Hawaii Retreat


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"Inner Wealth and Enlightened Success"

19th Annual Hawaii Retreat with Shaman Teacher Lynn Andrews

November 30 - December 3, 2017
On the Kohala Coast of the Big Island

Join me for a weekend Retreat of
Rejuvenation & Renewal

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Can you imagine; you have just arrived in Hawaii. Its early evening and you take your first walk on the beach. You can feel the silken sands of Hawaii gently caressing your tired feet. Your feet are cooling in the soft warm water coming in with the tide. Then you sit underneath the palm trees as they sing to you softly in the trade winds. You watch the golden sun slowly move into the sea at sunset. The sky is splashed with purple, pink and thunderhead clouds edged in luminous gold. Maybe someone brings you a drink. You sip it happily relaxing and breathing in the fresh sea air. You are warm and perfectly at ease, calm and moving into the space of your heart. What a joy it is to give yourself this experience. To allow yourself to enjoy the luxury that nature provides for you. It is so seldom it seems, that we bring our environment into our search for truth.

The landscapes that surround us in our lives teach us everything if we listen. In Hawaii as you watch the setting sun, you feel the tiger within you that has entered you on the rays of luminous golden light, moving out of you and into the setting sun to be reborn again at sunrise. You can let go of everything. What is holding you back? Can you name that? Let go, it doesn’t matter. At this moment as you feel the sand between your toes, soft and silky caressing you, the winds are like silk on your body. Simply let go of it all. Enjoy the oneness of nature and spirit and beauty and God.

Lodging and Activities

Is your life as bountiful as you want it to be? We work so diligently at improving ourselves, at creating the life we both desire and deserve, a life of joy and purpose. How often we find ourselves standing at yet another crossroad, wondering which path will help us to re-invent or re-imagine our life once again, to fill it with magic and love. Or maybe, you have given up on having a life of abundance life.

If you do not believe in your own success, your life cannot be enlightened or magical, so how do we connect with our dreams? We are all searching for a connection to magic, but because it is a mysterious and intriguing part of your spiritual life, it is impossible to describe, even as it makes your life extraordinary. When we believe that we can think up magic, when we put our brain in charge of seeking out the color and strength and beauty that magic imparts in our life, we become frustrated and as we try to hold it and name it, we lose it. Magic is an aspect of our spiritual connection, it is an important part of our life as a Shaman. When we connect to our own inner wealth, we are on the pathway to enlightened success and a truly abundant life! Dolphins, like other Power Animals, are messengers to us, bringing the messages of abundance and magic to us. Because dolphins cannot speak our language, we must learn to tune into the images they send us in the Dreamtime.

There is wisdom in their revelations that we can use to re-imagine our lives, to pull the power and magic of the Universe into our lives. Together, we will discover how to take our power, to become an antenna in the world to bring down the energy and power of the universe, bring up the power that lives within the earth, so that as mediator, standing in the middle, we begin to experience the joys of living a bountiful life.

Every morning of our time together, I will give you shamanic teachings, meditations and sacred tasks to help you go into, explore and touch the Shamanic wealth which already exists within you. These islands are magical, themselves, and the dolphins await us, anxious to share their wisdom.

In the afternoons, you will be free to explore and take counsel with the incredible spirits of this beautiful land – the whales, dolphins, and great sea turtles; the ocean currents and tropical winds; the spirit of Mauna Loa and the other volcanoes on this Island, and of Pele, the volcano goddess intimately associated with creation, itself; the ancient fish ponds dating to 250 B.C.; petroglyphs, and the voices of this extraordinary place. This is your time for personal renewal, swimming, and allowing the magic of this extraordinary place to rejuvenate your spirit. There is even time to visit surrounding areas of interest – shaman shopping perhaps?

Each evening, we will share our experience and vision as the sun sets. If you have a hand drum or even a rattle, bring it! If you don’t, come anyway and move into the thrilling, mystical power of the energy of the setting sun.

Our time together in Hawaii is a wonderful blending of shamanic teachings, exotic beauty, and what we learn from the spirits of place when we remove ourselves from the bustle of everyday living. Leave your worries behind and join me, on the Kohala Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii!

Out of relationship comes magic. Out of the friction of forgetting and remembering comes magic. Out of the mists of dawn and the mysteries of creation comes the magic that we call life. Out of your passion for existence comes magic. It is time to begin living a bountiful life of joy and abundance! I will see you in Hawaii! In love and spirit,


We had a wonderful opportunity to record some of our experiences at the Muani Lani Bay Resort during our retreat a few years ago. Here is the video -- it will show you some of what you can expect, and I promise you, there is so much more!