"Return to Wholeness" on
October 10, 2020

The Alchemy of Transformation

Join Lynn Andrews for a powerful online experience to remember. This full day ONLINE event will include meditation, story telling, lecture and journeying. You will also create an object of beauty to represent the experience. Listen to a message from Lynn about the event and taking advantage of the unique time we are in.




• Meditations
• Journeying
• Storytelling
• Creating an act of beauty in the physical through sacred art.
• Learn how to compose your abstract arts into a physical piece of art in the physical world you can use daily.
and so much more...

The purpose of this Webinar is for you to be able to transform your fears into creativity & positive action and Return to Wholeness.


Event Details

Date: October 10, 2020

Time: Starts at 10am (PT),
All Day Webinar with multiple breaks

Limited space available - Sign up early.

Tuition: Reg. $160
NOW only $88!

Journey into secret places in your subconscious.
Discover hidden feelings produced by this very unusual situation in our lives, this unusual situation we find ourselves in.
Experience your magic!
Create a physical manifestation of your Return to Wholeness.
Manifest an Act of Beauty divining your own transformation

After registering and before the webinar, you will receive a packet of information regarding the interactive webinar with Lynn!


A Message from Lynn

Beautiful Spirit Family,

I am so excited to tell you some news. I am going to give the first webinar that I have ever given and I'm calling it "Return to Wholeness."

I have magical things to share, journeys to take you on, into secret places in your sub-conscious. We will be traveling into unknown worlds together. We are going to do meditations and there are things to create that are beautiful. Don't forget in beauty is truth. You are going to experience your magic and you are going to discover hidden feelings that are very important to get in touch with. 

We are in a strange time aren't we? We are sitting at home, locked out of our normal routine and therefore we are much closer to our sub-conscious mind than maybe we ever have been before. As a result of that we are feeling some depression. We are feeling just disturbed about not being able to put our energy out into the world the way we always do. 

In shamanism, in the work we do together, it is very clear that energy out into the world becomes a shield so that you are shielded against understanding your sub-conscious mind. You ask yourself, no doubt, am I following my dream? Am I really? 

This event is about bringing back together the pieces of who you are and maybe some new pieces about those dreams that you have not worked with in a long time. This is a wonderful opportunity to do that. 

I would like to help you manifest an act of beauty along with teachings from my beautiful women, The Sisterhood of the Shields. We will be having a lot of fun so come join me. It is the first webinar I have ever given. We will celebrate together! 

I am sending you blessings and love and so much beauty!


Disclaimer / Release for Webinar

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