Summer Gathering (JT) Event Payment Options

Thank you for filling out your Summer Gathering Event Registration Form for 2021 Joshua Tree. You now need to choose your PAYMENT OPTION so that we may direct you to the correct payment page. 

How to Choose Your Payment Option:

Full Payment Options:

Please check to make sure you are choosing your correct payment. Check for the type of room reservation and the number of days.

  • Double (DBL) or Single (SGL) room reservation
  • 3 or 4 days

If you will be commuting, then just check full event fee only. (You will be billed $21 per day as a commuter after you register)

  • Full Event Fee only

Deposit Only with 2 payments:

You will be paying a $200 deposit only. You will  then be contacted by the LAP Registrar to make 2 additional equal payments depending on your Room Type and number of days choices.

Should you need to examine or go over the Event and Payments Information You can look at these options again here:

Event Fee and Payments Information >>

Choose Your Payment Option Here:

You will be directed to a page where you can make your payment directly.


DEPOSIT ONLY with 3 Additional Payments:


Event & Payment Details | Registration