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Welcome to Writing Spirit, The School registration!  Registration is a two-step process, and both steps must be completed in order for you to be fully enrolled in the Writing School. Please read this entire page carefully and then fill out and submit the Registration Form. You will automatically be taken to the "Payment Options" page, where you click on your Payment Selection and then make your payment.

Fill out the Registration Form below by selecting the appropriate registration options and filling in your contact information.  After you have completed the Registration Form, read the "Terms and Conditions" found underneath the form and check the box to indicate your understanding of and agreement to these "Terms and Conditions." Your form will not submit until you complete this box. Then click on the "Submit Registration" link to be taken to the "Payment Options" page.

After completing and submitting the registration form below, you will be taken to the payment page and given the following payment options:

a) Pay by Credit Card – Online payment for the Registration Deposit only or for Full Annual Tuition Payment using a credit card and our secure gateway payment page.

b) Pay by Check or Money Order – A Mail-in form is provided to allow you to mail-in your check drawn on a U.S. Bank or a Money Order payable in U.S. Dollars, made payable to Lynn Andrews Productions. Mailing instructions are provided on the form. Please note: All credit card payments must be made online.


Tuition, Payment Plans and Options

1.  There is a $100 non-refundable deposit required of all registrants at the time of Registration.

2.  Regular annual tuition for Writing Spirit, The School is $3,300.00 for both Sessions I and II. (Annual tuition for those simultaneously enrolled in Lynn’s Shaman Mystery School or Kindred Spirits Graduate Program is $3,000.00.)

3.  There is a special 10% discount for everyone who pays their total annual tuition in full on or before February 1st for Session I, or July 1st for Session II. ($3,000.00 regular tuition; $2,970 for Mystery School/KSP students.)

4.  There is also a monthly payment plan available. Tuition payments for those on the Monthly Payment Plan are as follows: Regular tuition – $330.00/month for ten months beginning February 7th for Session I and July 7th for Session II; $300.00/month for those in the Mystery School or KSP program. For those on a monthly payment plan, there is also a one-time processing fee of $100.00 due with your first tuition payment.

5.  Students who pay a minimum of the first three (3) months tuition in full by January 15th for Session I or June 15th for Session II, will receive a free, personally autographed copy of Lynn’s book, Writing Spirit.

REGISTRATION FORM: EVERYBODY MUST COMPLETE. Please note: If you have trouble with this form, please REFRESH / RELOAD the page. If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact the Writing School Administrator, Vicki Dobbs, at vickidobbs@sbcglobal.net.

Select Your Qualifications Options

1.  Please Select Your Enrollment Options Options:
I am registering for  Session I, beginning February 1st or for Session II, beginning July 1st
2. Are you a student in Lynn's Mystery School (LACSAT) or in the Kindred Spirits Program?  No Yes

3. Choose Your Method of Payment for the School:  ONLINE with a CREDIT CARD using Authorize.net MAIL-IN my check or money order

Enter Your Contact Information

First Name* : Last Name* :
Email* @ :
Daytime Telephone* : Alternate Telephone (optional) :
Mailing Street Address* :
City* :
State/Province : Zip / Postal Code* :
Country* :
Tell us how you found out about this Course* :

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: I have read, understand and agree to the "Terms and Conditions" set forth below for Writing Spirit, The Schooland I have answered all questions on this electronic registration form truthfully.  In addition, I understand that quarterly teaching materials will be sent to me at the beginning of each quarter if I have paid my tuition in full, or if I am on a Monthly Payment Plan they will be sent to me quarterly only if I am current with my monthly payments. I am aware that my total annual tuition includes the Annual Gathering for the Writing School and I understand and agree that housing, meals and transportation to and from this Gathering are not included in my tuition and are solely my responsibility.

Terms & Conditions

1) I understand there is a yearly Writing Schooltuition fee of $3,300.00 payable in U.S. Dollars to participate in this School ($3,000.00 for those simultaneously enrolled in the Shaman Mystery School or KSP). This fee includes a $100 dollar non-refundable deposit required at the time of registration. Seven (7) days after the Session of the Writing School I have selected begins (Session I or Session II), the entire annual fee becomes non-refundable.

2) I understand that Lynn Andrews, Lynn Andrews Productions and individuals associated with Lynn Andrews Productions are not licensed medical or mental health care providers; that neither Lynn Andrews, Lynn Andrews Productions nor the individuals associated with Lynn Andrews Productions diagnose or provide any advice or technique as a form of treatment for medical or mental health problems; and I further understand that it is my responsibility to consult with my medical and/or mental health provider(s) for any condition(s) for which I am under or may need treatment.

3) I understand that Lynn Andrews, Lynn Andrews Productions, any individual, and/or any organization associated with Lynn Andrews Productions, are not responsible for, and I release them from liability for any loss or other mishaps that might occur in connection with this my participation in this Writing School. I am fully responsible for my own experience.

4) I understand that this is NOT an Online Course but that I MUST have an email address and access to a computer in order to download the Course materials and assignments, and receive important weekly information. 

5)  I understand that Writing Spirit, The School is designed as a two-year Writing School. I further understand that each year of this writing school registers separately; and that my participation in Year 1 of Writing Spirit, The School does not obligate me to take the second year of the Writing School, but that completion of Year 1 is required in order for me to participate in Year 2 unless I have sought and received prior permission from Lynn Andrews.

6)  I understand that each year of the Writing Spirit, The School is divided into quarters, with the 1st quarter of Session I beginning on first Monday in February and the 1st quarter of Session II beginning on first Monday in July. Each Session consists 44 weeks of curriculum distributed quarterly..

7)  I understand that study materials for Writing Spirit, The School will be emailed to me at the email address I have provided just prior to the start of each quarter of the Writing School provided that my tuition payment for each quarter is up-to-date; tuition payments must be current in order for quarterly materials to be sent to me

8)  I have read and understand the "Tuition, Payment Plans and Options" set forth above and will make my selections accordingly. I understand that my $100.00 non-refundable deposit due at the time of Registration will be applied to my first month's tuition.

9.  I understand that all Mail-In Check or Money Order payments are to be made payable in U.S. dollars, and that credit card payments can only be made online. I am aware that  all returned checks will incur a $25.00 fee by L.A.P., Inc.

Lynn Andrews Productions, Inc.

34522 North Scottsdale Road, Ste 120-249

Scottsdale, Arizona 85266

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact the Writing School Administrator, Vicki Dobbs, at vickidobbs@sbcglobal.net.

If at anytime you decide to take a break during the school year and return during another year please be aware of the following: We do not apply prorated years or monies toward future school years - in other words you would pay for a full school year in the year you return, and you would begin your studies in the same curriculum year you left.

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