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Spring Gathering A FREE One on One Call!

Spring Gathering 2024 at JT, CA  

A Call at a time that Works for YOU!

We answer your questions about:
    • The facilitators - Who they are and their background.
    • The Venue at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center.
    • The theme of this years Spring Gathering.
    • Where the inspiration comes.
    • What to expect.
    • And so much more!


The Quickening
"When something negative affects you powerfully, you must look at it and understand it, and then turn your face away and let the light be your guide. To understand the darkness does not mean you become it. It means you examine it carefully, learning what it is made of, understanding its power and limitations. Only then can you really do something to change it."
Lynn V. Andrews

Coming Full Circle, Ancient Teachings for a Modern World, Rainbow Ridge Books

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