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Shaman Mystery School - Basic Tuition - Monthly Payment

Shaman Mystery School - Basic Tuition - Monthly Payment

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Cost Breakdown for Basic Tuition Only Enrollment:

Basic Tuition ONLY Program Tuition Cost = $2,495.00 *


Mystery School Tuition = $2,495.00


The 10 Monthly Payments are scheduled as follows:

1st Payment due by November 15
2nd Payment due by December 15
3rd Payment due by January 10
4th Payment due by February 15
5th Payment due by March 15
6th Payment due by April 15
7th Payment due by May 15
8th Payment due by June 15
9th Payment due by July 15
10th Payment due by August 15


TOTAL PAYMENT $2,495.00 / 10 Payments:



The Event Fees can be paid separately are as follows:

Spring Gathering Event Fee= $495.00

Storm Eagle Training Fee = $600.00

*This DOES NOT INCLUDE the Event Fees for the Spring Gathering or Storm Eagle Training (at the end of the year). It also DOES NOT INCLUDE Transportation, Meals and Lodging for each Event (Storm Eagle Training/Spring Gathering) as you will pay for those separately.