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2006 Festival of Sacred Adornment CD Pkg

2006 Festival of Sacred Adornment CD Pkg

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Festival of Sacred Adornment (6 CD set)

Each year at Joshua Tree, we record the teachings, meditations and ceremonies of our gatherings. This 6 CD set covers the Joshua Tree Gathering for 2006.

Meditations Include : Word Magic - Spinning Charkras - Sacred Wheels - Enchantments - Mobile Sanctuary - power Animal

"CARNIVAL,A Festival of Sacred Adornment," with Shaman Teacher Lynn Andrews.

"To many people, adornment is about illusion, it is about hiding rather than letting your innate beauty shine out into the world.  All religious cultures have viewed sacred adornment in different ways, but all have paid it careful attention. That is because sacred adornment is about bringing something to life. Specifically, it is about bringing yourself to life, filled with beauty, sacred delights, joy.  It is about raising your inner vibration and working with the frequencies of ecstatic joy, which is when you see your true beauty, see your true nature.  It is about showing the world the best of you.

In this CD set from Lynn's 18 annual "Joshua Tree" Spring Gathering, Lynn teaches how to own your inner power and express it fully in the world by letting your glorious light be seen. She shows you how to bnecome clear about what your individual style is, how you express yourself in the world. Sacred adornment is about knowing, really knowing, what works for you and why so that you can understand power and your own energy. It is about finding a lighter frequency, a higher frequency within yourself and learning how to maintain that frequency.