…), a dreamy pause or a thought of a different kind.  Follow the energy.  This is a treasure hunt for creative soul… YOUR WRITING SPIRIT!

 Year One:
This school is based on Lynn’s book Writing Spirit and together, we will travel around all four corners of this book as you take your first hero’s journey in search of your Writing Spirit.  You will have a workbook to write with through a series of exercises, assignments, stories, poetry and prose.  You will be reading and writing, writing and writing…  This school will help you unite with something deep within you, far more passionate and important than a best seller… you will unite with the art, the mysterious living art within you; your Writing Spirit.

Year Two:
You will take a hero’s journey again, your quest to find the creative outlet for your words; your first book, story, song… your voice. This time you will take this journey WITH your Writing Soul as your companion. You will make this trip around the Lightning Flash Wheel of the Twisted Hair Storyteller using another workbook of assignments for reading and writing your way through the year. The same shamanic energy of the hunt is woven through this second year and you will stalk your words to discover, develop, design and manifest the treasure that will be yours at the end of your quest.

Cost Tuition and Payments

WRITING SPIRIT, THE SCHOOL with Lynn Andrews is designed as a two-year program presented in two consecutive 10-month sessions running from July of each year through April of the following year, with breaks in May and June.

Total annual tuition for each 10-month session of the School is $3300.00.*  This tuition includes a workbook of readings and assignments, weekly writing projects, two personal half hour calls with Lynn, ongoing support by your mentor as well as an annual gathering (probably in Arizona) with Lynn and your fellow writers. Accommodations, meals and transportation to and from this Gathering are not included in the tuition.

* There is a 10% discount ($300.00) on tuition for those simultaneously enrolled in the Mystery School or Kindred Spirits graduate program, for a total tuition of  $3000.00 per each 10-month session.

There is also a 10% discount for everyone who pays the tuition in full by July 31, 2014, as follows: General tuition, $3,300 – $330 for payment in full = total tuition of $2,970 if paid in full by July 31st; Mystery School/KSP tuition, $3,000 – $300 for payment in full = total tuition of $2,700 if paid in full by July 31st.

You will receive by email a quarterly workbook with assignments every 10-11 weeks.  If you choose to make monthly tuition payments, your tuition payment(s) must be current before the workbooks will be emailed to you.

You may pay your tuition in full, or on a monthly basis.**  Should you choose to make monthly payments, there will be a one-time nonrefundable processing fee of $100.00 to cover bookkeeping and administration costs, which will be added to the first month’s tuition payment.

** All MONTHLY payments are due on or before the 15th day of each month. If you are paying by credit card, your payments must be charged online by the 15th of each month. Monthly payments are divided over a 10-month period from July 1 through April 30 of the following year. The same schedule will be repeated for the second session.

Please note: A $100 non-refundable deposit is required with registration for the school. This deposit will be credited towards your first tuition payment due on or before July 15th, whether you are paying the Full Tuition or by Monthly Payments.

SPECIAL GIFT FOR EARLY REGISTRATION: Students who register and pay a minimum of the first three (3) months of tuition on or before June 15th will be gifted a personally autographed copy Lynn’s book, Writing Spirit.



If you have any questions about Enrolling, please contact my Enrollment Manager, Suzanne Edison, sqedison@aol.com, telephone 1-800-554-7414 US or +1 561-265-1838 International only; or Vicki Dobbs, Writing School Administrative Director,vickidobbs@sbcglobal.net1-559-269-7653 in the U.S. or Skype Vickidobbs33 for international.


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