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Medicine Woman Visions:

A Series of Shamanic Explorations

Course Descriptions

Online Course 4:

“The Healing Power of Your Inner Oracle:

the Transformative Energy of the Sacred Vision Oracle Cards”

October 6 – November 3, 2017

In Lynn’s work with Agnes Whistling Elk and the Sisterhood of the Shields, Agnes took Lynn around a circle of learning, giving her experiences in which she found the ancient wisdom of woman, the power of the Divine Feminine. This is your Inner Oracle, and it is very important to Lynn that you learn intimately who you are. She came to understand how essential it is for all of us to be lifted out of our mechanical existence so that real change, perhaps even shamanic transformation can occur. Our structures and beliefs must be suspended so that something new can be heard. In this course Lynn will guide you in:

  • Understanding and creating your own Sacred Self-Shield
  • Discovering and allowing your own inner Oracle to lead you on the pathway to healing, towards a life of connection with Spirit and your own Divine Self
  • Examining your beliefs around healing and creating ceremony to release those that no longer serve you
  • Define yourself, feeling the edges of your own aura of reality and where those edges meet the unknown becoming a person of power, creating and awakening your own powerful Shield

In this course, you will begin to balance yourself in a medicine way, begin to see magical glimpses because you are telling the beings of the earth that you believe in beauty.  You are becoming beauty….  To learn medicine is to spin or to weave the concept of life into tangible forms. This course is structured for both those who are new to working with Lynn, and those who wish to explore these teachings in greater depth.

Join Lynn in Online Course 4 as she lifts you beyond your ordinary vision to see the forces that give you life.  “This is why I am teaching you to understand things with all of your being, with all of your senses.” This is an amazing opportunity to work with Lynn and her new “Sacred Vision Oracle Deck,” her newest gift to us which opens us to our own inner Oracle, our own personal power always available to us for healing and living a shamanic life on the path of heart.


Course Logistics and Fees

These four-week courses are conducted primarily online, and include two scheduled teleconferences with Lynn Andrews during each course. This is what is required for you to successfully complete these courses:

1. Access to a computer, an email address, and access to Facebook via a Personal Facebook Page are required to download the Course Manual; receive the audio meditations; receive ongoing information about the Course; participate in discussions with the Moderators and other Course participants in a Secret/protected Sacred Lodge provided by Lynn on Facebook and receive ongoing feedback from Lynn.

2. There are two teleconferences scheduled with Lynn and all of your classmates as a part of each Course. Attendance on the calls is encouraged, but not required for completion of this Course; submit your questions for Lynn in advance and you will be able to access the recording at your convenience to have your questions answered. For some students outside of the United States, local access numbers are provided to allow you to call in without extra overseas charges, but may not be available in all countries.

3. This Course is an intensive 4-week course of independent online study which includes:

• A Course Mentor and Course Moderators who will work with you in a private, Secret Online Sacred Lodge, created in a secret Facebook group. Most of our work together is done in this Secret Facebook Lodge, which is accessible to you 24 hours a day so that any of you can participate at the times that are convenient for you, no matter where you are in the world.
• A downloadable Course Handbook and audio meditations. The Handbook is an Adobe .pdf file, and the audio meditations are provided as .mp3 files, all sent to your email address.
• Two Live Teleconferences with Lynn – This is your opportunity to work one-on-one with Lynn as she answers your questions.
• Ongoing feedback from Lynn through the Online Course Facebook Lodge;
• Ongoing feedback from Lynn’s appointed Moderators and the opportunity to ask any questions you have related to the teachings of the Course, via the Online Facebook Lodge;
• Insight and inspiration from other course participants in the Online Facebook Lodge. You must be a registered user of Facebook with a personal page in order to be admitted to Lynn’s SACRED LODGE to participate.

“I was so worried about joining Facebook in order to participate in the course – now I am so glad I did! Lynn’s Mentor and the Moderators were so helpful as I went through the process of getting on Facebook, and even showed me a way to be anonymous on my own Facebook page. Thank You!” E.B.W.

4. Once your electronic registration is submitted and received, your payment is completed, and your Friend Request has been accepted by Lap Teach, you will receive a personal email giving you all the information you need to get into the Facebook Secret Lodge for this course.

5. Late the evening before the Course is scheduled to begin, all fully registered participants will receive an email giving you any audio files, and all of the information you need to get onto the Facebook Lodge where you will access the Handbook and any other materials.

Course Fees

There are two fee structures for these courses — one for the general public, and one for current members of Lynn’s Mystery and Writing Schools, and her Graduate Program, Kindred Spirits.

Option 1: General Single Course Tuition = $260.00

Option 2: Current Students of Mystery & Writing Schools and Kindred Spirits – Single Course Tuition = $240.00

These fees include a $50.00 non-refundable deposit. 
Seven days prior to the beginning of the course the entire fee will become non-refundable.


Please note: We no longer offer payment plans. All fees must be paid in advance. We are sorry that several unfortunate experiences in the past have caused this change in policy.